President. Alderman Bryan Toye
Hon Patron. Christopher Rawson

Master. David Butcher (Assistant at the Company of Poulters)
Upper Warden. Brian Barber
Lower Warden. David Bridges
Hon Secretary. William (Bill) Kelloe
Hon Treasurer. Vincent Emms
Asst Hon Sec. Rowland Hughes
Hon. Auditor. A Metherell (New)

A summary  of our Master’s Year

These are events that he attended wearing his Master Badge
– not all are referred to below, as we have no further information.

Bishopsgate Civic Lunch
Langbourn Ward Club Dinner
Tasting Lunch with Payne and Gunter (Caterers for Civic Lunch
Aldgate Civic Lunch
Our Ward Club – Civic Lunch
Keeble College Oxford
Reception at Waterman’s Hall
Langbourn Ward Club Civic Lunch
Banquet at Old Bailey – Guest of Chief Commoner
Lunch at Old Bailey Guest of Sheriff
Presentation of Badges to incoming Sheriffs
Harvest Festival – St Peter upon Cornhill
Association of Ward Clubs Annual Reception – Mansion House
Ward Club Reception – Barber Surgeons Hall
Scriveners Court Luncheon – Pewterers’ Hall
plus Committee Meetings

A small reception for Electors and Ward Club Members at Guildhall 22nd January

The Ward Deputy (The Senior Common Councilman) had been appointed Chief Commoner for t1984/85 and it was suggested that an event such as this should be put on before the end of his 12 months tenure’. Invitations went out to all the electorate and all Ward Club Members.
The event would start with Tea followed by the showing of a NEW Corporation of the City of London, promotional film entitled “Here be Dragons”. After which the Ward Team – Alderman Brian Toye. Messrs Duckworth, McNeil, Beale and Newby would happily answer questions.

“Your Alderman and Councillors are very anxious to meet you on this occasion and establish a dialogue with the electorate on any subject that concerns them”.
Everyone attending was given a small leaflet explaining very simply and clearly the Structure of the City and role of the Corporation. The information provided and more in is in City Stories – How the City of London Works Section.

The invitation was sent out to all 50 voters (one family in Leadenhall Market had 8!), regrettably some of the voters had moved on.

After all the efforts those attending comprised.
7 Voters and 5 of their Guests.

The Alderman and 4 Common Councillors
9 Ward Club Members

Bishopsgate Ward Club Civic Luncheon – Grocer’s Hall – 19th February

Our Master and his wife attended. The Lord Mayor was in attendance. This is an annual event with one of our adjoining Wards.

AGM and Dinner – Guildhall Club, West Wing Guildhall – Thursday 21st February

In the previous year some investigations were carried out regarding the possibility of a totally new venue for this event. National Westminster Hall inside their Head Office. (Went on to be called Tower 42) Price £1,200 plus VAT. In 1985 a substantial amount. Silence.

At the AGM.
The IPMaster reported that he had had the privilege to wear the Master’s Badge 29 times in his year.

A Rule change. Rule 10 re depositing of Club Funds that it be allowed in City Branch of a London Bank or Post Office. This was because the National Savings Accounts were paying better interest and the likelhood that tax would be deducted at source in the future by the Banks but not by National Savings

Membership Sub Committee – formed, they agreed that
Master, IPM and 2 Committee Members may approve Membership between Meetings

Wine in store
A tasting had taken place and the wines would be made available to members. £4.00p per bottle, Minimum 3, max 6 bottles per member. To be collected by the member.

Guests at the AGM Dinner.
Under the rules it stated “Gentlemen guests only” – thus Lady members could bring their Husbands, Gentlemen members could not bring their wives. On a majority vote it was agreed to keep the rule unchanged.


59 Members and 47 Guests attended the Dinner
Dinner Comprised:
Taramsalta – Hot Toast
Steak and Kidney Pudding
Hot Black Cherries with Brandy and Ice Cream

 Red Cross Flag Day – 10th May

The Ward Club was asked to provide volunteers for the Annual Flag Day around Lloyd’s. “The result of last year’s Flag Day was not successful owning to the lack of volunteers”
Did anyone take part I wonder?

