1977 Ian McNeil CC

PRESIDENT: Alderman C.S.P. Rawson
MASTER: Ian D. McNeil CC

AGM and Dinner  – Lloyd’s Library and Captain’s Room – Thursday 19th February

22 Members – 13 Guests

Members afterwards dined with their guests in the Captain’s Room at Lloyd’s
The City Remembrancer, Geoffrey A. Peacock, M.A. replied to the Toast of the Guests.

Queens Silver Jubilee

It was agreed that the Ward supported by the Club would sponsor The Junior Band of the Royal Marines School of Music at a special parade in Guildhall (as done in the previous year). Members were asked to make a special donation of up to £2 to cover the cost of the Buffet after the event for the Band.

The Junior Band of the Royal Marines will open the City of London’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations, on March 31, when they march and play in Guildhall Yard, EC2 at 12. 30p.m.

The 40-strong band, under the direction of Lt. Graham, Hoskins, is made up of boys aged between 17 and 19 who have completed training at the Royal Marines School of Music in Deal, Kent. The engagement it in Guildhall Yard will be the last public appearance for many of them before they move to an adult band.

The Regiment of the Royal Marines is officially affiliated he with the Corporation of London’s Church, St. Lawrence Jewry, in Guildhall Yard, and is one of the seven regiments privileged to be able to enter the City with colours flying, drums beating and bayonets fixed.

Silver Jubilee Civic Luncheon – 19th May

This special lunch was held in the presence of The Lord Mayor Sir Robin Gillett and the Lady Mayoress accompanied by Mr Sheriff Cole and his lady.

Wednesday 5th October – Harvest Festival Service – 12.30pm – 12.55pm – St Peter upon Cornhill  

11th October – Visit to City of London Museum and Buffet 

21 members and and 40 guests enjoyed a successful, personal tour and visit to the Museum.
The Club had to take out its own General Third Party Liability insurance policy with a limit of £250,000 for the 1 evening – Premium £10, placed by Holmwoods, Back and Manson with the Prudential.

Ward Clubs Reception in Association with the United Wards Club – Mansion House – October 26th

Would appear to have been a Members only evening, although doubt it, – 45 people from the Ward Club attended.

1978  Master – Charles A Wiard M.B.E., A.E.

Master – Charles A Wiard M.B.E., A.E. – Hon Secretary – E.W.A. Kelloe – Hon Treasurer – V.E.Emms

Thursday 23rd February – AGM and Annual Dinner – Captain’s Room – Lloyd’s £11. 00 per person
35 guests and 35 Members
Frank Crozier of the B.B.C. responded to the Toast of the Guests in a most entertaining manner.

The following officers were elected:-
President: Alderman C.S.P. Rawson
Master: Charles A. Wiard
Upper Warden: J. Newby
Lower Warden: H. Breslin
Hon. Secretary: E.W.A. Kelloe
Hon. Treasurer: V.E. Ems

G. Butcher: M.S. Howard: John de Vine: M. Stapleton: W.H.A. Ruzbridge:
A. Hilton: D.G. Fisher: P. Drew and B. Barber

Monday 22nd May – Annual Church Service  11.30am – followed by Civic Luncheon in the Crypt – Guildhall

Civic Lunch – The Crypt – Guidhall
Chateau de Vire 1976 – Salmon Trout Bellevue – Sauce Tarragon
Chateau LaTour Camblanes 1974 – Lion (!) of Veal , Old English Style, Gardners Pride (?)
Quinta dp Noval – Strawberry Romanoff
Ring and Brymer were the Caterers
40 members and 106 Guests

The response on behalf of the guests was given by Arthur Gold CBE, President of the European Athletics Board
Born in 1909 – his father died in 1921, when he and his 2 sisters were sent to the Freemans Orphan School (his father was a Lighterman). Obviously very good at athletics – Winner of Kent, and Southern County, 100 yards in 1936/37 and 38.
Joined Corporation of London in 1927 (16 years old)

Monday 17th July – City of London Festival

An amazing variety of events – with the Club again sponsoring the Junior Band of the Royal Marines – Members were positively encouraged to attend. Over £100,000 was raised in total sponsorship, a goodly sum in 1978.

