1973 John Mepham

President. Alderman Christopher Rawson
Vice President Alan Greenaway JP

Master. John  Mepham
Upper Warden.George Burrow
Lower Warden.B.E. Petitpierre
Hon Sec.B.E. Petitpierre
Asst Hon Sec. Ian McNeil
Hon. Treasurer.J.Holland

House Dinner and AGM – 22nd Feb

Captains Room – Lloyd’s – 57 members and 56 Guests

House Dinner  – 12th April – George and Vulture

20 Members and 15 Guests
The speaker at the April Dinner was Ken Ashton from FIFA. In his career both as referee and on various committees he was involved in some important footballing milestones.
He was the 1st referee to wear the now standard Black Uniform (1946)
Introduced standard colour flags for linesmen in 1947 (prior to this they had been in Home and Away colours of the competing teams)
Following an incident in the England vs Argentina match in the 1966 World Cup, (Jack Charlton did not know if he had been booked or not) as Head of World Cup Referees he devised the system whereby referees show a yellow card for a caution and a red card for an expulsion, which was first used in the 1970 World Cup.
He also successfully proposed that the pressure of the ball should be specified in the Laws of the Game and in 1974 he introduced the number board for substitutes, so that players could easily understand who was being substituted.
We have no idea what he talked about but should have been an interesting evening for lovers of football.

30th May Civic Lunch
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27th September – Committee Meeting  Vestry St Peter’s Cornhill

No further info available at this time

– 34 Members and 16 Guests

5th October – Dinner Dance
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16th November House Dinner – InnHolder’s Hall

– 34 Members and 16 Guests

1974 George Burrow

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4th April AGM in Vestry St Peter upon Cornhill ?

18th April Dinner George and Vulture

Virtually no information – at this time

16th May Civic Lunch – The Crypt – Guildhall

Speaker Rev Dewi Morgan – Rector St Brides Fleet Street

20th June – Church Service followed by Cheese and wine – Jamaica Inn

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24th July – Sub Committee Meeting  

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19th September – Committee Meeting

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20th September – Visit to The Magic Circle

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2nd October – Harvest Festival – St Peter’s upon Cornhill

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18th October – Ladies Night, Captain’s Room, Lloyd’s

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21st November-House Dinner

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1975 – Bernard Petitpierre

President Alderman Christopher Rawson

An important year in the History of the Club.

“I would mention that we now have a working arrangement with Cornhill Ward which does not have a separate club of its own and we welcome as members all those of Cornhill Ward who would like to join us. We have in fact elected two Cornhill members onto our committee and look forward to a growing and happy cooperation between the two Wards. Sir Edward Howard, Bt. has now joined the Club as a Member.”

From a Letter circulated to all Members – September 1975

Mr F Bird – Upper Warden
Mr Iain McNeil – Lower Warden and Hon. Sec
Mr John de Vine Hon. Treasurer
Mr Denis Cutler Hon. Auditor

AGM and Buffet Supper  – 20th February 1975

“Gentlemen Guests, will be very welcome”
At the AGM Amendments to Rule 18 and 19 were proposed allowing for up to Nine Members on the committee in addition to the Officers.
It was also proposed that there might have to be an increase in subscriptions next year, even though the Club was in surplus. The Membership Fee of 2/10/0 had not been increased since the Club was founded in 1946.

Events planned for the year
15/5 Civic Lunch – Guildhall, Livery Hall, Speaker Rt.Hon. Vincent Monckton of Brexley CB. OBE. MC.. It was originally planned for this to be at Guildhall but was finally arranged in the Livery Hall.
In his speech of Welcome the Master emphasised vital role played by the City in National affairs and how it was up to everybody to support the Lord Mayor and the Corporation in an active manner. The Lord Mayor in reply emphasised the vital role that Ward Clubs played in encouraging close contacts from the grass roots of the Ward Club up to the top echelons of the Corporation.

4/7 – Reception at Mansion House – 5.00pm – 7.00pm
15/10 Visit to Westminster Abbey – Buffet in Jerusalem Chambers
20/11 Annual Church Service followed by a Reception at Skinners’ Hall
27/11 ?? at Lloyd’s ??
8/1/1976 Meeting

City Festival – June (?) 1975

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