President Alderman John Stuttard
Vice President Alderman Sir David Howard

Master John Bristow
Worked in Lloyd’s for 35 years, retiring as Aviation Underwriter for Bankside Agency in 1991.
Ran off several of Gooda Walker Syndicates and joined Equitas (the Lloyd’s run off vehicle) in its very early days as a member of the Major Catastrophe team.
A Chartered Insurer, Liverman of the Worshipful Company of Insurers and of the World Traders Company.
Keen gardener and President of his local bowling club.

Upper Warden Peter Hill
Lower Warden Roger Earthrowl

Hon Sec. Ann Benson
Asst Hon Sec. Roland Hughes
Hon Treasurer. Christopher Otter
Hon Auditor .Michael Brecknell
Hon Chaplain Rev Nigel Benyon

AGM 21st February  – Captain’s Room, Lloyd’s.

Immediate Past Master Mr John Tuff and the Master announced that they thought that the Hon. Secretary should have a Badge of Office, which they had very generously donated to the Club. Mrs Ann Benson was proud to be the first recipient.
One of the major items on the Agenda was the discontinuing of the Life Members Scheme for any new members. Originally Life Membership was set at £50, then increased to £100 and finally £200. All life members of over 10 years standing (£50) were asked to consider reverting back to paying an Annual membership fee – the majority did.
It was suggested that members might like to start to receive advices of events… by e-mail.

Donations for the coming year as follows were proposed and agreed.
St Peter upon Cornhill £250
Lord Mayor’s Appeal £250
Sheriffs and Recorders Fund £100
Master’s Charity £50

N.B. It was proposed and agreed that the Club’s overall Charity Donation amount be increased to £1,000

Annual Dinner – Captain’s Room Lloyd’s

80 Members and their Guests enjoyed an excellent evening, with the guest speaker being – Mr James McConville. Professor and Director of International Transport Management at Guildhall University.
The Menu comprised;

Tian of Smoked Haddock, celeriac, walnut and beetroot
Corn fed Chicken, black olives, tomato and thyme
Citrus Tart with Clotted Cream
Coffee and Petit Fours

Bishopsgate Ward Club – Annual Civic Lunch
– 1st February – Mansion House

This year, with the Lord Mayor being a Member of Bishopsgate Ward Club and a Past President, the Ward Club were able to hold their Annual Civic event at Mansion House. Regrettably the Master and his mistress were unable to attend. The Hon. Sec did attend and “really enjoyed the meal, the speeches and the singing”, “A most impressive occasion”

Visit to Bevis Marks Synagogue 9/4/2002

A large turnout for this fascinating visit which involved almost 60 members and their guests. They enjoyed a visit to this historic building followed by supper at the Old Tea Warehouse in Creechurch Lane. (They did not have “tea”)
There was a guided tour given by the Shamash (Curator) Maurice Bitton.

Maurice explained that this building (1701) superseded a small house built after the Jews’ re-admission to England under the Rule of Oliver Cromwell in 1657. They were shown a fine collection of Cromwellian and Queen Anne furniture, whilst admiring a very “Wrenlike” building. Apparently it was designed intentionally so it would not “stand out”in the area.
Cost including supper. £12.50 per person.

Annual Service, St Peter – upon-Cornhill,  17th May 2002

Conducted by the Rev Andrew Jones BA MDiv

Hymn Praise the Lord , the Almighty, the King of Creation

Lessons Isaiah 35 v 1-10 – The President
Mark 2 v 1-12 – The Master

Hymn Father hear the prayer we offer

Hymn Lift up your hearts, we lift them Lord to thee

Induction of the Rev William Taylor as Rector of St Peter upon Cornhill

Conducted by the Right Reverend and the Right Honourable the Lord Bishop of London

William is to become our Ward Club Hon Chaplain in a few year’s time.

