Master  Basil.B.Cooper
Upper Warden H.G. Brewer
Lower Warden D.G. Hobbs

Hon Sec Donald Abel
Hon Treasurer J Mepham
Hon Chaplain Alan J. N. Cook
Hon Secretary Donald Abel

Purchase of Regalia

 A quotation was sought for quite a substantial purchase of regalia as per the list below

The interesting item is the Chain. I am not sure that this was ever purchased (2020). Further investigations may reveal that it was, if so what happened to it:)

22nd Annual General Meeting – February 15th 1968

AGM was held in the Library of the “Old” Lloyd’s Building.  (1928 Building). Nothing of import was discussed.

and Dinner was held in the Captain’s room in the “New” Lloyd’s Building. (1958 Building)

61 Members were in attendance at the dinner, with 78 Guests
Guest Speaker – Mr Dickson-Wright
Cost of the Dinner – 37/6p

Meeting and House Dinner April 25th  – Abercorn Rooms, Great Eastern Hotel

32 Members in attendance with 31 Guests
Guest Speaker – Mr Godfrey Thompson FLA – The City Librarian
Announced at the Meeting that there would be 4 visits to the Criminal Records Office (no more than 10 people) in May and Sept

Civic Luncheon April 3rd 1967 – Vitners Hall

In the presence of The Lord Mayor and Sheriff, “Ladies may not attend”
Main speaker Hugh Cudlip  – published The Official Army Newspaper (1943/45) – The Union Jack
– Deputy Chairman – International Publishing Corporation (IPC)
– Chairman Daily Mirror Newspapers…..

On arrival Cocktails or Sherry

Saddle of Southdown Lamb
English Cheeses
with either, Traminer Bauman-Schohler 1964 or Chateau La Tour Canon 1961


May and Sept – Visits to the Criminal Records Office (only 10 -12 could visit at any one time)

5th September – committee Meeting – St Peter’s Vestry

Nothing to report

Annual Ladies Banquet and Ball (The 2nd) – Sept 26th 1967

Abercorn Rooms, Bishopsgate or Hamilton Hall Great Eastern Hotel!! – depends on whose notes you believe.
Music, Floor Show and Dancing
Claude Cavolotti Orchestra Tickets £4.0.0.

Meeting  – November 21st 1967

Committee Meeting and House Dinner – Abercorn Rooms – Great Eastern Hotel. Speaker Mr Frederick Clearey MBE, Chairman, City of London Streets Committee £2.0.0.