President  Alderman Sir Charles Bowman

Vice President  Alderman Robert Howard

Master  Mr.Philip Somervail

Upper Warden  Dr.William Otter

Lower Warden Mrs.Teresita Cutting

Hon Secretary  Mrs.Patricia Dinsdale

Hon Treasurer  Chris Otter

Independent Examiner Michael Brecknell

Hon Chaplain Rev. William Taylor

Annual General Meeting/Installation Dinner  27th February 2023 – Trinity House

AGM- Trinity House

The Master, President, Vice President and 35 Members were in attendance at the AGM, held in the Court Room of Trinity House .

They heard a report on his year from the outgoing Master, Norman Chapman who was sad to announce the deaths of Past Master David Pinkerton and Past Master Robert Woodthorpe Brown MBE  that had taken place throughout his year . 

Treasurer Mr Chris Otter was pleased with the overall finances of the Club and confirmed that our regular donations would be continued  to:-

Lord Mayor’s Charity
St Peter upon Cornhill
Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund
COLA Shoreditich Park
Lord Mayor’s Big Curry (H.M. Forces)

Master – Philip Somervail

They saw the installation of Philip Somervail , as our new Master ,  Dr.William Otter as Upper Warden and Mrs Teresita Cutting as Lower Warden.

President -Alderman Sir Charles Bowman

As the President and the Vice President had agreed to swap roles every year, Alderman Sir Charles Bowman was elected as President for the forthcoming year .

Peter Cave reported on Honorary Membership and New Members and highlighted that Charlotte Kipping – Grand Daughter of Stephen Kipping ( Lime Street Beadle) will be taking over the role of Lime Street Ward Beadle at the Lime Street Mote on 22nd March .

President Alderman Sir Charles Bowman proposed a vote of thanks to Immediate Past Master , Norman Chapman, and the meeting was declared closed by the new Master at 19.00 hours .

At the Dinner, a really warm welcome was given to our new Master, Philip Somervail by the 63 in attendance.

Norman Chapman receiving the Past Master’s Jewel.

Immediately after Grace given by Past Master James Cross, the Master made a short speech of introduction, touching on his chosen charity for the year, ”South Essex Wildlife Hospital ”and had great pleasure in presenting Norman Chapman with his Past Masters Jewel and introducing our new Upper Warden, Dr.William Otter and Lower Warden, Mrs Teresita Cutting .

Dinner was provided by Cook and Butler and consisted of :-

Tempura of Sea bass, Dill creme fraiche, Wild black rice salad, – Chardonnay 202 -IGP Pays d’Oc Domaine de la Provenquiere
Selection of Breads –

Cannon of Yorkshire Lamb ,Garden herb crust, Leaf parsley sauce, Dauphinoise potatoes, Roasted spring vegetables, – Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2018

Mango Parfait ,Kiwi crisp, Lime sorbet – Barao de Vilar Port or Cognac

Fair Trade Rich Roast Coffee, Tregothnan Cornish Estate Grown Tea  and  Chocolate Truffles,

Speaker – Joanna Hines.

The Master’s Guest speaker, who proposed the Toast to the Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club on behalf of the guests,was Joanna Hines, an author of fiction and non-fiction, who has published a number of acclaimed novels, including Improvising Carla which was dramatised for television in the early 2000s.  Her speech was interesting, amusing and thought provoking.

The President thanked everyone for coming to the Dinner , also to Trinity House for allowing the Ward Club to use their splendid hall,  the caterers Cook and Butler and wished the new Master well for his year.

Century Architecture  & Public Art Walk – City of London — 28th March 2023

For the first event in the Master’s year we embarked on a Century Architecture & Public Art Walk to explore some of the more recent additions to the City of London skyline. 

Our guide was once again City of London and Westminster Guide , Debbie Pearson , who has a wide knowledge of this subject , so that our Architecture and Public Art  fans were not disappointed . The Walk started outside the Monument Building on a ‘ very wet ‘ and windy morning .Therefore we congregated under the porchway of the offices surrounding the Monument until all members were present .

Debbie explained that the  City of London is home to some of the world’s most striking modern architecture. Probably the most renowned is the Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe), designed by Norman Foster in 2003 and now famous the world over, but there were many other fantastic buildings to see on the Walk . From the City’s tallest skyscraper, the Heron Tower, to the iconic Tower 42 (with restaurants in both ,  from which to enjoy fabulous views)  – plus Debbie showed us that here are more ambitious structures currently being built.  

The walk took us to  20 Fenchurch Street which occupies a prominent site in the heart of the City of London, set away from the tower cluster and overlooking the River Thames. The 36-floor ‘walkie talkie’, as it has been dubbed, features two sky gardens, one with botanical gardens and a 360 degree panorama.We chose to venture up to the Sky Garden where the rain and wind made it memorable – but for the wrong reasons.  Everyone agreed that the Roof Gardens would be an excellent venue when the sun was out .

88 Wood Street was another venue we visited . This 2000 RIBA award winner is the second Richard Rogers building in the City. Prior to construction of the infamous Leadenhall Building, otherwise known as London’s ‘Cheesegrater’. 88 Wood street echoes his earlier 1970s collaboration, Paris’ Pompidou Centre, it is notable for its bright yellow pipes and exterior lift shafts.

We discovered examples of public art by contemporary artists, and marvelled at the contrasts between ancient and modern that the City does so well.

Every one was amazed when  Debbie told us that there was a Roman Wall in Leadenhall Market – so we had to see it .!!

