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Aldermen                                                       Period                                    Lime Street                                            Cornhill

Sir John Stuttard                                    Sir David Howard
Sir Charles Bowman                                 Robert Howard


Common Councilmen
                                                                                  1951 – 1959                          Sir Charles Trinder
                                                                                 1960 – at least 1986           Henry Duckworth
1979 – at least 1986           Michael Beale
1977 – at least 1986            Ian McNeil


Christine Cohen
Dennis Cotgrove
Elizabeth Rogula
Robert Howard
Henry Colthurst
Dominic Christian
Tom Clementi



Common Councilmen

Sir Charles Trinder G.B.E
Became Alderman for Aldgate in 1959. Sheriff in 1964  and Lord Mayor in 1989 

Henry Duckworth C.B.E., J.P., F.R.S.N.
Started work in the City in 1947. Elected as CC in 1960. JP since 1963. Member of Lloyd’s from 1978.. Liveryman of The Poulters, (Master – 1985), Painter Stainers and Parish Clerks. Church Warden at St Michael’s Cornhill.

Michael Beale
Member and then Board Member of the London Metal Exchange. MD of a “ring dealing company”- Amalgamated Metal Trading. Master and Life Member of the Ward Club and Life Member of the City Livery Club

Ian McNeil
Worked in the City from 1957, all the time in the Lloyd’s Insurance Market. (Member of Lloyd’s from 1962). elected as a CC in same year as being Master of the Ward Club. Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of musicians