Alderman Sir Charles Bowman

The President is traditionally the Alderman of our Ward

Hon Secretary
Mrs Daphne Cave

Vice President
Alderman Robert Howard
Alderman for Cornhill Ward

Past President
Alderman Sir John Stuttard MA

Mr David Pinkerton

Mr Christopher Otter

Upper Warden
Mr Ivor Cook

Lower Warden
Mr Norman Chapman

Immediate Past Master
Mrs Sally-Anne Hill

Immediate Past Vice President
Sir David Howard

Honorary Chaplain

Independent Examiner
Mr Michael Brecknell

Honorary Members, Committee Members

Honorary Members

Mr Stephen Kipping


Officers plus the following Members
Elizabeth Rogula
Paul Coombe
Phillip Somervail
Teresita Cutting
Tony Lofts
Liz Thornborough
William Otter
Chris Williamson
Louise Otter

Nominated and elected by the membership.
Nominees need to have been members for at least three years.
Members normally serve on the committee for a maximum of three terms.
Our Common Councillors and Past Masters are ex-officia committee members.

General Purposes Committee (GPC)
Chair – Liz Thornborough
Deputy Chair – William Otter
Daphne Cave (Hon Sec),
David Pinkerton (Master)
Norman Chapman,
Louise Otter,
Chris Williamson
Richie Miller