President Sir John Stuttard (Retired during the Year), replaced by Charles Bowman
Vice President Sir David Howard, Bt.

Master Vernon Ashford

Upper Warden Peter Cave

Lower Warden Rosanne Bowman

Hon Sec Daphne Cave
Hon Treasurer
Christopher Otter
Independent Examiner
Michael Brecknell (a new title)
Hon Chaplain Rev William Taylor (New)

An extra “twist” to this year.

  • Vernon Ashford our Master was also Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Poulters
  • Past Master – Mr Harvie Peebles was appointed Master to the Poulters
  • Past Master Mr Alastair Basset Cross was appointed Upper Warden of the Poulters
  • Past Master Mr Roland Hughes was appointed Renter Warden of the Poulters

Tuesday 26th February – Annual General Meeting & Dinner at Armourers’ Hall

Small Picture Gallery – click  here

39 Members attended this year’s AGM voting in Vernon Ashford as Master, Peter Cave as Upper Warden and Rosanne Bowman as Lower Warden. Past Master James Cross was warmly thanked for a very interesting and enjoyable year.

Reported that as at the AGM, that no Candidate had yet been confirmed for the role of Alderman and that the Ward had been granted a 4th Common Councilman.

Discussions on Membership Fees and encouraging a further mover towards e-mail advices of events.  (Postal Mailings – down to below 50)

The possibility of circulating a full list of Members to all Members was discussed and with some reservations, agreed. Upper Warden agreed to work on it.

Red Cross – Upper Warden advised that he was now on the Red Cross Committee and that as a Ward Club we had been asked to run a Jewellery Stall.

Freedom of the City of London
Agreed that at the discretion of the Hon Sec. Any Member with over three years standing could be invited to become a Freeman, with the Ward club supporting their nomination.

United Wards’ Club
Discussion re continuing our Membership –  to be revisited later in the year

Lord Mayor’s Appeal £1,000
St Peter upon Cornhill £700
Sheriffs and Recorders Fund £200
Lord Mayor’s Big Curry – (ABFund) £100
Red Cross – Biennial £500

N.B. Agreed that Master to chose an event in his/her year – with any profit accruing to be donated to his/her Chosen Charity

After a glass or two of “sparkle” – Cremant de Bourgogne – Louis Chavy, 80+ Members and their Guests proceeded into a resplendent Main Hall, with Music on arrival (and the accompaniment  to the sung grace)  kindly provided by Tom Cross.
Grace was given by our new Chaplain Rev William Taylor

An excellent Dinner, provided by “The Cook and The Butler” (Mark Groves) comprised;

  • Smoked Salmon Terrine – winter spiced dressing – Dry Muscat, Brown Bros
  • Loin of Highland Venison – Liquorice Cream Sauce (no, it did not taste strongly of liquorice, mild and very good) Bellingham Pinotage 2010
  • Warm apple and blackberry Charlotte – Clotted Ice Cream
  • Coffee, Chocolate Truffles
  • Port or Cognac

Dinner Closed with the traditional City Sung Grace – “For these and all thy mercies given….” from the Laudi Spirituali AD1545

The Master who was introduced by the Immediate Past Master James Cross, proposed the Loyal and Civic Toasts. Upper Warden Peter Cave, welcomed the Guests and Absent Friends. This was followed by a very informative and interesting reply on behalf of the Guests by the Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Armourers – Commodore Christopher Waite RN, who in a “previous world” had been involved with the Fleet Air Arm and latterly as Commander (Air) of HMS Invincible.

Wednesday 6th March Master’s Members & Friends Evening at Ortega Wine Bar, Leadenhall Market

As usual, a good number (32) of Members and Guests enjoyed a very convivial evening at Ortega (now called La Tasca) in Leadenhall Market – good company, great views over the Market, wine, very tasty “Spanish” tapas – what more could one ask for.

An enjoyable evening was had by all.
We received a very friendly note from the Clerk to the Leathersellers thanking us for inviting him

20th March – Lloyd’s – Ward Mote/ Election

A very imprtant day for our Ward – The Wardmote for the election of our Common Councilmen and Beadle – as the election was contested, the election was held on 21st March. The result was;

  • Henry Colthurst 131 Votes Elected
  • Dennis Cotgrove 126 Votes Elected
  • Robert Howard 144 Votes Elected
  • Elizabeth Rogula 137 Votes Elected
  • Richard Evans 40 Votes
  • Timothy Willens 35 Votes – Ward Club Member

Thursday 11th April AM – Visit to Lloyd’s

The day started with a cup of coffee and a catch up at Corney and Barrow just over the road from Lloyd’s – then it was time for 25 members and their guests to cross Lime Street and start the visit. The morning started with an enthusiastic and informative presentation on Lloyd’s, its history, how it evolved and how it operates today given by Upper Warden Peter Cave (past Lloyd’s Broker and “Name”)

Three groups then went to visit the Underwriting Room itself led by Master Vernon Ashford, Upper Warden Peter Cave and Member Tim Willens.
In total these three probably represented over 100 years of experience working at Lloyd’s.

