Who were some of our members and Past Masters?

1958/59 Norman Tremellen (Insurance Broker – had his own company)
1959/60 Major Harry Duckworth – owner of two Confectioners. Lime Street and Leadenhall Market
1961/62 Jack Holmes Landlord of the Grapes
1964/65“Dave” Wharton – Manager of the Ship Inn – Leadenhall Street – closed in 2010
1967/68 Leslie Drew, Tailor – Forum House – Lime Street Had another ship in Ilford and became Mayor of Ilford
1972/3 Don Abel – a very active member who was responsible for bringing in many members.
Hon Sec. for a time
1976/77 Frederick Bird (Dicky) – owner of the major removal and furniture supplies operation in the Lime Street Area – if you worked in this area and moved offices – he was probably involved.
Roy Blankley – Deputy for many years – his daughter ran Evan Employment Agency. Roy was responsible for Dicky Bird, above, joining the Ward Club
Chris Rawson – Alderman ?
Les Lowney – Housekeeper 40 Lime Street also Housekeeper for Asia House Lime Street/Cullum Street
Bernard Mawbey – Managed Stones (A Wine Bar) in Fenchurch Street
Syd Morris – Managed the Lamb in Leadenhall Market
1980/81 Hugh Breslin – Manager of Moss Bros in Lime Street
1988/89 Rnnie Garton. Originally worked for Glen Line and then Hogg Robnson G.F.A. Involved in organising freight to the Gulf in the 1st Gulf War.
Provided By Past Master “Dickie Bird”and Provided by James Attridge two of our oldest members (in 2012).