President Alderman Sheriff Charles Bowman
Vice President Alderman Robert Howard

Master Mr Tim Willens FCII

A Fellow of Chartered Insurance Institute. Tim spent 40 years working in the reinsurance (insurance of insurers) market in the City. A livery man of the Poulters and a member of Rotary. Married to Sue, with two children Elizabeth (and two grand sons Benjamin and Logan) and married son Toby. He also sings in his Church Choir. A couple of year’s later, Tim was appointed Hon. Ward Clerk on the retirement from this role of John Bristow. Main role to Organise the Wardmote.

Chosen Charity ‘Words for the Wounded’

Upper Warden Alderman Robert Howard
Lower Warden Daphne Cave
Hon Secretary Daphne Cave
Hon Treasurer Christopher Otter
Independent Examiner Michael Brecknell
Hon Chaplain  Rev William Taylor

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Tuesday 23rd February, Annual General Meeting & Installation Dinner at Vintners’ Hall

Small Picture Gallery – click here

Our Master was installed in the Court Room during this year’s AGM.

At the AGM Sir David Howard was presented with a gift of a Silver Vase  in recognition of his years of dedicated service to our Ward Club. After the AGM he wrote to the Ward club, saying “The beautiful vase looks splendid on my desk with spring Daffodils to mark St David’s day. It is a lovely gift and reminder which I will cherish of my long and very happy association with the Lime Street, and now Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club.”

At the AGM various topics were aired.

A particular topic was Past Master Peter Cave’s  proposal for a name change for the Ward Club to – Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club – which was agreed unanimously.
The change reflects the close relationship as between the Cornhill and Lime Street Wards, going back for decades and the even closer relationship going forward with a past CC for Lime Street (Robert Howard) becoming Alderman of Cornhill Ward.

Lord Mayor’s Charity £1,000
St Peter upon Cornhill £700
Sheriffs and Recorders Fund £200
LM Big Curry (Armed Forces) £250
Masters Charity £100 + profit on a chosen event.

A “sparkling” reception was held upstairs in the Drawing Room and Dinner was held in the Livery Hall, where many of the Vintner’s Company’s artifacts were on display.

Dinner was provided by “Searcy’s at Vintners”.

Grace was said by Past Master James Cross.

The new Master welcomed all the guests.

Starter – Feather of Salmon, Piccalilli, Beetroot, Duck Egg Mousse, Borage and Nasturtuim.
Main Course – Roebuck Venison, Game Sauce, Turnip Purée, Dauphinoise Potatoes, Cassis Jelly & Ragout
Dessert – Raspberry & Jasmine Charlotte.
Coffee, Petits Fours, Port.

Vin Occitan Reserva Blanc
Ben & Rudi Scott Cabernet Shiraz
Chuchill’s VC Reserve Port, NV

The after Dinner speaker was Margaret Graham, a best selling Author and a Writing Tutor. She gave a fascinating insight into the world of writing and the Charity ‘Words for the Wounded’ that she supports. This was Tim’s chosen charity for his year. She closed by proposing the toast to The Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club.

Tuesday 8th March – Members’ & Guests’ Evening 6pm – HAZ
The first event in our Master’s year.

This very popular annual event brought together a good cross section of Members both Old and New together with some of their friends. (26 in total)
Good wine, conversation and an excellent Turkish Buffet, made for a great start to Tim’s year.

16th March – Wardmote – Lloyd’s Old Library

Over 25 Members attended this year’s Ward Mote. Following Robert Howard’s election as Alderman for Cornhill Ward , a vacancy arose for a CC in Lime Street Ward.

One of our Members, Dominic Christian had been persuaded to stand and as the only Candidate was duly elected.
After the Wardmote many of the Ward Club Members and other “Dom” supporters met up for a a Celebratory Glass in the Brokers Wine Bar in Leadenhall Market.

Thursday 7th April – Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch

The Master and the Hon. Sec attended this fun event at Guildhall, which is a major fund raiser for ABF – The Soldiers Charity.

Fizz. Wine, Curry, Raffle and Silent Auction! Overall the event raised over £200,000

Wednesday 27th April,
Guided Tour of Brooklands Motor Museum

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A really good turnout for a Special Day at this fascinating venue.

The first taste of an exciting day was watching Mercedes’ drivers on a skidpan immediately opposite the entrance to the Museum, then possibly for many, the sight of Concorde.