There is a hairdresser in Gracechurch St at the entrance to Leadenhall Market that is like no other. It appears unremarkable until you step through the tiny salon with room only for one customer and descend the staircase to find yourself in an enormous basement lined with mirrors and chairs, where busy hairdressers tend their clients’ coiffure. At the far corner of this chamber, there is a discreet glass door which leads to another space entirely. Upon first sight, there is undefined darkness on the other side of the door, as if it opened upon the infinite universe of space and time. At the centre, sits an ancient structure of stone and brick. You are standing at ground level of Roman London and purpose of the visit is to inspect this fragmentary ruin of the basilica and forum built here in the first century and uncovered in 1881.-

The weather was relentless throughout the Walk – but everyone was determined to enjoy the Walk and as it was so interesting the rain became less anoying.

After the Walk, lunch was  held in Ye Olde Watling.  Ye Olde Watling has a remarkable heritage dating to 1668. It stands on Watling Street, a Roman road leading out of the City via Ludgate. One claim to fame is that the upstairs rooms were used as a drawing office during the building of St Paul’s Cathedral. As we entered the restaurant , it was was bright and warming and we dried off nicely whilst eating our Lunch with  a few large glasses of wine .

Everyone enjoyed the event and were impressed by what they heard and saw on the Walk and agreed that London is a city world-renowned for its architecture; from old to new, traditional to contemporary, art deco to gothic, and many styles in between, there are hundreds of great buildings in the capital.

Annual Wine and Cheese Tasting – 25th April 2023

St. Botoph’s Church Hall

The second event in the Master, Philip Somervail’s diary, was the Annual Wine and Cheese Tasting event which is alway very popular,  in St. Botolph’s Church on the 25th April 23.

Once again we had our Past Master, Mark Gubbins – this year, presenting a comparative tasting of ‘ Contrasting Grape Varieties Across Continents’ 

Mark curated  and presented this comparative tasting of wines spanning the world from Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Antipodes.

A sparkling wine was followed by a comparative tasting of two pairs of white wines followed by two pairs of red wines. It’s was a  fun and interesting exercise in comparing, inter alia, Chenin Blanc from the Loire against the same from South Africa or a French Malbec from Cahors against a similar (or not?) wine from Mendoza, Argentina!

Cheeses from Sue Cloke’s Cheese in Leadenhall Mkt .

The sourcing of the cheeses this year was  from World Cheese Award Judge, Sue Cloke of Cheese at Leadenhall within our market and a generous selection to match the wines was provided.

The evening was enjoyed by all attendees and resulted in a mixture of results with some ‘amazing faces ‘when members discovered that their preferred tasting  was not the wine they thought it was.

The cheeses chosen by Mark Gubbins for each tasting were exceptional , and fully complemented the wines.

Thank you Mark for another successful Annual Wine and Cheese tasting event .

Brother’s Tour of Charterhouse – 24th May 2023 .


The Master’s next event was to the historical venue of Charterhouse where we received a 90 minutes guided tour by one of the resident Brothers .

Charterhouse –  is a former Carthusian monastery in London, located between Barbican and Smithfield Market, and to the north of what is now Charterhouse Square. Since the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry V111  in the 16th century the site has served as a private mansion, a boys’ school and an almshouse, which it remains to this day.  Residents of the almshouse are known as ‘Brothers’, which is a purely traditional term acknowledging the Charterhouse’s monastic past.

We all congregated at the entrance at 11.00 am to meet our resident guide Brother Brian who is one of the 40 residents of Charterhouse.

Thomas Sutton

The tour started in the Chapel and we saw the ornate Tomb of the founder of the Charterhouse ‘s almshouses , Thomas Sutton . Charterhouse has been a Cistercian House and we saw remnants from those days – such as a monks cell ‘s doorway and it’s L-Shaped food tunnel .

We were guided to The Great Chamber which has played host to grand royal occasions and was the backdrop to decades of Tudor plotting and intrigue. It is the only Tudor great chamber to survive in London and remains the jewel in the crown of this ancient historic site.

The Great Chamber -Charterhouse

The room was created in the 1540s as part of a palatial mansion built from the ruins of a Carthusian monastery. It was embellished around 1570 by the Duke of Norfolk, who inserted a grand fireplace and a lavishly decorated ceiling. The Great Chamber was intended as a room of splendour and prestige.

Elizabeth I met her Privy Council here in 1558 before her coronation and both she, and James I were hosted here on many occasions after that.

Everyone was amazed by the history of the Charterhouse and the architecture of the building , plus the knowledge of Brother Brian who was an excellent guide .

Afterwards we adjourned to the Old Red Cow pub nearby , for an enjoyable lunch with a few glasses of wine to cool us down as it was a  hot day . Brother Brian  accepted our invite to join us for Lunch  who continued to be the centre of attention throughout the Lunch .

Great event !

Civic Lunch – 19th June 2023

On Monday 19th June the Civic Service at St. Peter’s Cornhill , led by the Rev’d Henry Eatock Taylor was attended by 40+ Members and guests .

Our Past Master James Cross once again ,accompanied the singing of Hymns by playing the historic church organ throughout the service.

Following the very successful service, attendees made their way to the Livery Hall at Guildhall to enjoy the Civic Lunch, preceded by a Sparkling Reception .

The guest speaker was Sheriff Andrew Marsden who attended the Lunch representing the Lord Mayor , other distinguished guests being Master Leatherseller,  President of Algate Ward Club ,President of Bishopsgate Ward Club  and Chairman of Broad Street Ward Club .


At 12.40 pm , Toastmaster Jamie Wallis made the Call to Lunch, followed by the Master’s procession to the top tables.

The meal was excellent and provided by Cook and Butler consisting of :-

Tempura of sea bass, dill creme fraiche, wild black rice salad
Cannon of Yorkshire Lamb, garden herb crust, leaf parsley sauce, dauphinoise potatoes, roasted spring vegetables
Mango Parfait, kiwi crisp, lime sorbet
Chardonnay 2020. IGP Pays d’Oc Domaine de la Provenquiere
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2018