Monday 24th July – Lloyd’s Choir  – Concert at St Peter upon Cornhill

This was part of the City of London Festival
This was the year when Tommy Steele performed in The Yeoman of the Guard at the Tower of London

Thursday 21st September  – Buffet Supper – Innholders’ Hall

28 Members and 49 guests

Guest Speaker – Commander Donald Sanders, QPM.
CID, Fraud Squad, Murder Squad and Home Office.
The reply on behalf of the guests was given by Mr Derek Balls, Master of the Worshipful Company of Innholders

£9.00 including wine and port

Ward Clubs Reception – Mansion House – in conjunction with the United Wards Club

It would appear in this era that this was a very popular event with over 400 attending in this era.
It was also suggested that there should be a get together of all the Ward Clubs’ Secretaries.

1979 Master James Newby

Master James Newby
Hon Secretary E.W.A. Kelloe

James Newby was Born 22nd Feb 1927 – and went to Radley College followed by London University.
Started his career with Phoenix but became a Lloyd’s Marine Broker in 1948 remaining in this role at least until 1979 – his interests included Cricket, (MCC), “attractive women” and the Conservative Party (he was Chairman Southend Young Conservatives in the 1950’s)

St Peter upon Cornhill, 18th Centenary Celebration

Image of Invitation to Centenary Event

The reputed foundation of St Peter’s is AD 179. The Ward Club sponsored the 18th Centenary Service in conjunction with the Ward of Cornhill. The Lord Mayor Sir Kenneth Cork) and Lady Mayoress were present, with the The Right Rev. and Right Hon. The Lord Bishop of London – preaching. The event was overseen by Rector, The Rev Alan Cook, who was also the Ward Club Chaplain.

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation.
Anthem – Rejoice in the Lord.
Lesson – The Lord Mayor.
And did those feet, in ancient time.
Sermon – The Bishop of London.
Thy hand, Oh god has guided.
The Blessing – God be in my head and in my understanding

Left – Top – with glasses – our future Lord Mayor and Vice President – Sir David Howard, looks amazingly similar to his son – Robert Howard CC of Lime Street Ward and then Alderman of Cornhill Ward

Approx. 40 Members and Guests of the Club participated along with the other attendees. This was followed by a “Fork” Lunch , at the Bank next door. TSB (Trustee Savings Bank). An Organ Restoration Fund was created seeking to raise £20,000.

Thursday 22nd February – AGM and Dinner – Captain’s Room, Lloyd’s

29 Members and 49 guests – Gentlemen Guests only

£12 per person

I doubt if the Pudding Menu had changed for decades?

21st May – Annual Church Service and Civic Lunch – The Crypt – Guildhall

The Mayoral Party and Main Guests were led into the Guildhall by a piper.
45 Members and 140 guests….. partook of;

Deinhards Sparkling Moselle / Sherry

Coquilles of Salmon Trout Bellvue, Tarragon Sauce  – Chateauneuf du Pape 1977
Noisettes of English Lamb – Princess – New Potatoes, French Beans, Endives – Roodberg 1974
Cherries Jubilee – Hazlenut Ice Cream – Taylors Late Bottled Vintage

Catering by Ring and Brymer
£11.75 per head plus VAT

20th September – Reception and Buffet Supper – Innholders’ Hall

85 Members, their Ladies and other Guests attended.
– rather than have a speaker there was an experiment with an Open Floor Question and Answer session, it seems the theme was The City and its structure.
Cost £11 per person

14th December – Master’s Dinner

A very specific event planned only for Corporation Representatives (Alderman and Common Councilmen, Cornhill and Lime Street, Club Officers and Officials) Max 20.
Held at Waterman’s Hall. There were various problems regarding the dates but it was finally held on 14th December
– it seems that it was mainly the Lime Street contingent who attended  – only 12 only in total. BUT see below
£18 per head (Food only )

Caterers Paynes Caterers
As per the invoice the floowing was apparently purchased
Veuve Cliquot NV £8.50 per bottle  – 6
Montagny (1973) £12.50 per magnum  – 3
Mouton Baron Phillippe (1967) £10.50  – 6
Taylors LBV £5.00  – 4
Hine VSOP £12.00 – 1
Whisky £8.50  – 1.5
Bottle of Gin £8.50 –  0.5
Lager £0.30p  – 8
25 Cigars (ordered and all used/taken away  – £1.50 each)