Blue skies, but cold, so a cup of coffee set us up for our Tour.
We were divided into two groups and taken on a tour of some of the highlights (2 hours went by very quickly)

Bicycles, Motorcycles, Racing Cars, Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang!


and a walk on the original banked track, stories, history, great fun and very informative.

After a convivial hot lunch, many of the Members and their guests, went back for a more detailed look at some of the sights that had caught their eye in the morning. A really good “throwaway line”. “I am sorry but I have got to leave now as I must catch Concorde”
Tim and Sue are Members of Brooklands – now we know why.

Friday 13th May – Annual Church Service, St Peter-upon-Cornhill 11.00am
Civic Lunch – Guildhall

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A cheerful and warming short service, led by the Rev John Hayton, supported by the Rev Charlie Skrine an associate Rector at St Helens.
Hymn Praise my Soul the King of Heaven
1st Reading – The Vice President: 2 Samuel Ch7 V 8-17
Hymn Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy
2nd Reading – The Master: Mark Ch10 V32-45
Hymn Guide me oh thou great redeemer


National Anthem

then off to the

Civic Luncheon in The Old Library, Guildhall 12.10pm
125 Members and their guests enjoyed a very convivial lunch in the Old Library.

Even though there were a few timing issues for the Civic Party, the Lord Mayor – the Lord Mountevans and the Lady Mayoress supported by our President Alderman Charles Bowman (Sheriff) and his wife Samantha very kindly found the time to support this very important event in our calendar.

Reception – Chardonnay Baron de Beaumont – Vin Mousseux N.V.

Filet of Lemon Sole, Parsley and Shallot Sauce – Domaine de la Provenquiere Capestand – Vigonier 2013
Rack of Romney Marsh Lamb, Garden Mint Crust and Rosemary Jus – Chateua de l’Hestrange Blace, Bourgogne Gamay Pinot Noire 2013
Passion Fruit Creme Brulee
Coffee, Chocolate Truffles – Barao Vilar Port of Cognac

Toastmaster – Jamie Wallis – was his usual friendly and helpful self.
Catering by Mark Groves

The Master in welcoming the Lord Mayor presented 2 Cheques, 1 for the Lord Mayor’s Charity and the other for The Sheriff and Recorder’s Fund.
Our Guest speaker, who proposed the toast to our Ward Club, Professor Denise Lievesley gave an interesting account of her Oxford College – Templeton, where our Master visits from time to time.

A good number of people continued their discussions, well into the afternoon at the Woolgate Exchange.

A very enjoyable day.

Thursday 9th June – Visit to the Old Bailey

Approximately 30 of us met at the Warwick Square entrance and were ushered through to Court No. 1. After a brief introduction by Sheriff Alderman Charles Bowman, we were given a fascinating guided tour and talk on the history and workings of the United Kingdom’s premier criminal court.

The talk and walk was given by the Under Sheriff and Secondary of London Charles Henty. He is the most knowledgeable person on all aspects of the Old Bailey and we were privileged to have the benefit of his encyclopaedic knowledge. Half way round the tour, we were meant to have visited the “holding cells”. Somewhat to the surprise of our guide – there was still one prisoner in the cells – our visit to this part of the “Bailey” had to be missed.

After the fascinating tour, we were invited to a Champagne reception very kindly hosted by the Sheriff (Our President) in the Sheriffs reception room. Out of our ticket price we were able to make a donation of £525, to the Sheriff and Recorder’s Fund – which was very much appreciated.

The Sheriff’s and Recorder’s Fund provides low value grants to prisoners immediately after their release, when in many cases they are released with £47 and no home to return to. Things such as clothing, tools, makeup are examples of what is provided. A very worthwhile Charity.

Following this, we had a supper at Cote Brasserie on Ludgate Hill, arranged by our Hon. Secretary. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

 Committee Meeting – 16th July – Guildhall

– supper at The Anthologist

Master and 17 Members in attendance.
Congratulations to Charles Bowman for being supported by the Court of Alderman  to stand as Lord Mayor  of the City of London in 2017/2018

Congratulations to Elizabeth Rogula for being appointed as Deputy (the leader of the CC’s)

Many thanks to Sheriff Charles Bowman for helping us organise a visit to the Old Bailey and for hosting a Champagne Reception afterwards.

Carol Service
A new Choir are likely to be attending this years Carol Service, discussions in hand

Past Master Peter Cave reported that interest had been shown via HMS President and that a Unit of the Sea Cadets from one of the “deprived areas” would be recommended to us. In the longer term this did not work out

Red Cross
Reported that the Ward Club would be asked to take over the “Front of House” given the support we had given in 2015. This was the case, and also into 2019 at least.