Apart from seeing underwriters and brokers at work, each group was given a detailed explanation of the method of placing a risk, looking down on a group of “boxes” (underwriting desks), by Past Master Mark Gubbins, another Member with many years experience working in the Lloyd’s environment. The Nelson Collection and the visit to the Adam Room (a beautiful 18th C Room, with stunning plaster work) were for many, the highlight of the Tour. A very enjoyable lunch followed at the Counting House in Cornhill.

Plenty of discussion re Underwriting and “risk” ensued over lunch

Everyone who came really enjoyed their day out.


April 2013 – Lord Mayor’s “Big Curry” – Guildhall

Our Master and his wife (Mags”), represented the Ward Club at this event, which is a major fund raiser for the ABF (Army Benevolent Fund)

Ward Mote 7th May – election of our new Alderman – Charles Bowman

Small Picture Gallery – click here

As the Election was not contested our new Alderman, Mr Charles Bowman was duly appointed in the presence of The Lord Mayor who was escorted by his entourage The Sword Bearer, Mace Bearer (The City Crier), The City Marshal…….

Also present were Sir John Stuttard, the outgoing Aldernan, our Common Councilmen, The Beadle and the Hon Ward Clerk (John Bristow) who was responsible for the organisation of the event. Over 40 Ward Club Members were in attendance for the short but very colourful ceremony.

The Alderman then invited everyone to join him for a celebratory glass at the Broker Wine Bar in Leadenhall Market – where we were warmly welcomed by Veronica, owner and Member of the Ward Club.

Monday 10th June – Annual Church Service, St Peter upon Cornhill

Annual Church Service, St Peter-upon-Cornhill – 11.00am

A really good turn out for our Annual Service which was conducted by the Reverend Mark O’ Donoghue, and included;

  • Eternal Father strong to save
  • 1st Lesson. 2 Peter 3; 1-13 read by the President
  • 2nd Lesson. Matthew 25; 1 -13 read by the Master
  • Dear Lord and Father of mankind
  • He who would valiant be

At the end of the Service Immediate Past Master Mr James Cross presented Rev Donoghue with a framed print of a view of St Peter’s to thank him for his many years support of the Ward and Ward Club as he moves to a new position in Kensington.

Civic Lunch in The Livery Hall, Guildhall

Small Picture Gallery click here

Members and Guests joined together in this Annual Event. This year, The Lord Mayor was represented by the Aldermanic Sheriff, Alderman and Sheriff. The Lord Mountevans and his wife, The Hon. Mrs Juliet Evans. Following on from a glass or two of Chardonnay Baron de Beaumont Vin Mousseux Brut lunch prepared by The Cook and the Butler comprised;

  • Smoked Halibut and Avocado Terrine, Herbs and Pink Peppercorn Sauce,
  • Tribal Skin Dry White Wine 2011
  • Canon of Lurgan Lamb, Coriander and Lime Jus
  • Cote du Rhone 2006
  • Pineapple and Kiwi Fruit Millefuille Pashion Fruit Reduction and Coconut Sorbet
  • Coffee – Chocolate Truffles
  • Barrio Port or Cognac

The Toast to the Ward Club on behalf of the guests was given by Vice Admiral Peter Wilkinson CB. CVO, National President of the Royal British Legion (our Master’s chosen Charity). A very informative an amusing speech, which was very well received.

Toast Master James W Wallis was as impeccable as ever.

The Loyal and Civic toasts were proposed by the Master – responded to by The Sheriff

The Guests  – with a specific mention for Cornhill Ward were warmly welcomed by the Upper Warden, Peter Cave

City Walk

Small Picture Gallery – click here

25 Members and guests enjoyed a very informative walk in and around our Ward led by the incomparable Murray Craig, Blue Badge Guide but better known to most of us as The Clerk to the Chamberlain’s Office, welcoming us as the “youngest” Freeman of the City of London.

We started in the centre of a very noisy Leadenhall Market (they were preparing for an evening performance of Richard III) before heading of to St Helen’s Church. Here we learnt some of the history of this elegant Church (badly damaged by the bombs in the early 1990’s) before going across St Helen’s Place to its Sister Church – St Andrews Undershaft (its name being derived from the Church being smaller than a very large Maypole, placed outside in the 15th C)

Picture to come

Back into the Market to hear about Harry Potter, John Wayne, Lime and Poultry and even an Italian Restaurant that was a Gents urinal!