This idea was resurrected in the 2010’s, not much support in numbers for year 1, less support in numbers year 2 and …. year 3. Year 4 we stopped offering to take part.

Merging of the Churches of St Peter upon Cornhill and St Michael under one Rector

The Ward Club specifically asked that we be listed as an “interested party” “given that The Rector of St Peter’s had been our Club Chaplain since our foundation and that we made an annual donation to the Church funds. The answer was basically, “we have taken our soundings, decisions have been made. The proposals will go to the Bishop who will decide if and in what format the proposals will be handled – this will then go to the Church Commissioners, who will publish the proposals giving people 28 days to raise objections…… – – the merger did not happen.

Breakfast in Billingsgate Market 15th May AND 26th September

20 people each visit, which started at 7.30. Max 20 per visit.

The 2nd visit was restricted to Members only. Great fun had by all, ending with a great freshly cooked Kedgeree. Repeated 24 or so years later 2009.Still a great visit.

Church Service at St Peter upon Cornhill and the Civic Luncheon – The Crypt – Guildhall – 29th May

The Church Service was led by our Chaplain The Rev. Alan Cook (Rector)
Hymn Praise to the Lord the Almighty
Lesson read by the Alderman
Lesson read by the Master
Hymn Father hear the prayer we offer
Hymn Lift up your hearts, we lift them up Lord to thee


National Anthem

59 Members and 112 Guests plus some Ward Club Guests enjoyed an excellent lunch but

The Lord Mayor could not attend – he had been asked at short notice to take part in an Official visit to Bermuda. (No contest!).

In addition, “no speaker of a suitable calibre could be found”.
This is ironic in that there was a comment from Mansion House after the 1984 Civic Lunch that there had been too many speeches (5) and that they were too long.

Turban of Sole Balmoral – Sylvaner Trimback – 1983
Loin of Veal with Apricots, New Potatoes – Château Haut Batailley – 1978
Lemon Mousse
Coffee – Petits Fours – Madeira, Malmsey

Obviously, it was, one of “those events”. 2 complaints about people in the middle of the table not getting served anything or no veg. Resolved in the end.
However “all in all it was a great pleasure to be one of your guests, excellent luncheon. I made the mistake of going back to the office for what was left of the afternoon. I blame you personally for all the atrocious decisions I made subsequently” Director of Movements – MOD.

A special treat for our Hon. Sec.

A special invitation for him and his family to visit HMS Olympus had been arranged by Alderman Brain Toye – the ship was affiliated to the Gold and Silver Wire Drawers Company (Brian Toye being Master in this year)

Church Service at St Peter upon Cornhill and the Civic Luncheon – The Crypt – Guildhall – 7th June

54 Members and 132 Guests plus 14 Ward Club Guests enjoyed a good lunch and an interesting reply to the Toast to the Guests

Dark Lounge Suit
Officers of the Club – Morning Dress

They enjoyed:
Brioche of Salmon – Sauce Hollandaise
– Sylvaner Trimbach 1981
Noisettes of Lamb – Belle Helene – New Jersey Potatoes, French Beans (wrapped in Bacon)
– Chateaux Segonzac 1982

Strawberries and Jersey Cream
Coffee, Petits Fours and Granham’s LBV (Late Bottled Vintage)

Well known Members of the Ward Club, applying very late…… !! (- things do not change :).
“Thanks for your letter, I now do appreciate the issue of restricted numbers and prompt applications. I will have to find some means of applying earlier, given my often short notice Business Trips abroad”

Leadenhall Market Harvest Festival 2nd October  

Regret I have no idea how many people attended but will guess the Alderman and hopefully the CC’s – some of the traders in Leadenhall Market and some Members of the Ward Club. In the 1980’s there was still Butchers, Fishmongers, Poultrymen trading within the Market, albeit, gentrification was taking over.

