President  Alderman Sir Charles Bowman

Vice President  Alderman Robert Howard

Master  Mr Ivor Cook

Upper Warden  Mr Norman Chapman

Lower Warden Mr Phillip Somervail

Hon Sec  Daphne Cave

Hon Treasurer  Chris Otter

Asst. Hon Sec Patricia Dinsdale

Independent Examiner Michael Brecknell

Hon Chaplain Rev William Taylor

The Master’s chosen charity is to be advised

Annual General Meeting.  22nd February 2021 – held virtually  


The AGM was held virtually and saw the installation of Ivor Cook, as our new Master, Norman Chapman as Upper Warden and Philip Somervail as Lower  Warden

Club members, thanked David Pinkerton for such a successful year, in extremely difficult times. The array, of events was a tribute to the club, and the circumstance of virtual events had permitted the opportunity to be joined by members for whom travel to the City can be difficult.

The club expressed its graduate and thanks to our Hon Secretary and Past Master Daphne Cave, who will be stepping down in the next year.

This year is the Ward Club’s 75th anniversary and the following, members were recognised for their outstanding contribution to the Ward Club by being inducted to the 75th roll of honour:

  • Frederick (Dickie) Bird
  • Michael Brecknell
  • Daphne Cave
  • Peter Cave
  • James Cross
  • Vincent Emms
  • Ann Hughes (née)
  • Rowland Hughes
  • Mark Gubbins
  • Julie Gubbins
  • Christopher Otter

My Year as Lord Mayor – Zoom Presentation – 22nd February

Following the AGM, our President Alderman Sir Charles Bowman, gave an insightful presentation into his Mayoral Year. It was fascinating for Club Members to learn further about this full on year and hear further stories of holding this position.



Cheese Tasting by Sue Cloake – Cheese at Leadenhall – 24th March 2021

6 ‘Yummy’ Cheeses to taste

Sue Cloke ,Director of Cheese at Leadenhall hosted a wonderful virtual cheese tasting event. Members tasted six specially selected cheeses and obtained a fascinating in-sight into the origins of each cheese, the key tasting notes and variations between each of the distinct cheeses.

The night began with “Golden Cenarth”. This soft Welsh cheese comes from cow’s milk which quickly disappeared from my plate. The group then moved onto “Manchego”, a cheese matured for around one year made from Spanish sheep’s milk. This was followed by the skiing holiday cheese of “Tomme de Savoie”. This French cow’s milk cheese is matured for only 2 – 3 months and has a refined nutty taste, some referred to it as a hay taste. At this point for members not paying attention learnt that not all the rinds of the cheeses should be eaten!!! This cheese had washed rind which was not best suited for tasting although it provided the cheese with its flavour. All these three cheeses are suited to white wine. However, the cheese’s sung on their own and were all delicious in their own right.

The evening then moved to cheese’s that would suit red wine. This started with “Old Amsterdam” which is made from pasteurised milk and matured for a year. This cheese was creamy but dense in texture and with a sweet under tone. We then moved to the Master’s favourite, a cheese from Cornwall, (although I must note that the Master finished all his cheese’s rather rapidly and loved them all). The Cornish Kern. This cheese had an unusual texture for a cheese and a toasty flavour. It was also the longest matured cheese at 2 years.  The night was rounded off with the creamiest blue cheese “Montagnologoade” made from cow’s milk. I myself traditionally am not a blue cheese fan but have been converted by this very light flavoured oh so creamy cheese and was not at all surprised to learn it was a world award winning cheese. It also pairs well with a light port.

This very insightful event has inspired further cheese tasting by members, and debate into the preferred cheese of the night.

Sue Cloke- Director -Cheese of Leadenhall

Technology fails sometime !!

Some people came really prepared for the evening !!

Virtual attendees, ready and raring to go.

Royal Exchange and its Environs  –  22nd April 2021

Information to come.