Lord Mayor’s Show 2017
Past Master Peter Cave, reported that he had all the core rules and was looking at a Budget (Net) of £15,000. (Achieved – actual net costs, around £13,500.)

Past Master Harvey Peebles drew attention to t0 fact that exactly 10 years to the day, their had been a Committee Meeting the evening of the London Transport Bombings.

Tuesday 12th July     Visit and talk at Crossrail’s Liverpool Street site

Picture Gallery – click here

Ten of us were lucky enough to visit the Crossrail tunnels under Liverpool Street.  We all had to wear safety jackets and trousers, helmets and boots.

We were taken on a tour of both the Eastbound and Westbound tunnels and saw the construction of the platforms, which are 2 1/2 times the length of London Underground platforms. The tunnels, which have been fully lined at this stage now await the track laying stage.

When  we emerged from the tunnel, we were joined by twenty other members and welcomed by Rohan Perin (Liverpool Street – Project Manager) and Nina Radford (Community Relations manager – Crossrail). We were all treated to an fascinating talk on the Archaeological discoveries of the excavation, the structure and timetable of Crossrail including the handover and heritage aspect of this £14 billion project.

After the talk, we all enjoyed a dinner at Just Bangers in Eldon Street, organised by Daphne and Peter Cave. We were not charged for this event by Crossrail but a £10 donation was sought from all those attending, supporting the Master’s chosen charities (Words for the Wounded and Templeton College, Residential Accommodation Fund)

Tuesday 6th September       Inter-Ward Quiz – St Botolph’s Church Hall

At the end of a very entertaining evening hosted by last year’s winners – Billingsgate Ward Club the Lutinees found that they had won!. Organising next year’s event falls to Lime Street! As this Quiz was our creation some years back – not a problem. Our team led by Tim Willens (Master) Vernon and Mags Ashford, Samantha Bowman,Wendy Kiernan, Neil Roberts are to be congratulated. (Rumour says that the Hon. Sec was less pleased :(.

Wednesday 14th September – Ceremony of the Keys

After a light supper with plenty of social chat at Pizza Express, 20 Members and their guests arrived at the Gates of the Tower to be met by our Guide.

CEREMONY OF THE KEYS – A visit to the Bloody Tower
As a recent member of Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club I was delighted to join a group of members visiting the Tower of London to witness the ancient Ceremony of the Keys, the locking up of the Tower.  This ceremony has taken place every night for 700 years.

Blessed with a full moon and a clement temperature we had the perfect setting for spooky storytelling. The ravens were tucked up for the night sleeping, had they been soaring high above the atmosphere would have been complete. We were escorted on our tour by an immensely entertaining Yeoman Warden a custodian of The Tower who shared his vast historical knowledge of events long past, shinning his torch on windows high above, windows which would have allowed the only glimmer of light to fall on the many long incarcerated within the walls awaiting their fate.

The Tower now benign with warden families living within and many visiting tourists is still incredibly evocative, as you pass under the huge portcullis looking up the the murder holes now plugged or stand by Traitors’ Gate you are transported back in time and can sense the ghost of Anne Boleyn floating by.

We gather in silence for the ceremony to begin, surrounded by the dark of the night, the sound of marching footsteps on cobble stones increases as the Chief Yeoman Warden approaches along Water Lane a candle lit lantern flickering in one hand and the keys in the other, his Tudor Watchcoat emitting a blood red glow. A challenge by the duty sentry to identify themselves takes place before passing through the Bloody Tower to continue within the fortress and so the Ceremony of the Keys continues…….
……… “Pass Queen Elizabeth’s Keys – All’s well”

When we left it was a beautifully clear night with a full moon – really amazing. Kay Godfrey

Meeting the Electors – Lloyd’s

Lime Street Ward CC’s and their Alderman

host an Annual Social event to give the Ward Electorate a chance to meet with  their elected representatives and vice versa

– this year it was held in Lloyd’s.

