President. Alderman Christopher Rawson

Master. Mr E. (Bill). W. A. Kelloe
Upper Warden. Michael Beale
Lower Warden. David Howard
Hon Secretary. James Newby
Hon Treasurer.
Vincent Emms
Hon Auditor. Eric Spong

In the City of London., this was a very special year. At the Sheriff’s Election, Lady Donaldson was elected as the 1st ever female Sheriff (who of course went on to become the 1st ever female Lord Mayor).  Our Master was invited to her Shrieval Badge and Chain presentation on 22nd September at Middle Temple Hall. It was also announced by the City, that the expression Sheriffs and their Ladies would be replaced with Sheriffs and their Escorts.

Bill Kelloe, many years later was still very fondly remembered as a hard working, conscientious supporter and promoter of our Ward Club and the Red Cross. Obviously very popular and well known in the City. This will be shown in the entries below. He also, it would appear was a careful keeper of Invitations, Menus….. which also will become apparent as we go through his year.

This is the First Ward Club Master, where we do actually have some real background to him. A Marine Insurance Broker through and through.
1928-36 – A.W.Donaldson (Lloyd’s  – Marine Broker)
1936-38 – Grey Dawes (Lloyd’s Broker – PandI (Protection and Indemnity Clubs – Shipowners Indemnity Mutuals)
1938 – 1975 – Alexander Howden (Lloyd’s Broker – Shipping and Marine Insurance)
– during the war years – RAF Equipment Section

Loved Sport (Boxing, Table Tennis, Badminton and Fencing)
– and Gardening

AGM Dinner – 26th Feb 1981 – Captain’s Room  Lloyd’s

President, Master and 23 Members attended the AGM

No major items for discussion but,
100th anniversary of the opening of Leadenhall Market. It had been suggested that there might be a Centenary  Festival. A Committee was created including representation from the Ward Club. Overall no interest so the idea was dropped!

Financial Position
Cash             1,113.12
Collarettes       52.87
Ties                  176.73
Wine              289.80 (they did by some wine after all)

Membership (paid)  180 approx
Dinner was in the Captain’s Room – Lloyd’s and guests (Men only) included
C.D.D Gilmore – Member of the Committee of Lloyd’s
James Keith C.B.E – Past Chief Commoner
The Guest Speaker responding to the toast to “Our Guests” was Michael McKenzie, Court Administrator, Central Criminal Court. Apparently an amusing and entertaining speech.

As the Club President and Ward Alderman (Christopher Rawson) could not attend the Meeting the Club arranged for a telegram to be sent to him and his wife.

“All members of your Ward Club wish you both a very happy and relaxed holiday away from it all STOP Good fishing STOP Regards from us all.”

Annual Church Service and Civic Lunch – 19th May

The traditional Annual Church Service was led by Rev. Alan Cook – the Rector
Hymn Immortal, invisible, God only wise
Lesson – The Alderman
Lesson  – The Master
Hymn City of God, how broad and how far
Hymn Thy hand, O God, has guided

National Anthem

Civic Lunch
196 Members and Guests including the Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress and a Sheriff (Mr David Inglefield)

Sparkling Wine, Sherry, Whisky,

Mousse of Avocado – Gewurtzaminer 1979
Salmon Trout Condorcet, Mange Tout – Tavel Rosé
Coffee with Quinta do Noval LBV or Prunier Family Reserve Cognac


The Lady Mayoress was effusive about the Bouquet of flower, “that filled many vases”
From Longmans – The Florists  – £20.90 (in 1981!)

The Master obviously enjoyed it – “nothing less than magnificent can describe the efforts of you and your staff in making Tuesday’s Luncheon such a resounding success” – letter to the Caterers (Paynes).


Aldgate Ward Club – Civic Luncheon – Wednesday 10th June. 

The Hamilton Room – Great Eastern Hotel.
Lord Mayor – Col. Sir Ronald Lawrence Gardener-Thorpe and the Lady Mayoress
Mr Alderman & Sheriff Anthony Jolliffe and his Lady
–  in attendance

Melon Frappe en Barque
Vichysoisse en Tasse
Supreme de Saumon D’Ecosse en Belle Vue
Poire Belle Helene

 Finger Buffet – Armourer’s Hall 23rd September

“One of the most attractive of the Livery Halls and an ideal situation to entertain your Ladies”
37 Members and 97 Guests enjoyed lunch and I presume the talk. See letter below.

