President –  Mr Alderman & Sheriff John B Stuttard, MA
Vice-President – Alderman Sir David H S Howard, Bt

Master Ann Benson
Ann has spent most of her working life in the City, starting off in banking in St Mary Axe in 1958 as a shorthand typist and then for Cockburn Smithes until 1965 when she left to City to start a family.  She returned to the City in 1977 and worked for Insurance Brokers Alexander Howden for 25 years before moving to Willis Insurance Brokers where she retired in 2007.  She joined Lime Street Ward Club in 1990, became Assistant Hon Secretary in 1997 and then Hon Secretary in 1999.  She is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners and Freeman and Almoner of the Worshipful Company of Poulters.  Her hobbies are mainly Gardening and singing in the local Church Choir and volunteering within the community.

Upper Warden – Robert Woodthorpe Browne Esq
Lower Warden – Harvie Peebles Esq

Hon Secretary – Miss Wendy A Kiernan
Hon Treasurer – Christopher J Otter Esq, FCA

Hon Auditor – Michael A Brecknell Esq, FCA
Hon Chaplain  Reverend Nigel Beynon Bsc., BTh.

AGM and Dinner at Balls Bros, Minster Court February 2006

The new Master, Mrs Ann Benson, started her year at the AGM and at the Dinner her guest speaker was Mr Peter Nelson, Assistant Town Clerk. He talked about the changes to the unique electoral system applying to the Corporation, however, this was nowhere near as dry as it sounds and the evening was most entertaining.

Crab Cakes
Shoulder of Lamb with Bubble and Squeak
French Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream
Coffee and Chocolates
cost. £52

Unfortunately there were a number of complaints about the food and the service and over the year and with the very positive support of Stanley Liu (Master to be in 2010/11) we were encouraged to “upgrade” the venue for this event.

New Members’ Evening at The Bunch of Grapes, Leadenhall Market – 30th March

A social evening giving new members and potential new members the opportunity to meet the old hands, in particular the Committee and Past Masters.
31 attendees in total.

Visit to St Pauls Cathedral

A guided tour around the Cathedral

where 20 members enjoyed the visit around the Cathedral  Floor,

Crypt, Library and a glimpse of the famous geometrical staircase as well as the view from the West End down the Nave.

The visit ended in the Trophy Room where Wren’s Great Model, based on an earlier plan for the Cathedral in the form of a Greek cross, was displayed.
After the tour several members and guests made the tortuous climb up to the Dome, via the Whispering Gallery only to find they were a few minutes too late to take in the view as the door was shut!! A slower walk down, no doubt.

Visit to the Museum and Library of the Order of St John, Clerkenwell – 11th May

We met in the Reception Area for a guided tour which included

The Chapter Hall

Old Chancery

Grand Priory Church and Crypt as well as the Museum and Library.

St John’s Gate is the Headquarters of the Most Venerable Order of St John and museum of the British Order of St John.  Originating in 1504, and steeped in history, it was the entrance to the English Headquarters of the crusading Kings Hospitallers, whose Grand Priory in Clerkenwell existed from 1140 until Henry VIII’s reign.

The Gatehouse has fulfilled many functions in its lifetime including offices for the Master of Revels to Queen Elizabeth I, a printing works and a public house; its current role is a little more sober!

After the tour we adjourned to the local Davy’s Wine Bar “Puncheon”for a two course supper.

Annual Service at St Peter-upon-Cornhill followed by our Civic Luncheon in Vintners’ Hall 

Our Annual Service was led by our Chaplain Revd. Nigel Baynon (likely to be his last Service for us before he moves onto pastures new.)

Hymn  All people that on earth do dwell
Lesson Zecharia 12 Vv 10 – 13V1 – The President
Lesson John 19 Vv 28-37 – The Master
Hymn  Guide me, O thou great Jehovah


Hymn  Praise my soul the King of Heaven

The Blessing
National Anthem

Civic Luncheon in Vintners’ Hall – 12th June

Regrettably (or not) , the Guildhall was closed for 18 months or so for a total refurbishment of the Kitchens and other areas.
The Master chose Vintners’ Hall for the Civic Luncheon as this was the first Livery Hall she visited when she started in the City and worked for the port wine company Cockburns. There had been some successful negotiations on hall hire fees 🙂
Her guest speaker was Tim Stanley-Clarke a great authority on Port and Madeira as well as being an international judge and writer for various wine magazines and a most entertaining speaker.
It was an excellent lunch with the Lord Mayor, David Brewer, and his wife, Tessa, our Alderman, as Sheriff enjoying the convivial atmosphere, along with 150 other guests and members.