Praise. O praise our God and King
Lesson – The Alderman
Lesson – The Master
Come, ye thankful people come
The Sermon
Now thank we all our God

The National Anthem

Associate Ward Clubs – (Sub-Committee of the United Wards Club) Annual Reception – Mansion House – 17th October

An annual event hosted by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House with the aim of bringing together Ward Club Members and their Ladies, guests and friends. Reception and a “substantial” finger buffet. The Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Sheriffs, their Ladies – many Aldermen and their Ladies were in attendance.

“it is felt that a far greater liaison between Ward Clubs is highly desirable and that the strength and friendliness thus established can only be of greater benefit to the City of London” – identical letter to last year’s and future years.

Finger Buffet – Armourers and Braziers Hall – 7th November.

30 Members and 42 Guests enjoyed a simple evening of socialising even though;
– the Musicians booked did not turn up.
– the Caterers still charged for out-mess for the Musicians
but “the fact that we did not have to pay them their fees helped the Club, make less of a loss” , “only” £125.

Freixenet Cordon Negro (Spanish Sparkling Wine)

Open Sandwiches

Smoked Salmon on brown bread
Creamed Stilton on Celery
Melon with Smoked Ham

Tartlets of Coronation Chicken
Miniature Cheddar and Grape Kebabs
Stuffed Eggs
Bouchees of Creamed Mushrooms

Chipolatas in Honey
Haggis Balls with Drambuie
Wedges of Pizza Veneziana
Brochettes of Tandoori Chicken with mint Raita
Goujons of Plaice – Tartar Sauce

£13.25 including Wine.

Commander and Alderman Sir Robert Gillet Bt., G.B.E., R.D., D.Sc., R.N.R., replied to the Toast to the Guests.

Red Cross Christmas Market 27th and 28th November December – Old Library – Guildhall

Another 2 years have gone by – Lime Street Ward Club  are still the only Ward Club taking part. This year’s fair raised an amazing Net £100,000 (2019 £120,00)
Advertising in the Programme (A Donation in reality) £26,000 (2019 £2,500) How the world changes.

Bill Kelloe produced his Wheel of Fortune – as in the past. It raised £530.60.
Donation from the Ward Club £76.40
Members £95.00
Raffle Ticket Sales £57.00
Total of £750.00

Prizes for the stall were given by a wide range of Members.
Wine, Bookmark, Brandy, Socks and ties, Toiletries, 6 Capons!.
Purchased out of Donated Funds:
Shortbread, Aftershave, Black Magic Chocolates, Elizabeth Shaw Mints, toffees, Address Books.

The main driving force of all this effort, Bill and Joan Kelloe, numbers supporting the stall quite few.

There was as last time a Preview Reception – Invitation only and then 2 days of Market 10.30am – to 15.45pm

Ward Mote (Meeting) 6th December – The Metal Exchange  – Leadenhall Avenue  

The 4 standing Common Councilors were elected, unopposed for the ensuing year – Annual Elections?

Ward Voters List 1984/85
Total Registered Electorate 50
Leadenhall Street 23
Leadenhall Market 9
St Mary Axe 9
Whittington Ave 4

Major Henry Duckworth CBE., JP., FRSH., Master Poulter was reappointed as Deputy
Ian McNeil. CC
Michael Beale.CC
James Newby.CC

Mr. Neil Graham White – Ward Clerk
Edward Kipping – Beadle

The CBE to Henry Duckworth was announced in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Committee Meeting – 6th February 1986 – Lloyd’s

Master plus 15 members in attendance.

Before the start of the Meeting, The Master asked for the Club’s congratulations and best wishes be passed on to David Howard, who had recently been elected Alderman for Cornhill Ward this was endorsed with pleasure and minuted.

In reply to the Club’s letter of congratulations Alderman David Howard replied saying …..”The Ward Club has been, for me, a most important part of my life in the City and certainly one of the most enjoyable. The Warmth of friendship which permeates every aspect of the Club is its greatest strength. Whilst this is not unique to Lime Street, the unparalleled level of support that the Club receives from its membership, is. I believe that Lime Street sets a shining example to the City and i treasure my association with the Club.”…….

There was a vacancy on the Committee which someone wrote and applied for. After discussion it was agreed that someone more Senior should be appointed.