Events planned for the year

Master. Mr David Pinkerton
Upper Warden. Mr Ivor Cook
Lower Warden.
Mr Norman Chapman

Hon Sec. Mrs Daphne Cave
Hon. Treasurer. Mr Christopher Otter
Hon. Auditor. Mr Michael Brecknal

PROGRAMME  2020 – 2021
As they take place a full report is on our Master’s Page.

Regrettably given the impact of the  Coronavirus CV-19 – the programme has had to be severely curtailed. We are still hoping to fit in some events later in 2020/ early 2021. David and Margaret wish everyone – safety and health.

AGM and Installation Dinner -Baker’s Hall

Visits to;

The Museum of the Order of St John

Marlborough House – 2nd July

A cruise on the Regent Canal – Date TBA

Committee Meeting 6th July – via Zoom

Bank of England 15th September

Wine Tasting, Southwark – 22nd October

Lord Mayor’s Show – Guildhall Lunch – ??

Annual Church Service and Civic Lunch – November 2020 ??

Christmas Lights Ceremony – Leadenhall Market Leadenhall Market Lights – Mid Nov -4.30pm  ??

Denis Severs House – tba

Carol Service – St Peter upon Cornhill – at St. Peter upon Cornhill

Committee Meeting – January – tba

City Matters – Feb tba

AGM – Venue – tba

Date  – tba

Annual Church Service and Civic Lunch – Guildhall, Old Library