Civic Luncheon

The Old Library, Guildhall in the presence of the Lord Mayor (Michael Oliver), the Lady Mayoress and Alderman Sir Roger Cork. The guest speaker was The Very Rev. Victor Stock, Dean of Guildford, who had until recently been Rector at St Mary le Bow, Cheapside, (for 15 years) including 2 terms as the Lord Mayor’s Chaplain and 5 years of weekly slots on Greater London Radio – the Tuesday Dialogues. He had recently published his diaries “Taking Stock, Confessions of a City Priest.
120 Members and guests attended the Civic Lunch which was provided for the first time by “Turtle Soup”, who had been suggested by Mr Stanley Liu. The previous 4 years being with Payne and Gunter.

Carpaccio of Smoked Duck – Balsamic Dressing
– Riesling Reserve, Hunawihr – 1998
Grilled Gravadlax of Salmon, Champ Mash, Sauteed Green Beans
– Beaujolais Village, Georges Duboeuf – 2000
Lemon Tart – Crushed Rasberries and Berry Coulis
– Muscat be Beaume de Venise – 1998
Coffee – Chocolate Turtles (!)
As the Caterer was called “Turtle Soup” – this obviously is what they were.

Madeira or Armagnac

Toastmaster – Bernard Sullivan
£58.00 per person.

From Comments made at the next Committee Meeting it was obviously a very successful event

Committee Meeting 4th July – The Lamb

Items of interest included;
Positive reports on the Caterers at the Civic Lunch (“Turtle Soup: a subsidiary of Chester Boyd) recommended by Member Mr Stanley Liu

A suggestion that Member’s be encouraged to take up the “Freedom” of the City of London

Announcement that an EGM will be held before the Wine Tasting, to pass the Rule Change re Life Membership.

College of Arms – June 2002

41 Members and guests enjoyed a fascinating couple of hours at this very popular venue. They were greeted by Mr Patrick Dickenson (Richmond Herald) who gave them a guided tour of the building, introduced them to some of the core principles of Heraldry, and the role of the College of Arms in the 21st C.
Ticket. £21.50 per person.

Houses of Parliament – 12th July 2002

An extremely popular event – 49 Members and Guests enjoyed a 1 hour and a quarter private tour of both Houses of Parliament, followed by tea in the Jubilee Restaurant. As they were guided around they learnt of the 1,200 Rooms, 100 Staircases and over 2 miles of corridors. The House of Commons is seen as the seat of Parliamentary Power and is apparently recognised as the superior House by the House of Lords.

Ticket price. £5 per person – a bargain.

Regents Canal Cruise – 5th September 2002

An even more popular event – 55 intrepid “sailors” boarded the “My Fair Lady” for a Supper Cruise on the Regents Canal – supper included;
Sliced Turkey, Fillet of Trout, Vegetarian Terrine, salads and deserts.

The cruise went on the Northern part of the Regents Canal, past London Zoo and its Aviary, Regents Park and though a short tunnel toward Little Venice – returning back to the starting point of Walker’s Quay.

 Associate Ward Clubs – Annual Gathering – Guildhall – October 3rd

No doubt, a goodly number of Officers and Members of the Ward club attended this popular event in the presence of the Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress and Sheriffs.

Magic Circle – 22nd October 2002

Bamboozled by Hand Magic, Intrigued by Illusion, another great evening for the 30 who attended this very popular event. A long time afterwards people were still asking “how was that done”! A tried and tested format. Sherry on arrival, whilst watching “hand magic”. Then a short break with sandwiches and a glass of wine, coffee. The evening finishes off with a stage show possibly around the the theme of some of the Magic Circle’s more famous or infamous members.

Lord Mayor’s Show – 9th November 2002

The club were invited to apply for tickets in the stand near St Paul’s followed by lunch at Singapura (Singapore) an Asian Restaurant nearby. £21 per person for tickets including the programme. 9 Members went for lunch . £22 per person.

Lime St Ward Club, ponders the future of the City

An article appeared in the October edition of a Magazine called Livery News

Very relevant when it was written at the end of 2002 and just as relevant when extracts were put into the Website in November 2020.

