President. Alderman C.S.P Rawson

Master James Newby
James was born 22nd Feb 1927 – and went to Radley College followed by London University.
He sarted his career with Phoenix Assurance but became a Lloyd’s Marine Broker in 1948 remaining in this role at least until 1979 – his interests included Cricket, (MCC), “attractive women” and the Conservative Party (he was Chairman Southend Young Conservatives in the 1950’s)

Upper Warden  Hugh Breslin
Lower Warden Edward Kelloe

Hon Secretary Edward Kelloe
Hon Treasurer Vincent Emms

Hon Auditor Denis Cutler

St Peter upon Cornhill 18th Centenary Celebration

Image of Invitation to Centenary Event

The reputed foundation of St Peter’s is AD 179. The Ward Club sponsored the 18th Centenary Service in conjunction with the Ward of Cornhill. The Lord Mayor Sir Kenneth Cork) and Lady Mayoress were present, with the The Right Rev. and Right Hon. The Lord Bishop of London – preaching. The event was overseen by Rector, The Rev Alan Cook, who I believe was also our Ward Club Chaplain.

Hymn Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation.
Anthem – Rejoice in the Lord.
Lesson – The Lord Mayor.
Hymn  And did those feet, in ancient time.
Sermon – The Bishop of London.
Hymn Thy hand, Oh god has guided.

The Blessing – God be in my head and in my understanding

Left – Top – with glasses – our future Lord Mayor and Vice President – Sir David Howard, looks amazingly similar to his son – Robert Howard CC of Lime Street Ward and then Alderman of Cornhill Ward (2018)

Approx 40 Members and Guests of the Club participated along with the other attendees. This was followed by a “Fork” Lunch , at the Bank next door. TSB (Trustee Savings Bank). An Organ Restoration Fund was created seeking to raise £20,000.

Thursday 22nd February – AGM and Dinner – Captain’s Room, Lloyd’s

Normal procedural matters.

Bill Kelloe took over role of Ward Club representative at United Ward Club’s Committee

29 Members and 49 guests – Gentlemen Guests only

The Captain’s Room – 1958 Building

£12 per person

I doubt if the Pudding Menu had changed for decades?

Committee Meeting 25th April – Lloyd’s

Master plus 7 in attendance

There was a discussion on event costs and it was suggested that a buffet replace Luncheon for the Civic Lunch. This was turned down, but consideration was to be given to a Buffet for the AGM.

Memorial Service for Past Master Normal Tremellen had taken place at St Lawrence Jewry.
10.50p (equivalent of 10 Guineas) was to be donated to the Royal Masonic Hospital.

10.50 also to be sent to royal Medical Benevolent Fund  in memory of the passing of the Club’s President’s Mother.

Further discussion on Ties, agreed to get a quotation for ties 3 inches longer than previous.

Proposal by the Master for an exclusive dinner at Waterman’s Hall. Club Officials, Committee, Aldermen and Common Councilmen of both Lime Street and Cornhill Wards.

Normal procedural matters.

Bill Kelloe took over role of Ward Club representative at United Ward Club’s Committee

29 Members and 49 guests – Gentlemen Guests only

£12 per person

I doubt if the Pudding Menu had changed for decades?

21st May – Annual Church Service and Civic Lunch – The Crypt – Guildhall

The Mayoral Party and Main Guests were led into the Guildhall by a piper.
45 Members and 140 guests….. partook of;

Deinhards Sparkling Moselle / Sherry

Coquilles of Salmon Trout Bellvue, Tarragon Sauce  – Chateauneuf du Pape 1977
Noisettes of English Lamb – Princess – New Potatoes, French Beans, Endives – Roodberg 1974
Cherries Jubilee – Hazlenut Ice Cream – Taylors Late Bottled Vintage

Catering by Ring and Brymer
£11.75 per head plus VAT

20th September – Reception and Buffet Supper

85 Members, their Ladies and other Guests at Innholders’ Hall
– rather than have a Speaker there was an experiment with an Open Floor Question and Answer session, it seems about the City and its structure….. £11 per person

Committee Meeting  – November 1979 – Lloyd’s

Master plus 12 Members

100 Club ties were ordered 2.50p each

Discussion re Buffet or Seated Dinner for the AGM. Agreed after discussion to stay with seated. BUT Officers to make sure that the costs did not exceed 15.00pp.

Discussion on introducing some colour onto the current logo on the Club’s Notepaper. This was seen as problematical.
However a copy of the Master’s Badge could be added easily  in 4 colours, in addition. Agreed only 1 image is required.  – investigations to continue.

Master’s Dinner – 14th December

A very specific event only for Corporation Representatives (Alderman and Common Councilmen, Cornhill and Lime Street, Club Officers and Officials – Max 20. Held at Waterman’s Hall. Various problems re the dates but finally held on 14th December – it seems that it was mainly the Lime Street contingent who attended 12 only in total, but see below
£18 per head (Food only )

Caterers Paynes Caterers
Veuve Cliquot NV £8.50 per bottle. 6
Montagny (1973) £12.50 per magnum 3
Mouton Baron Phillippe (1967) £10.50 6
Taylors LBV £5.00 4
Hine VSOP £12.00 1
Bottle of Whisky £8.50 1.5
Bottle of Gin (£8.50) 0.5
Lager (£0.30p) 8
25 Cigars (ordered and all used/taken away £1.50)

What did they eat ?
Smoked Salmon
Fillet of Beef Wellington

Blackcurrent Fruit Ice
Stilton or Cheddar

N.B. One letter of thanks said “it was an evening out of this world”