President  Alderman Sir Charles Bowman
Vice President Alderman Robert Howard

 Master David Pinkerton

Upper Warden  Ivor Cook
Lower Warden  Norman Chapman
Hon Sec Daphne Cave
Hon Treasurer Chris Otter
Independent Examiner Michael Brecknell
Hon Chaplain Rev William Taylor

His Chosen Charity   T.O.F.S (Supporting very young babies born with a malformed windpipe and food pipe, being unable to breath or swallow properly – (tracheooesophageal fistula / oresophageal atresia)

Donations – to

AGM and Installation Dinner – Evening of 11th of February 2020 – Bakers’ Hall 

Picture Gallery – click here

The AGM was held in the Court Room of Bakers’ Hall.

Nothing major was discussed, but a proposal for a minor Rule Change was proposed and agreed to simplify the preparation of the Accounts.
It was agreed that in future the Accounts be presented based on the Calendar Year.

Lord Mayor’s Charity
St Peter upon Cornhill
Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund
COLA Shoreditich Park
Lord Mayor’s Big Curry (H.M. Forces)
Masters Charity plus profit on one chosen event.

Cash                   £28,441
Collarettes         £  1,409
Merchandise     £    984

Ordinary Membership 230
Life Membership 63
 – paying subs 21
– not paying subs 42

At the Dinner a really warm welcome was given to our new Master by the 95 in attendance. (The Hall holds 94). In addition to Members and Guests, there was a very supportive family group, who really enjoyed themselves.

Immediately after Grace given by Past Master James Cross, the Master made a short speech of introduction, touching on his chosen charity for the year T.O.F.S  (see above) and had great pleasure in presenting Sally Anne Hill with her Past Masters Jewel and introducing our new Upper Warden, Ivor Cook and Lower Warden, Norman Chapman

Dinner, provided by Cook and Butler.
Trio of smoked fish, Marinated in Dill and Cucumber Gin – Sauvignon Blanc 2018 – Dom Bergan Vias
Loin of Highland Venison, Plum Crust, Juniper Berry Jus  – The Accomplice Shiraz – 2016 De Bortoli
Poached Pear in Mulled Wine – Clotted Cream Ice Cream – Muskat Ottenel Late Harvest 2016
Coffee, Petit Fours – Baräo de Villar Port

The Master’s Guest speaker, who replied on behalf of the guests was Mr Paul Kelly Managing Director of Kelly’s turkeys, a very major supplier.  He is in the Guinness Book of records for being the fastest Carver and Turkey plucker, and holds awards for outstanding service to the Turkey industry.

He had many of us laughing a great deal, perhaps a joke or two were not necessarily 21stC  PC.

Towards the end of the evening after the toasts, one of David and Margaret’s family, apologised if he was breaking with protocol but wanted to thank Margaret for all that she has done and does for David and the family, this was supported with a very large round of applause. Quite right to.

Covid 19

Our Master had a very good year planned for 2020/2021 and was really looking forward to it. However with the various lockdowns and restrictions over the year, some re-planning had to be done. See below.

His original plan included;
A visit to the Museum of St John, Clerkenwell

A visit to Marlborough House

Marlborough House - Wikipedia

An evening cruise on the Lady Daphne

Visit to the Bank of England

Bank of England Museum

A wine tasting – see below

Dennis Seavers House – in Folgate Street
18 Folgate Street - - 819517.jpg

 Our 1st Virtual Quiz – 10th June

Given the problems caused by Covid 19, we are so glad that over 20 Members and partners took part in our virtual quiz, pulled together and organised for us by Past Master Peter Cave.
Very positive feedback from the Master and all those who took part.
The questions were fair but apparently quite tough  – one person played their Joker on a particular round with confidence – their score regrettably as 0 and with a Joker (points x 2) was still 0.

