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2021 – 2022 Ivor Cook

President  Alderman Sir Charles Bowman Vice President  Alderman Robert Howard Master  Mr Ivor Cook Upper Warden  Mr Norman Chapman Lower Warden Mr Phillip Somervail Hon. Sec.  Daphne Cave Hon Treasurer  Chris Otter Asst. Hon Sec. Patricia Dinsdale Independent Examiner Michael Brecknell Hon Chaplain Rev. William Taylor Annual General Meeting.  22nd [...]

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2018-2019 Daphne Cave

President  Alderman, The Lord Mayor, Charles Bowman Vice President Alderman Robert Howard  Master Daphne Cave Grew up and Educated in HongKong. Moved to London and spent over a decade in the City before, moving over to Westminster to work as PA for an MP for a decade or [...]

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2019-2020 Sally Anne Hill

President  Alderman, Sir Charles Bowman Vice President Alderman Robert Howard Master Sally Anne Hill Went to Harrow County Grammar School for Girls. Started work in an advertising agency then went to be a Lloyd''s Broker as a 'stopgap'  - became her major career. 1975 worked for Hugh Paul (a Lloyd's [...]

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2017-2018 Alderman Robert Howard

President Alderman Charles Bowman Vice President Alderman Robert Howard Master Alderman Robert Howard Upper Warden Daphne Cave Lower Warden Sally Anne Hill Hon Secretary Daphne Cave Hon Treasurer Christopher Otter Independent Examiner Michael Brecknell The Master and Hon Sec AGM and Installation Annual [...]

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1977-1980 Events

1977 Ian McNeil CC PRESIDENT: Alderman C.S.P. Rawson MASTER: Ian D. McNeil CC UPPER WARDEN: John De Vine LOWER WARDEN J. Newby HON. SECRETARY E.W.A. Kelloe AGM and Dinner  - Lloyd’s Library and Captain’s Room - Thursday 19th February 22 Members - 13 Guests Members afterwards [...]

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Notes re the early years – 1946 – 1960 inclusive

1946 - 1960 Regrettably we have very little information on our early years – all that we can glean follows. If anyone can add any further “colour” to this rather dry list we would greatly   Lloyd's Connection One or two of the legible signatures show that leading figures of the time were active [...]

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1961-1966 Events

As with most of the earlier years we have very little information and no pictures. Any information or pictures, menus, programmes would be greatly appreciated. Some extra information has been provided by Past Master "Dickie" Bird, who became a Member in 1960, becoming Master in 1976. Providing much of the data from his diaries [...]

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1976 Frederick (Dicky) G. Bird

With help from Past Master Frederick.G.Bird (our oldest active member in 2021, when this short section was updated) We now have a good picture of this year. He became a Member 1n 1960, thus in November 2020 celebrated 60 years of active membership. President Alderman Christopher Rawson Vice President Alderman [...]

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1990-1991 Julie Gubbins

President Mr Alderman Bryan Toye Vice President Mr Alderman David Howard Master Mrs Julie Gubbins Upper Warden Ms Elizabeth Rodgers Lower Warden  R.C. Jorden Hon Secretary Roland Hughes Hon Treasurer Vincent Emms Asst. Hon Sec William (Bill) Kelloe Hon Auditor Anthony Metherell Hon Chaplain. Rev. John Cross [...]

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1991-1992 Miss Elizabeth Rodgers

President - Alderman Bryan Toye Vice President - Alderman David Howard Master Miss Elizabeth Rodgers Upper Warden Raymond Jorden Lower Warden Wilfred.W. Archibald C.C. Hon Sec  Roland H Hughes Assistant Hon Sec   Bill Keloe Hon Treasurer Vincent Emms Hon Auditor Alan K Sohl Hon Chaplain -Rev. John Cross Re-opening of St [...]

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