Outside Willis is next, to see four bas reliefs taken from the top of the 1958 Lloyd’s Building, showing Air, Sea, Fire and Land, by James Woodford, that no one seems to notice. PICTURES to come

A look at some of the modern sculptures on display in Lime Street, St Mary Axe and St Helen’s Place, past St Helen’s again and off to a convivial supper at The Counting House. A very good relaxing and informative evening. Many thanks to Murray C.

Wednesday 11th September – Inter-ward Quiz hosted by Bishopsgate Ward Club

We came 2nd!!

Our gallant team led by our Master fought off almost all challenges but were beaten in the end by a very strong challenge from Vintry and Dowgate. Our “Leading Team” for 2014 (we are hoping to have a “social” team as well) have themselves a challenge. Every year since we inaugurated this competition the team have got better and better. Last but 1 (not the wooden spoon!) in year 1, to 2nd this year. Roll on September 2014!! (We won)

Wednesday 18th September – Visit to HMS Belfast

31 Members and Guests enjoyed a relaxed light lunch at Cote Brasserie in two groups and then had a great time clambering over this famous battleship. (The advice from the Hon Sec re “sensible shoes and clothes” was spot on). Our very well informed guides,

explained the ship’s history, what it would like to be on such a ship in battle (scary) how it operated, the power of its major guns. (A shell fired from 1 of its major guns would reach Hendon) For some the most scary sight was the Dentists chair!

Sir John Stuttard’s Retirement Lunch – 19th September

Small Picture Gallery – click here

Sir John and Lady Stuttard were invited by the Club to a private lunch at Davy’s Woolgate as a way of saying thank you to them for their support of the Club and the Ward and to wish them a happy, healthy and enjoyable retirement. Many of the Club’s Past Masters, Officers, friends and colleagues were there.

As usual, Sir John gave a very well appreciated speech (See full text below) in reply to the Vote of Thanks given by Robert Howard CC (Deputy)

The Master presented Sir John with a gift of 6 18th Champagne Glasses, which Sir John advised later “have been put to good use :)”.

Lady Stuttard was presented with a large bouquet of flowers by the Hon Sec.

Sir John’s reply to the Vote of Thanks.

“Master, Ladies and Gentlemen

It is most kind of you to host this lunch for Lesley and me, and we would like to thank you very much for your kindness today and, indeed, over the last 12 years. And, Daphne, thank you for making all the arrangements.

When I was elected Alderman for Lime Street in May 2001, I had no idea quite what we were letting ourselves in for and quite what fun it was going to be.

At our very first meeting, the Ward Mote in the Lloyd’s Building, we encountered a scene that was reminiscent of a Gilbert & Sullivan opera. Gliding down the escalator to the basement level, and pretending that this was a normal feature of 21st century City life, was a procession of gentlemen in rather strange dress.

The City Marshal was wearing spurs, the Swordbearer had an enormous sword, the Common Cryer carried a huge unwieldy mace, the Lord Mayor was dressed in State, sporting a splendid tricorn hat with black ostrich feathers, and he was accompanied by two Sheriffs who wore scarlet gowns with rather a lot of fur. It was all very peculiar. Were they really responsible for the governance of the world’s leading financial centre?

Up till then, I had led a very dull life, as a humble accountant. I had done some acting at university, which required a modicum of dressing up. But this was something else – where else could you exercise your fantasies in quite such a flamboyant way? Where else could you wear ladies’ tights as part of the mandatory dress code? And where else could you meet such agreeable people.

For Lesley and me, my becoming Alderman for Lime Street changed our lives and introduced us to a very special family whose members have been extraordinarily supportive, as my successor, Alderman Charles Bowman, is finding out.

My immediate predecessors, Brian Toy and Michael Everard were enormously helpful.

And, of course, I inherited a beadle, Edward Kipping, who told me, at our first encounter, that it was the Alderman’s job to ensure that his beadle received a bottle of whisky at Christmas. Edward was never reticent or shy when he wanted to make a point.

My first Deputy, Michael Beale, advised that I should have nothing to do with the voters. He would deal with them, and see them off, so that I could concentrate on preparing for the Shrievalty and the Mayoralty. And, as you may remember, each year, Michael used to sail his boat up the Thames and moor it in St Katherine’s Dock, where he would provide a floating bar that was open 24 hours a day. My one sadness is that when I was Lord Mayor, and also Admiral of the Port of London, I never dressed up in the Admiral’s uniform and reprimanded him for disorderly conduct on the river. He and Paula are sadly missed. As is Mary Lou Carrington, who was a great Common Councilman.