The Rounds covered were:
City Pictures
Who, what and where?
Music, TV and Radio
Pirates and Lines
Animal, Vegetable and Mineral

The Winner was Member Phillip Hanton (a serous quizzer) with 30 out of a possible 36 (with the Joker)
Cornhill Ward CC Peter Dunphy came 2nd 0n 22 points

Our Master very generously decided to offer a bottle of Champagne to the Winner, which was suitably converted into Waitrose Vouchers for both the Winner and the Runner Up.

Lime Street Virtual Ward Walk

Past Master Peter Cave took 30 or so Members on a brisk walk around virtually every street and alley in the Ward, (as they stayed seated in their comfy chairs with a glass in hand)  even jumping back in time.

A bit further forward in time late 1700’s

The East India Company Offices, site of 1986 Lloyd’s Building

Oh dear our Ward boundary goes over a fence!

Time to stop.

Good fun and well researched and presented.

A full copy of the presentation will be available towards the end of 2020 on this website. When it is available a link will be inserted here.

Cornhill Ward Virtual Walk

This time, 25 Screens, 40+ people went for another brisk walk led by Peter Cave, but this time around Cornhill Ward. Many more streets than Lime Street Ward. Plenty of stories,


and pictures. Good fun.

Again, as with Lime Street this presentation will be made available on this website towards the end of 2020, with a link inserted here.

A virtual magic show by Alan Hudson

A 35 minute show designed specifically for “Zoom” and similar – Great presentation.

Even a couple of skeptics almost admitted they had enjoyed it:).

Think the faces tell it all.

Live/Actual Visit to Royal Mews

The Hon Sec was advised that there was a possibility of an actual visit – subject to Covid 19 regulations on that day (Groups of 6). She dived into action, ably supported by Patricia Dinsdale and Liz Thornborough (on the day). A fascinating visit, stunning coaches and vehicles to admire, with a full commentary.

Then off to Brown’s near Victoria for a convivial  lunch – then back into lockdown!

Virtual Wine Tasting

To be updated……

Virtual visit to Leathersellers’ Halls and Environs

Over 50 people  were led by the Leathersellers’ excellent Curator Jerome Farrell (due to retire in early 2021) on  an amazing “zoom’ visit to Leathersellers’ Hall(s) (there have been 7 since the 1300’s)

Hopefully a recording of at least part of this and some if not all of the PowerPoint slides that he used will be included in this website in due course.

We were taken back to their Original Charter of 1444, beautifully illuminated

and shown the Charter issued by Charles II (he wanted money so Livery Companies were forced to repurchase their Charter). Note that it has not been coloured  (more cost) and the seal intentionally broken!! The 1444 Charter is still seen as their “true’ Charter.

We were taken through the next 370+ years via Beautiful Books, Paintings, Silver and stories

Bible with scholarly commentary                       Silver Vase by                                             Painting of ??????

via the 5th Hall (late 1800’s)                                                                                                                                                                              and  the 6th Hall (1950’s)

Into the stunning Modern 7th Hall , the Glass Art work is by Dale Chihuly See also Reception at the VandA)

We even went down their Mauve Staircase to their Hall,

Where the Ward Club in Alderman Robert Howard’s year was honoured to hold its Installation Dinner (Note the Club Banner in the right hand corner)

Why the importance of Mauve? A young (18 years old ) liveryman, William Perkins created (by accident) the first  artificial dye – Mauve,  (he was looking for an an antidote to Malaria). – Princess Eugenie of France, a major fashion icon of the times, decided the colour complemented her eyes. He became very rich and a Master Leatherseller.

Virtual Civic Lunch

The Master and his Consort ready to go to catch the train for London and our Civic Lunch

Many others dressed up as well

The good news, no need for the train!

Virtual Christmas Party

To be updated………….

City Briefing – Virtual Visit to St Paul’s Cathedral

To be updated………

City Briefing – Virtual Visit to St Paul’s Cathedral

To be updated………

Virtual Gin Tasting – City of London Distillery (COLD)

To be updated………

Dennis Sever’s House. Regrettably this could not take place in 2020 given the Covid 19 restrictions.