Speaker, replying on behalf of the guests J.H. Dermit – Clerk of the Chamberlain’s Court – “The Freedom of the City of London”

“…. there is not a lot of humour attached to the freedom”

and a sign of the times, how polite.

Langbourn Ward Club Civic Lunch – 2nd Oct  – Old Library Guildhall

The annual invitation to our next door neighbour’s Annual Luncheon. This was held in the presence of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress together with the Sheriff Elect – Alderman, Lady Donaldson. Sung Grace – from Laudi Spirituali 1545.

 Harvest Festival 7th October – St Peter upon Cornhill

Hymn Praise and Praise our God and King
Lesson – The Master
Hymn Come, ye thankful people come
Hymn Now thank we all our God

The Blessing

Associate Ward Clubs – (Sub-Committee of the United Wards Club) Annual Reception – 28th October

An annual event hosted by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House with the aim of bringing together Ward Club Members and their Ladies, guests and friends. Finger Buffet, small Orchestra. The Sheriffs, their Ladies –  many Aldermen and their Ladies were in attendance.

“it is felt that a far greater liaison between Ward Clubs is highly desirable and that the strength and friendliness thus established can only be of greater benefit to the City of London”

The Lady Mayoress – At Home – Mansion House  – 29th October, 1981

An annual event hosted by the Lady Mayoress at the Mansion House, normally in the last week of her tenure, to thank all the people across the City for their support.

Bill and his wife would have been asked not just as Master and Mistress of Lime Street Ward Club but because of their very strong support for the Red Cross Christmas Market.

Committee Meeting – 4th November 1981 – Lloyd’s

One of the more important Committee Meetings over the decades.

a) it was confirmed that the Ward Club would be running the “Wheel of Fortune” at the Red Cross Street Fair-24th – 25th November. This was going to be our standard for around 25 years.

b) The Hon Treasurer proposed that Life Membership be introduced at a price of 30.00p, after a discussion it was agreed to amend this to 50.00p
Rule Change –  6a. The Life Membership Subscription shall be 50.00p and such payments shall entitle the member to full Membership of the Club during his/her lifetime with no further subscription being due. The amount  of Life Membership Subscription for new Life Members may be changed by the Club in General Meeting at any time.

The Red Cross Christmas Market – Old Library – Guildhall 24th/25th November

The Ward Club were I believe one of the early stall holders when the Christmas Market as it is called now was first introduced. Bill Kelloe and his wife were the driving forces for many years. The Wheel of Fortune became a standard part of the market, raising many 100’s of pounds over the years.

As far as I can ascertain the wheel was divided into segments Loose, Win….. my guess is more Looses than Wins – given the number of prizes purchased for the 2 days – see below.

In 1981 . We had a Target of raising £500 – final figure donated £615.17.
N.B. It is interesting and rather sad to note that in 2019 – 38 years later that we raised a very similar amount. A changing world. In 1981 the Market raised £48,000 – 2019 £140,000

Prizes – it seems
3 x Cookies
3 x Bathcubes
3 x Mints
6 x Peanuts
12 x Milk Tray
3 x Corkscrews
3 x Brushes
3 x Eggcups
12 x Jigsaws
48 prizes – over 2 days

 City Pickwick Club – 7th December

Whilst I do not think that this was a Lime Street Ward club event, as such. it is in the file and a great Invitation – sounds like it would have been great fun.

and the Menu

Invitations from other Ward Clubs
Bishopsgate. Bi- Centenary Lunch, Mansion House 20 Feb 1990 (Founded 1790!) – in the presence of The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor – Sir Hugh Bidwell GBE,. D.Litt.
Langbourne. Centenary Dinner 2 March 1990, Old Library Guildhall – more information to come
Bishopsgate Bi – Centenary Banquet, Old Library Guildhall 21 Nov 1990

 Worshipful Company of Gardeners – Ladies Banquet – Mansion House 18th January

A kind invitation at the end of Mr Kelloe’s year from (Sir) David Howard CC (Common Councillor for Cornhill)

Bishopsgate Ward Club – Annual Luncheon – Grocers Hall – 23rd Feb 1982 

A traditional invitation to the Master of Lime Street from one of our adjoining Wards.

Melon and Avocado Cocktail
Roast Leg of Lamb, Leaf Spinach and cream of nutmeg
Soufflé of Strawberry

Response on behalf of the Guests – Alderman Christopher Collett – Master of the Worshipful Company of Glovers