President. Alderman Christopher Rawson

Master. David Howard
Keen Gardener (Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners)
Stockbroker (Charles Stanley)
4 Children

Upper Warden – John de Vine
Lower Warden – David Butcher

Hon Secretary. James Newby F.C.I.B. P.M.
Hon Treasurer. Vincent Emms

A VERY important occasion
AGM and Dinner – Guildhall Club, Guildhall    Thursday 17th February

The invitation includes “our Lady Members”. Yet no obvious reference to Lady Members being allowed to join in the previous year (or whenever) on the files. Exciting times.
The Rt. Hon. Lord Carr of Hadley, P.C. replied to the toast to “Our Guests”

42 Members – 62 Guests

Devilled White Bait – House White Wine
Steak, Kidney and Mushroom Puddding – House Claret
Créme Brulêe
Coffee  – Port


Bishopsgate Ward Club Civic Luncheon – Grocer’s Hall – 22nd February

The Master and his wife Valerie (Val) both attended this annual event with one of our adjoining Wards.

Langbourn Ward Club Civic Luncheon – Ironmongers’ Hall – 13th July

The Master and his wife Valerie (Val) both attended this Annual event with one of our adjoining Wards. The Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress and Sheriff Alan Davies and his wife, in attendance.

Aldgate Ward Club, Civic Luncheon – The Livery Hall – Guildhall – Tuesday 3rd May 

The Master and his wife Valerie (Val) both attended this Annual event with one of our adjoining Wards. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress were in attendance.

Church Service at St Peter upon Cornhill and the Civic Luncheon – The Crypt – Guildhall – 9th June

No Service sheet available.


58 Members and 129 Guests plus 17 Ward Club Guests enjoyed an excellent lunch and an entertaining reply to the Toast to the Guests for Colin Ingleby- MacKenzie past Captain of Hampshire Cricket Club.

Dark Lounge Suit
Officers of the Club – Morning Dress

They enjoyed:

Asparagus / Melted butter – Gewurtztraminer 1981
Delice of Salmon Trout – Tavel Rosé
Coffee and Taylors’ 10 year old Tawny

“The Lord Mayor was astonished at the numbers attending, and said he had never seen anything like it at another Ward Club, nor could another Ward Club mount a function so well” Very pleasing to note that similar comments have been made about our Civic Events over the decades and are still as true in 2020 as then.

Associate Ward Clubs – (Sub-Committee of the United Wards Club) Annual Reception – Mansion House – 17th October

An annual event hosted by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House with the aim of bringing together Ward Club Members and their Ladies, guests and friends. Reception and a “substantial” finger buffet.  The Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Sheriffs, their Ladies –  many Aldermen and their Ladies were in attendance.

“it is felt that a far greater liaison between Ward Clubs is highly desirable and that the strength and friendliness thus established can only be of greater benefit to the City of London” – identical letter to last year’s.

Finger Buffet – Pewterers’ Hall – Tuesday 19th October

Pewterers’ Hall was opened on 15th May, 1961 and incorporates some of the Panelling and Chandeliers form a former Hall in Lime Street – (on the Langbourn Ward side of the road).

26 Members and 38 Guests enjoyed an enjoyable and relaxing evening, enjoying:

Freixenet Cordon Negro (Spanish Sparkling Wine)

Assorted Crudites

Open Sandwiches
Creamed Derby Sage on Celery
Melon with Parma Ham

Parisienne of Carrot with Red Windsor
Tartlets of Chicken in Tarragon
Bouchees of Chopped Ham in a light Mustard Mayonaise

and Hot.
Chipolatas in Honey
Stilton Corks
Cubes of Pork and Apple Sauce
Goujonettes of Plaice – Tartar Sauce

Petits Fours

£13.25 including Wine.

Commander and Alderman Sir Robert Gillet Bt., G.B.E.,  R.D., D.Sc., R.N.R., replied to the toast to the Guests.

Presentation of Gifts to the Sheriffs – West Crypt. – Saturday  12th November  October

It is tradition that the Lord Mayor and the 2 Sheriffs receive gifts from their Livery Companies and Ward Clubs prior to the Lord Mayor’s Show. (Lord Mayor’s Day). In this era it was done on the morning of the show – at around 9.30 followed by a quick breakfast and then, off to take part in the Show. From around the 2010’s the timings were changed and this event takes place at 4.00pm after the “silent ceremony” – The Swearing in of the Lord Mayor.

Lime Street Ward Club, presented Gifts to both the Sheriffs, which is unusual. Why to both and what they were given  – information to come!

The Ward Club were specifically asked if they would be presenting an Illuminated Address to Sheriff Rodney Fitzgerald – they declined although it is very possible they gave one to our Club President Alderman and Sheriff Richard Charvett, R.D.

See a draft below

Red Cross Christmas Market 1st and 2nd December – Old Library – Guildhall

2 years have gone by and for anyone who has been involved with this Market, it comes round very quickly

A couple of Special Changes this year.

Princess Alexandra came for the first time – she did not miss opening a fair till at least 2019. It would be wonderful if she could make it to 2023 (40 years).

They introduced a Special Evening Event (Invitation Only) on the Wednesday Evening

Bill Kelloe produced his Wheel of Fortune – as in the past.  It raised £480.00. Donation from the Ward Club £50.00  – Members £30.00 and Raffle Ticket Sales £15.00 – a total of £575.00 in total. Prizes for the stall (Mainly Whisky and Wine) were donated by a number of Members.

The Co-Chair almost certainly put a few noses out of joint – she wrote a letter specifically pointing out that “the Red Cross has a new game in its possession – some form of skittles that does not take up much space. Perhaps you could consider it rather that the Wheel of Fortune.”

A note on the letter says. “she seems to think that we are not as efficient as we might be”.
2 years later (1985) – New Co-Chair – No change 🙂

 Church and the City – our Ward Church – Rector, Rev. Alan Cook

December 1983 Newsletter  – Core topics?

The Church’s Annual Carol Service (sponsored by the Chartered Insurance Institute, whose Head Office was nowhere near here, (over in Aldermanbury) was announced (many years before the Ward Club had there own specific service).

Medieval Bible plays will take place in December – Twice nightly between 5th – 9th December.These productions were of Medieval Bible Plays. These plays were performed originally by travelling players and were the only way that illiterate people could learn and understand the major stories from the Bible. This year they were taken from the Wakefield Pagent

Lunchtime prayer and study groups continue successfully

Planned Church Restoration work in hand- the  last great effort was approx. 100 years previously.

Phase 1 – Roof repairs Completed

Phase 2 – The Boiler area and the Boiler planned for completion in 1984

Phase 3 – A cleaning and repair programme of the Organ

Master’s Report