What did they eat ?
Smoked Salmon
Fillet of Beef Wellington

Blackcurrent Fruit Ice
Stilton or Cheddar

N.B. One letter of thanks said “it was an evening out of this world”

1980 Hugh Breslin

Master – Hugh Breslin – Manager of Moss Bros in Lime Street
Immediate Past Master – J.Newby
Lower Warden – Michael Beale
Hon. Sec. J.Newby
Hon. Treasurer. Vincent Emms

Hon Secretary – James Newby, as Mr Kelloe had been appointed Upper Warden)

N.B. Our Membership was mainly drawn from Lloyd’s, Leadenhall Market and The Metal Exchange” with one the aims in the rules being quite strongly advocated – friendly intercourse.
We purchased 108 ties in this year provided by John Paterson Epping at £2.50 each

21st February  – AGM and Dinner

President. Mr. Alderman C.S.P. Rawson
Master. Hugh Breslin
Upper Warden. E.W.A. Kelloe
Lower Warden .N.J. Beale C.C.
Hon. Secretary James Newby F.C.I.B
Hon. Treasurer. V.E. Emms

The Members afterwards dined with their Guests in the Captain’s Room, Lloyd’s;

Celery Soup
Roast Fillet of Beef – Garni
Crepe Maison
Coffee and Mints

House Red/White Wine

Among the Guests present were T.J. Metcalf, Master of The Company of Watermen and Lightermen and Patrick Dickenson, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant, English College of Arms.

In replying to the Toast of ‘The Guests’, Montague G. Moss, Deputy Chairman – Moss Bros, entertained the assembled company with his fund of anecdotes regarding articles found in returned clothing and also letters written by hirers to his Company.

Annnual Dinner

61 Members – 31 guests – as per list prepared at the time, 112 Actually dined.
Celery Soup
Roast Fillet of Beef
Crepe Maison


Annual Church Service – 12th May

Conducted by Rev Alan Cook (Rector), Organist Raymond Grey
2 Lessons, 3 Hymns – Immortal, Invisible God only wise; City of God, how broad and far; Thy hand, O God has guided.

It is of interest to note that in the Service Sheet for this year it states that “The Church is increasingly being used for private prayer, reading and quiet, plus bible study by many groups – as taste of things to come.

Civic Lunch – 12th May – The Crypt – Guildhall

In the presence of The Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress, Sir Peter and Lady Gadsen, supported by Mr Sheriff John G.M. Hart and Mrs Hart. A record 150 Guests (50 Members). The main party were piped to the table by Pipe Major Gordan McCormack. The reply on behalf of the guests was given by A.J.Mowan Administrative Officer for St Bart’s Hospital.

Sylvaner – Chilled Mackerel and Spinach Soufflé
Beaujolais – Loin of Veal (Old English Style), Almandine Potatoes, French Beans
Quinto do Noval – Fresh Fruit Salad and Cream
Coffee and Petit Fours

£13.50 per head

The Loyal toasts were as tradition given by the Master with the reply and toast to the Ward Club given by The Right Hon. The Lord Mayor.
The toast to the Guests was proposed by the Upper Warden Mr Bill Kelloe
The Speaker Mr A.J . Mowan Ph.D – Hospital Administrator for St Barts after an interesting and informative speech, responded.

City of London Festival – Opening Ceremony

The Ward and Ward Club arranged for (sponsored) 60 members of the Junior Royal Marine Band (from the Royal Marines School of Music) to take part in the parade and to represent the Ward Club. Also taking part were The Blue Bird Majorettes, Omphalos, Cunning Stunts, Michael Mulkerrin and London Entertains.
After the parade it seems there were two functions. Lunch at the Guildhall hosted by David Butcher and his wife. (17 in attendance – Committee plus CC’s). Lunch Melon, Salmon. Cheese, Coffee, with Sherry and White Wine provided by DB.
A light Buffet lunch for the Band was also provided at a cost of £338.

Buffet Supper – Innholders Hall – 18th Sept

65 Members (22) and Guests (43)
– IPM J Newbey had 14 members in his party