Walking tour of film locations in City of London and supper

Blue Badge guide, Ross Knox-Holmes, took 41 Members and guests on a magical mystery tour of an area of London not perhaps as popular as some, but far more interesting than most!
We met up outside Farringdon Tube Station and set off around the Smithfield,  Charterhouse, St Bartholomew’s Hospital area, taking in Little Britain, Old Bailey and ending up near St Paul’s Cathedral.  The tour took in some areas and buildings that have been used in film locations and the evening finished with supper in Café Rouge on Ludgate Hill. Pictures to come

Petanque evening at Balls Bros, Hays Galleria – 21st September

Only the exceptional few knew the rules for Petanque

but with paella and copious quantities of Rioja nobody seemed to mind! Rules appeared to be variable, but the evening went well with members Sue and Gregg Spence winning a bottle of champagne – but nobody quite knew why!

Californian Wine Tasting – 8th November

The wine tasting was led by Past Master Mark Gubbins and held at St Olave’s Church Hall.  Wines from various vineyards of California were tasted together with a selection of English and Continental cheeses.  Past Masters Julie and Mark Gubbins presented the Club with a magnificent embroidered banner at this event and it is proudly displayed at our AGM and Civic Lunch every year.

Lord Mayor’s Show – Saturday 11th November

As our own Ward Alderman Mr John Stuttard (later to become Sir John) had been elected Lord Mayor and installed at the Silent Ceremony on Friday 10th November  we were invited to take part in the parade.This was the first time since the 1940’s  (1945/1946 – 1946/47 ?) that an Alderman from the Ward of Lime Street had been elected Lord Mayor enabling the Ward Club to participate. We had of course participated a few year’s earlier when the Alderman for Cornhill Ward – Sir David Howard (our Vice President) was elected as Lord Mayor.

After a 2 minute silence at 11.00am there the event commenced with an RAF fly past over the Mansion House, including an Islander who attempted to drop poppies over the Route. Many of the floats reflected the Lord Mayor’s interests including the time he spent in Finland and in China with the VSO – Voluntary Service Overseas. There was even a display of Rolls Royce cars. ((Sir) John collects Rolls Royce cars. In particular a Pink one that he had lent to the Guild of Educators – (later to become the Worshipful Company of Educators).

Our own float reflected the theme of education though the ages, starting at the front with an Abacus, Pythagoras Theorem  (Circle, Square and Triangle)

Victorian School kids, Computer Wizs and ending with a variation of Quiditch from Harry Potter

On the top deck we had a class of girls from St Trinians!

When they were out of class the y were allowed to relax!

Rosie Bowman, Ann Benson, Daphne Cave and Tamsin Bailey

All this took place round and on a 1920’s Michelin Bus very kindly provided and fully stocked for Breakfast and Lunch by Richard Walduck – Alderman for  Tower Ward.

N.B. Our Ward Beadle – Aged 83, Edward Kipping lasted the three mile route carrying the Lime Street Mace, alongside the Lord Mayor’s Coach. Our mace (17th C) is one of the oldest in the City

The team immediately behind the bus looked as if they were playing a form Quiditich, (a game loosely based on a sport played by “Harry Potter”) Behind them and closing off our section came Victorian and Medieval school kids (some a little bit too old for school) –  a really great occasion.

For more pics click here

A Pink Rolls Royce?

Nothing to do with Harvey Peeble’s Year or in reality except somewhat tenuously the Ward Club. But a great story and pictures.

The Pink Rolls Royce (known as “Harrison” after the first owner, Henry Harrison Stuttard) is a 1934 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Sports Saloon owned by (Sir) John.

(Sir) John, Lime Street Ward Alderman, and Lord Mayor in 2006/7 says,

“The story behind this RR being painted FT pink is an amusing one.

My wife (Lesley) and I were living in Beijing at that time, as I was Executive Chairman of Coopers & Lybrand China (from 1994 to 1999).
We knew the Beijing-based FT correspondent well and when he heard that I was entering the challenge of driving this car from Beijing to Paris, he wanted to come too. I had already lined up my team (four men) who, together with camping gear, personal possessions and spares for the car, took up the entire space, even including a roof rack.

When he knew he couldn’t come with us, the FT correspondent asked if he could cover the motor challenge in the FT’s weekend paper by following the exploits of our car. He suggested that I met the FT Weekend editor when next in London, which I did.
The editor asked if we would paint the car FT pink, to which I agreed if they paid for it being painted pink and then back to its earlier colour.

The FT doesn’t really provide sponsorship but arranged that some well-known organisations should provide funds.
So, sponsorship came from: Jardine Fleming, Eagle Star Insurance, HR Owen, Coopers & Lybrand as well as the FT.

It was known as the FT car and I wrote each week, for six weeks, an account of the previous week’s journey which appeared in the FT’s Weekend edition either under my name or the Beijing correspondent’s name or the Travel correspondent’s name.

During the six week ordeal, which was a real challenge but a great experience and fun, the coachwork suffered from the rough roads, an encounter with a Beijing jeep (where we came off best) and being reversed into in Greece by a delivery lorry.

