President Bryan Toye
Vice President Alderman David Howard
Master Raymond Jorden
Upper Warden Wilfred W Archibald
Lower Warden Mrs P Perkins
Hon Sec Roland H Hughes
Assistant Hon Sec Bill Keloe
Hon Treasurer Vincent Emms
Hon Auditor Alan K Sohl
Hon Chaplain Rev John Cross

AGM and Dinner 8th February – Marine Club, (Below 52 Lime Street), when this was written (Sept 2020) below where the Scalpel is.

Agreed that £500.00p per annum be made available for Charitable Appeals at the discretion of the Committee.

Agreed that the Subscription be increased to £10.00p (from 5.00p) from 1/2/1993)

98 Members and Guests attended the dinner and dined on;

Fried Goujon of Sole
Duckling with Orange Curacao Sauce
Iced Soufflé and Hot Cherries.

Cuvee de Lasalle Blanc
Cuvee de Lasalle Rouge
Late Bottled Vintage Port
The Guest Speaker was Mr Stephen Freeth, Head of the Manuscripts Department of the Guildhall
Tickets £28.50

Spring Visit to Tower Hill Pageant 7th April

66 members and their guests attended the above, a newly created Tourist attraction by the Tower of London in conjunction with the City of London Museum.

It included a ride in a “time capsule” – the 1st “dark-ride” Museum in London – a variation of a not very scary “ghost train” – with various “Tableaux”

This was followed by a supper at Davy’s, Bangers Two in St Mary at Hill.

Annual Church Service – Wed 13th May at St Peter’s upon Cornhill

Rev John Cross MA Hon Chaplain
Hymn 191 Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem
Lessons Job Ch 19 v 23 – 27a
1 Corinthians Ch 15 v 1 – 20
Hymn 187 Jesus lives!
Hymn 193 Thine be the glory, risen, conquering son

Various positive comments were made about the Music before hand, which the organist was very pleased to receive.

followed by
The Civic Lunch at Guildhall in the presence of Sir Francis McWilliams,The Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress, in addition to Alderman and Sheriff Neil Young and his Lady.
“As the Lord Mayor is attending I would like all the Officers of the Club to wear Morning Dress and their Ladies to wear hats”. Sorry about the letter but it is better to do it this way rather than constant phone calls” – The Master

Our Master’s guests included Mr (and Mrs) Sydney Lea – Immediate Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Glovers, Mr (and Mrs) Brain F Land – Prime Warden Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths. The response on behalf of the guests was given by The Remembrancer Mr A.F.P. Barnes M.A.

160 Members and guests enjoyed.
Rainbow Trout wrapped in Smoked Salmon with Caviar Mayonnaise
Breast of Duckling
Crème Brulee – Orange segments with Grand Marnier

Cloudy Bay – Sauvignon Blanc 91
Cote de Rhone Chapoutier 89
Fonsecca Bin 27
Sempe VSOP
Caterers Payne and Gunter (£30.00 per head + VAT) – ticket price £39.50

N.B. Given some of our “history” re over-running in the past, specific mention was made of the new Master of Ceremonies ( Mr David Collins) by the Duty Officer congratulating him on organising his side of the event so well, and ensuing that the Lord Mayor left on time – after all the speeches.

Committee Meeting 13th July – Waterloo Room – Crutched Friars

Master, President, 17 Members in attendance.

A Raffle held at the AGM on behalf of the Red Cross raised £105.00p. A prize that had been donated for the Ward Club Red Cross Stall was held back for this event. It raised far more here than it would have done at the Christmas Market.

The Master reported that from various events he had been to it was obvious that the Lime Street Ward Club, was held in high esteem.

The Master commented that the current Ward Club notepaper was not particularly outstanding. Various ideas were put forward, change of design, colouring…..Peter West was asked to come up with some new designs.

The Meeting was followed by Dinner with guests.

Three Course Cold Supper with the speaker at the Dinner Col John Ansell, Lord Mayor’s Sword Bearer.
Cost of dinner £13.50pp

Leadenhall Market Harvest Festival 7th October (St Peter’s upon Cornhill)

Preacher – Jonathan Fletcher – Minister of Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon

Hymn We plough the fields and scatter
Lesson read by Michael Beale (Deputy) Deuteronomy 8 V 11 – 20
Hymn O Lord of heaven and earth and sea
Lesson read by the Master Luke 17 V 11 – 19

Gifts donated were taken to Dreadnought Ward for Seafarers at St Thomas’ Hospital

Ward Club Reception Guildhall 15th October

Various Members attended this Annual event which had the aim of bringing together Ward Clubs, and their Members and Officers.

Visit to St John’s Gate (Museum of The Order of St John) 24th November 1992

52 Guests in 2 groups really enjoyed their visit to this amazing place -( in early 2000’s completely renovated and exhibits updated).

The visit was followed by Supper at “Burgundy Bens” (Davy’s) £12.50

Committee Meeting – Waterloo Room – (The Habit) – 14th January

Master and 17 Members
Noted that a presentation was made to Harry Duckworth at lunch at the Guildhall in July. HD was very appreciative of the engraved tankard.

It was proposed that a new title be created Hon Vice President (no mention of the previous title of Hon Patron) being a position for Life with no subscription. for those who have given exceptional service to the Club over many years. To be put to the AGM.

Letterheading and Rule Book
Detailed discussions re size and design for front cover. More research was carried out re our logo being taken from part of the early East India Company Building.

The Master suggested that a Badge should be bought by the Club for Wardens and Hon Vice Presidents. Suggested that the idea be raised at the AGM to see if someone might offer to purchase it.

Supper afterwards
No guests invited for the meal afterwards as so close to the visit to Guildhall to see the new City of London promotional film – see below

Meeting the Challenge – Preview of a new promotional Film launched by the Corporation of the City of London – 21st January

Held at the Cinema at Guildhall – Supper at the Guildhall Club £24. The evening was hosted by The Chamberlain who made a short presentation about the Corporation ,seeking questions from his Audience.
31 members and their guests.

New Membership subscription request 

From 1st Feb 1993 an increase to Pnds 10.00