Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club

A message from our President, Alderman – Sir Charles Bowman

The City of London is divided into 25 wards, each with an elected Alderman and, on average, four elected Common Councilmen.

I was very honoured to have been elected as Alderman for Lime Street Ward in 2013, following on from Sir John Stuttard and have greatly enjoyed the friendship and support of my Ward Club. With the support of the Livery Committee I stood for Election as Sheriff 2015/2016 was delighted to have been elected. Both my wife (Samantha) and I had a fabulous year. .This was of course surpassed when I was elected Lord Mayor of this Great City in 2017. The Ward Club is a great supporter of the City Civic – the Corporation, the Mayoralty, the Livery Companies and all that goes with it – the Lord Mayor’s Show, the Red Cross Market at Guildhall, amongst others. The Ward Club is also a most enjoyable social club that holds many events – outings, dinners and activities that are not normally available to the general public.

I hope that you will find this website useful and that you will enjoy finding out more about Wards in the City of London, Ward Clubs, especially Lime Street and Cornhill Wards, and the functioning of our great City.

The Ward Club is very proud of the City of London and of what it has achieved over centuries.

As the world’s prime international financial centre there is much to be proud of and uphold. We firmly believe in supporting the City of London, in both its civic and social roles, and some highly deserving charities, which are described on this site.

I hope you will return to the site often to see what it going on that might interest you.

Alderman Charles Bowman

HELP NEEDED – Our Master’s special charity T.O.F.S. needs your support. A small charity helping Children and their parents cope with T.O.F.S (tracheooesophageal fistula / oesophageal atresia), the inability to swallow, feed or breath properly

Please make a donation via this link


OUR Website

Welcome to our new website. Beta Version. Many new entries, pictures. Please enjoy as we continue to enhance it further.

Our Club?

On Jan 17th 1946 the first meeting of Our Club was convened. We have started working through the archives to give a flavour of the workings and events that were held in these early years – please see particularly Events Archive information on some of the earlier years. Copies of one or two interesting items are gradually being put on display on the Web Site

New Ward Deputy

Very pleased to advise that Peter Dunphy who was first elected to represent Cornhill ward in 2009 has now been appointed Ward Deputy.

The Deputy is the Senior Common Councilor and is appointed by, and acts to deputise for, the Alderman, Robert Howard.

What’s happening in 2020/2021

Our Master’s programme will unfortunately, in the short term, be curtailed in view of the corona virus. we will be keeping all our members fully appraised of the situation and hopefully by the Autumn we will be out enjoying ourselves again. In the meantime, we do have plans re Virtual events.
Quiz – done
Ward Walk – to come
Lloyd’s Visit – to come

Want to get more involved in the City?

Consider attending some of the Committee Meetings at Guildhall – open to the General Public and often very interesting
For Full Programme of Committee Meetings – click here