So, when we got home, the dents had to be knocked out and the body repainted. We decided to keep it FT pink, as it is the only pink car, so far as I am aware, that has been driven from Beijing (Peking) to Paris (and then onto London) plus the pink and chocolate brown (the wings) are Winston Churchill’s racing colours and I am a graduate, and was a By-Fellow, of Churchill College, Cambridge.

The car near the village (Khomein, Iran) where the Ayatollah Khomeini was born 5,656 feet, it is one the highest roads in the world.

The car with Mount Ararat in the distance, in Turkey

The car at the finish in Place de la Concorde, Paris, with champagne sourced en route near Epernay

Annual Carol Service – St Peter upon Cornhill

A well supported traditional Christmas Service. 87 Members and Guests plus  The Choir of St Mary the Virgin, North Shoebury who were  as ever in great voice. This service was led by our new Chaplain – Rev. Mark O’Donogue

INTROIT A Sound of Angels
O little town of Bethlehem
Choir In the bleak mid-winter
Silent Night
Lesson Isaiah 9 Vv2 -7 The Lower Warden
Ding dong merrily on high
Lesson Matthew 1 Vv 18-25 Upper Warden
Choir A virgin most pure
Choir Here is a little door
God rest ye merry gentlemen
Lesson The Deputy
Choir  Brightest and Best
O come all ye faithful


Members and their friends donated an amazing selection of presents for Good Shepherd Mission especially for the younger children.

Master’s Report


I have had a fantastic year and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have attended the
Civic lunches for Bishopsgate, Aldgate and Langbourn Ward Clubs and have been a
guest at dinners for the Poulters and Fan Makers Liveries as well as attending 3
Receptions at Mansion House. Rowland and I were also invited to the Lord Mayor’s
Banquet at Guildhall which was a truly magnificent affair. We did, however, have to put
up with a speech from Tony Blair but we got through that imagining our Squodditch team
floating on their broomsticks high above our heads!

Our own functions have been very well supported starting off with the New Members
Evening at the Grapes, a visit to St Paul’s Cathedral which included the Crypts,
Treforium and the Old Library, and a visit to St John’s Gate where we had a guided tour
round the Chapter Hall, Grand Priory Church and Crypt as well as the Museum and

This was followed by the highlight of my year which was our Civic Luncheon at Vintners
Hall. For me the memory was very poignant as it was 44 years ago when I had attended
my very first function in the City at Vintners Hall. I was also completely overwhelmed
by the warmth and affection that you all showed to me when I was about to make my
speech. Everyone including The Mayoral Party and my Guest Speaker and his wife,
thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was certainly a day to remember.

Our walk round the Smithfield Market area in July was fascinating and we had a good
turnout of 41 members and guests. In the autumn we had great fun playing Petanque at
Hays Gallaria which was supplemented by paella and lots of Rioja, and in fact one our
members was so impressed with the game that he got in touch with his local council who
subsequently reinstated an area for the locals to play.

We had a Californian Wine Tasting in early November, led by our very able wine
aficionado Mark Gubbins and we certainly had some wonderful wines with one or two
very whacky labels. At that event, on behalf of himself and his wife Julie, who is also a Past Master, Mark presented to us a Club Banner,
which you all see here.

I wish to express my most heartfelt thanks for their very generous gift to the Club.

In November a number of Members and their families participated in the Lord Mayor’s
Show. We had an absolutely brilliant day and everyone was in high spirits as we
paraded along. We were very lucky with the weather and fortunately it wasn’t too cold.
The costumes were fun and it was such a pity that the BBC decided not to show our
float. Prior to the Parade, I led a presentation party to deliver to the Lord Mayor the
Club’s gift of a Georgian Silver Toast Rack and butter dish, plus some throat sweets in
anticipation of his many speeches which were extremely well received. We also arrived
in costume much to the amusement of the Lord Mayor and those attending. A fine
breakfast followed but unfortunately some of us had to suddenly dash off to join our
float. I would particularly like to thank everyone for their support and help in getting
everything together for the parade and for making the day such a wonderful occasion.
Without their enthusiasm and willingness our Float would not have been the success
that it was.

I am pleased to say that at our Carol Service we had over 100 people attending
including the lovely choir from St Mary the Virgin in Shoeburyness. I would like to thank
everyone for their generous donations of wine, mince pies and sausage rolls, for the
night lights and to our generous sponsor who supported the cost of the coach for the
Choir. Also for the gifts that were donated to the Bethnal Green Missionary which were
given to the young children in that area for Christmas.

Finally, to round off my year, 50 of us paid a visit to the Magic Circle in January and we
had a most fascinating evening trying to work out how the tricks were done.

I have had a wonderful year. I have been greatly honoured to have been your Master,
and have appreciated the huge support that you all have given me. Thank you.