The Role of the Ale Connor?

Four Ale Connors are elected each year in the city of London, to serve for one year.
No active role, no payment is made.

Elected for well over 700 years.
– sometimes in the past, as many as four per Ward!

When water was not fit to drink, everybody would have drunk ale (weak)
Vital that the quality and price were commensurate.

Existed in most towns and cities.  (William Shakespeare’s father, was one)
There is no official role for Ale Conners – occasionally demonstrate for a Livery Company or Ward Club,

The test itself
Involves pouring some ale onto a wooden bench, then sitting in the resulting puddle whilst wearing leather trousers!!!
– sit for about four minutes – stand up.  If the Ale Connor sticks, the ale is failed; if he/she can stand freely, the ale is passed as fit to drink by the good citizens of the City!

Thanks to Christine Rigden – Past Sheriff and City of London Ale Connor since 2006 – the first woman.