In the background you can see three paintings (part of a set of 4, all of Lloyd’s in 2 separate buildings, painted by Terence Cuneo)
– if you want to know more about there paintings and Mice! – click here

Musical Evening – The Barbican Centre 28th October

An evening at the Barbican – with the BBC Symphony Orchestra
A group of 22 Members and Guests had a wonderful and very enjoyable evening
The evening started with supper and a glass of wine at Iskele (Whitecross Street) about 10 mins walk from the Barbican, everybody said how much they enjoyed the food even if the portions were a bit on the generous side!
The head waiter was very understanding of our time frame and the service from them was excellent throughout. Unfortunately we could not accept their kind offer of a complimentary post prandial drink as we had to leave the restaurant at the time Tim had planned (7.10pm). This allowed us plenty of time at the Barbican to settle down for a most wonderful concert.
We were all mesmerised by the two pieces played by the BBC Symphony Orchestra with the BBC Symphony Chorus for the first half.
We felt as exhausted as the Russian conductor looked at the end of the concert!
All in all it was a wonderful evening and a superb choice of outing from Tim for the Club.
– Teresita Cutting

Saturday 12th November  –  The Lord Mayor’s Show (at Guildhall)

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Undaunted by the weather, cold, drizzle, rain, more drizzle, this amazing event continues to please the crowds, especially the 20 from our Ward Club. Being able to retreat into Guildhall for a warming coffee, did help.

“Whether, the weather be kind or whether the weather be not, we weathered the weather together, whether we liked it or not”

The Parade as usual was very effectively organised by the Pagent Master – Dominic Reid

However, right at the back of the parade, some of the Coaches carrying (meant to be carrying!) the Aldermen, moved off without their occupants! The sight of Aldermen in flying robes chasing after their ride, with their Beadles chasing after them – a sight to behold.

After the parade we all gathered in Guildhall for a pre-lunch glass and then an excellent, very convivial lunch.

Watching the Lord Mayor being waved off by his Aldermen is always a special sight.

Friday 18th November    –  Leadenhall Lights

The Master represented the Ward Club at the entrance to The Market from Whittington Avenue, when The Lord Mayor arrived to carry out a tour of the Market and switch on the Christmas lights.

Monday 5th December – Annual Carol Service – St Peter – upon Cornhill    

Carol Service at St Peter-upon-Cornhill 6.00pm
A good turnout, with a new Choir led by James Cross’s (Past Master and Organist) son Tom.

Choir – Holy Trinity Brompton Chamber Choir – Conductor Tom Cross – Organist John Hatton
Choir Away in a Manger
Oh come oh come, Emmanuel
Choir Sussex Carol – Willocks
First Lesson – Mikah Ch 5 Verses 2 – 5  – The President
God rest ye Merry, Gentlemen
Second Lesson – Matthew Ch 1 Verses 18 – 25  – Master, The Worshipful Company of Poulters
Choir What sweeter music – Rutter

Excellent Address from the Rev Charlie Skrine.
All followed by a relaxing and convivial glass or two of wine, canapés  and chat.

What a great way to start Christmas
Third Lesson – Matthew Ch 2 Verses 1 – 8  – The Master
Choir Shepherds’ Fairwell
It came upon the mid-night clear
Fourth Lesson John Ch 1 Verses 1 – 9  – Dominic Christian CC
Choir O radiant dawn
Hark the Herald Angels Sing


This year gifts placed under our Christmas Tree were collected for the City of London Mission and were distributed in Tottenham onto three very deprived estates and very gratefully received. Many Thanks to all who gave.

 Committee Meeting  – Guildhall – 5th January

Ward Report
Please note that we are in 2017

Major focus within the Corporation on the EU
A proposal had been put forward to pedestrianise the whole of  Leadenhall Street
The “Neptune Tower”/Leadenhall Court 34 stories – replacing RSA on corner of Leadenhall Street/Gracechurch St – should be the last “tower” in our ward.
Dominic Christian asked how many more jobs would be needed to fill the buildings, planned to be built and suggested that different industry sectors would need to be found to fill the spaces that will become available.

Red Cross
Peter Cave reported that Ward Club would be looked to provide full front of house coverage

Lord Mayors Show
Peter Cave reported that plans were in hand working with a conceptual artist – Jane Churchill (amazing)
It was suggested from the floor that the Budget should be increased to £20,000, this was agreed. Turned out not to be necessary.

City Matters – The City of London Police – 31st January 2017 – St Botolph’s Church Hall

The intention of this evening was to act as a precursor to a planned visit to the newly opened City of London Police Museum, in the space occupied previously by the Clockmakers.
The talk given by Warren Grynberg (A City of London Guide) and a Police Museum Guide, left us with plenty to learn when we did visit the Museum later in the year. A fascinating talk about London and his amazing collection of Post Cards, very enjoyable but not much about the Police in the City. Supper was provided by The Three Kings Pub, opposite the Hall. Excellent.