Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club 

A message from our President, Alderman – Sir Charles Bowman – Lord Mayor 2017/2018

Many congratulations to the Ward Club on achieving its 75th anniversary. For my full message and that of the Lord Mayor,, the Vice President and our Deputies, please click here.

The City of London is divided into 25 wards, each with an elected Alderman and, on average, four elected Common Councilmen. Our Ward Club represents both Lime Street and Cornhill Wards

The Ward Club is also a most enjoyable social club that holds many events – outings, dinners and activities that are not normally available to the general public and is a great supporter of the City Civic – the Corporation, the Mayoralty, the Livery Companies and all that goes with it – the Lord Mayor’s Show, the Red Cross Market at Guildhall, amongst others.

I hope that you will find this website useful and that you will enjoy finding out more about the City of London, Wards in the City of London, Ward Clubs, especially Lime Street and Cornhill Wards, and the functioning of our great City.

As the world’s prime international financial centre there is much to be proud of and uphold. We firmly believe in supporting the City of London, in both its civic and social roles, and some highly deserving charities, which are described on this site.

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 Our 75th Anniversary Celebration Book
– enjoy Facts and Stories about our Wards and Ward Club

What are Ward Clubs?

A  Social Club involving people of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy meeting other people and doing different things together. It is likely that they have an interest in the City, want to know more about it and possibly have an  interest in a particular area of the City – a Ward
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We were founded on Jan 17th 1946 when the first meeting of our Club was convened.
– please see the Events Archive where we have Information on all past years

Want to know more about us?
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Want to get more involved in the City?

Consider attending some of the Court of Common Council Meetings at Guildhall – open to the General Public and often very interesting

For Full Programme of Committee Meetings – click here

What are Wards?

Individual Electoral areas of the of the City, with their own registered voters, electing  a number of Common Councilmen and an Alderman.

e.g. Lime Street Ward and Corrnhill Ward.

There are 25 Wards in the City of London some with an extremely low residential but high commuter population e.g. Lime Street and Cornhill Wards land other with the reverse e.g. Portsoken or Farringdon without.

For many centuries their boundaries hardly changed at all.

Master Dr William Otter’s Charity:-


Club Sonar Magazine.

LLoyds and the Insurance Market Magazine – Club Sonar.

Link to magazine  :- www.clubsonar.london

Our Website

Welcome to our 75th Anniversary Website. Please enjoy, as we continue to maintain it.

A generous donation towards the new platform on which this site was developed was provided by Past Master Mr David Pinkerton. Thank you.

75th Anniversary Roll of Honour, the first recipients.
Walks round the Wards.
Virtual visits.
Historic data re Membership and Finances.
Ward Club Firsts.

2024/2025 Programme

2024 – 2025 Dr.William Otter

Lime Street

e.g. Lime Street Ward


e.g. Corrnhill Ward

The City of London

The City of London

A very exciting and dynamic place (except in the very difficult times that we are currently facing) with an amazing history.

Many of us spend or have spent a great deal of our lives working and socialising in it, but do not really understand how it works,

Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Common Councillors, Freedom

Nor even the Election Process – YOU could be involved and help make a difference – more

Livery Companies

The 110 Livery Companies today are an integral part of the fabric of the City evolving out of the Guilds created in Medieval Times to control trade and standards within specific fields. e.g. The Drapers, Grocers, Glovers, Leathersellers. Apprentices would go on to achieve their  “Freedom”. something that people can still apply for today.

Today there many Modern Livery Companies who not only support and encourage Education and Training within there own sphere of operation but also work hard in Charitable Areas as well. e.g The Worshipful Company of Insurers.

Livery Companies donate something in the region of 65,000,000 per annum into Charitable giving whether as Funds of Pro-bono work
Many  of our members have come to Livery via the Ward Club, and vice versa.
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Out and About

Ward Clubs get to all sorts of different places in each year  – our Master choses the events for their year

A City Quiz

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

A Virtual Wine Tasting to The  Lord Mayor’s Show.

All great fun and different – more

Have a look back at previous years events  – they were fun – the future, even better.

City Links

Visit the City
What to see, where to go, ideas for a day out.

City of London
Find out more about the structure and workings of one of the oldest and largest Financial Centres in the world.

 City Stories

There are an amazing range of stories, fact and fiction, in, around and about around the City. In the Ward Club you hear quite a few of them.
Learn some of the quirkier ones

Gin at the end of Dinner
Mice at Lloyd’s
Dragons or Griffins?