“Hon Sec. Ann Benson and Asst Hon Sec. Rowland Hughes are incredibly passionate about their role and indeed the significance that the Lime St Ward Club has in the City.
They see Ward Clubs as a vital cog in the City “Machine” and a stepping – stone to Livery Companies. (Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf said some year’s later “Ward Clubs are a force for good in the City”).
They see The Ward Club as being an important channel of communication between those working in the City and the Corporation and they also have Contacts with many of the Livery Companies that date back to the Middle Ages

Although they are essentially a Social Club, the community that has been created is an important part of the City of London’s life, although in recent years the social side of the City has become somewhat subdued and that it was a struggle to remain as important and significant today as in the past – a constant challenge.

Life has become more individualistically orientated and the sense of Community is struggling to survive in the City, therefore our role at the moment is to look to keep the Club vital, as we cannot let the purpose of Ward Clubs and  the tradition they represent die.

Ward Clubs do not have the financial clout of Livery Companies yet Lime Street Ward Club still manages to donate a significant sum of money to charity each year, particularly the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and the Sheriff and Recorders Fund.”

E.G.M. and Italian Wine Tasting – 14th Nov 2002

St Olave’s Church Hall was the venue for this very popular Wine Tasting given by Past Master Mark Gubbins, and attended by 57 Members and Guests, Certain to have been good, varied and included a “sticky”?

LSWC Wine Tasting Sheet 2002 C

Special General Meeting – held immediately before the Wine Tasting
This was to formally get agreement to the proposal that the Life Membership will not be offered in the future
To clarify the position if more than one person be nominated for Lower Warden and joined the Committee at a similar time – the decision would be based on date of joining. and then Event attendance.

Both were carried unanimously

The Lime Street and Cornhill Banner

The new Rector of St Peter’s enquired as to whether we had permission from the Archdeacon for this banner to be permanently situated in the Church, Past Master John Tuff conformed that this was the case.

Carol Service at St Peter – upon – Cornhill
– 3rd December 2002

Our traditional Carol Service was well attended, with all those there enjoying the Service and the friendly atmosphere that followed – with a glass of Wine, Mince Pies…..At the suggestion of the Revd. Nigel Beynon’s the Club agreed to donate gifts to the The Good Shepherd Mission in Bethnal Green. (This was the 1st time that we gave gifts to The Good Mission – prior to this year they had been given to “Barts” Children’s Ward)
A goodly number of presents for young children were donated, which were very warmly welcomed by the Mission. This tradition continued until and including 2012. When the Mission changed Direction (helping Adults). From 2013 we gave presents via St Helen’s to very poor areas close to City.

The Choir of St Mary the Virgin, North Shoebury (their 2nd visit to this service) started the service with;
“This is the truth sent from above”

ALL Once in Royal David’s City
Choir The Coventry Carol
ALL Away in a Manager
Lesson Isaiah 9 v 2-7 Lower Warden
ALL The First Noel
Lesson Luke 1 v 26-38
Choir Whence is that goodly fragrance
Lesson Luke 2 v 1-7
ALL O little down of Bethlehem
Lesson Luke 2 c 8-20
Choir Good Christian Men Rejoice
ALL O come all ye faithful

Organist James West

The end of a very good year.

Anni Gale receives the MBE

A very good friend to many in the Ward Club Miss Ann Gale (Anni) , The Principal Assistant – Diary to the Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor, was honoured to receive the MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List. Club Members were thrilled and said so.

The letter below, says it all.

Anni gave a great presentation some years later as part of the Club’s annual City Matters
– Roseanne Bowman’s year as Master.

Committee Meeting Wednesday – 6th January 2003

Items of interest.
General discussions about Ward Club involvement in the Red Cross Fair and new ideas being needed.
Lord Levene as newly appointed Chairman of Lloyd’s had been invited to become an Honorary Member of the Ward Club and had accepted.
Miss Anni Gale (Principle Assistant – Diary, to the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor) had received an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List
– congratulations had been sent to her from the Ward Club.
Further discussions about Lloyd’s as the venue for the AGM and Dinner. Feeling seemed to be that as there was no other suitable venue within the Ward we would stick with it – unless it priced itself out the Club’s range.

Proposed that a Red Cross Fair Committee be set up to consider new ideas for the 2003 Market