And, I have been lucky in my choice of Deputy.
Christine Cohen introduced us to the greener parts of the City of London which she so enthusiastically developed and nurtured.

Dennis Cotgrove and I shared time together as governors of King Edward’s School Witley and now Robert Howard is living up to the reputation of his immediate three forebears.

And, of course, Stephen Kipping took over from his Dad and continues the tradition of receiving a bottle of fine whisky at Christmas.

As Honorary President of the Lime Street Ward Club, I have been blessed with 12, or is it even 13, marvellous Masters. I was particularly pleased when Ann Benson, who had served so well as Secretary for so many years, became Master in the year that I was Lord Mayor. The illuminated address which she organised hangs in pride of place in the hall of our home in Dorset.

We are very fortunate in Lime Street in that we are blessed with the stunning Leadenhall Market, with its ancient tradition of providing a venue for foreigners to sell their produce. And we are also blessed with being the centre of the insurance industry, Lloyd’s of London. Insurance is today the City’s biggest contributor to our invisible earnings.

And it has been at Lloyds that each year I have had the privilege of laying a wreath at 11 o’clock on the 11th day of November. Of all the things I have done in the last 12 years, this has been the event that has been most precious and which I will always remember. The sight of thousands of office workers standing in silence in Lloyds while this time honoured ceremony takes place is truly remarkable and very memorable.

I am pleased that today the Ward has a great team – Robert, Dennis, Elizabeth, Henry – and of course your new Alderman, Charles, who will do so well and whom you have welcomed so warmly into your fold.

Indeed, this reminds me of Sir Brian Jenkins’ own son, Charles, whose end of term school report read as follows: “Height at the beginning of term 4 foot three. Height at the end of term 4 foot two. Charles is settling down nicely”.

It has been a great pleasure representing the Ward as part of this very special family. It has been a great honour and privilege – AND – we have had a great deal of fun and enjoyment. From Lesley and me, thank you all.”

Tuesday 8th October – A stroll down the Rhone – Wine Tasting with Past Master Mark Gubbins

Small Picture Gallery – click here

St Botolph’s Church Hall, Bishopsgate was the venue for this very informative wine tasting attended by 36 Members and their friends – an excellent selection of wines (all sourced from The Wine Society) had been chosen by Mark for our edification and enjoyment. Apart from hearing about the region,wines and winemakers – various anecdotes enlivened the evening further. It obviously is worthwhile telling people you are involved with The Wine Society. An excellent range of cheeses was provided by the International Cheese Centre on Liverpool Street Station – Excellent choice and in great condition.

Hard work behind the scenes by Mark, made for a good evening for all.

The wines presented were;

Luberon Blanc, La Vielle Ferme, 2012
Cote-du-Rhone Blanc, Domaine de las Janasse, 2011
Cote-du-Rhone Blanc, “Les Arbousiers”, Domaine La Remejeanne, 2013

Sotanum Vin de Pays de Collines Rhodanienes, Les Vins de Vienne, 2004
Crozes Hermitage, Les Jalets, Paul Jaboulet Aine, 2009
Cote-du-Rhone, Chateau Saint Esteve, 2011

Seguret Cotes du Rhone Villages Tradition domaine de Mourchon, 2008
Vinsobres, Les cornuds, Fammille Oerrin, 2011

And of course

A “sticky”
Chateauneuf du Pape, Guigal 2005
“compact, rich and full bodied with the taste of a spice laden fruit cake”, a glorious end to the evening.

Tuesday 12th November – Visit to The Magic Circle

40 Members and the friends (including a couple of Members who had not been seen for a long time) tracked down this famous institution at the back of Euston Square, (Not easy to find). We were welcomed by a glass of sherry and then put into two groups for the Table Magic presentation by 3 or 4 magicians. Very different ages and styles but all succeeded in baffling most of us (all of us if we were honest). Even when they made “mistakes” or did the trick “slowly” – still confused. Highly polished and entertaining.

Then it was off to the Auditorium for a presentation on some of the History of Magic and some particular stories about Harry Houdini.
Time for a break, sandwiches, glass of wine and the back to the Auditorium for the 3rd part of the evening –

Illusions. different from table magic but just as enjoyable.

 Leadenhall Lights – Late November

Small Picture Gallery – click here

Alderman and President, some of our CC’s, Hon Sec and a few Members, welcomed The Lord Mayor and Mayoress to Leadenhall Market,

for a tour of the shops and to turn on the Christmas Lights.

Monday 18th Tues 19th Nov – Red Cross Fair

As has been the tradition for many of the Red Cross Markets Lime Street Ward Club was actively involved in organising a stand. This year representing all Ward Clubs (and at the same time trying to raise money for the Red Cross). Guess the number of corks ?, PLUS a Picture Quiz and most importantly some kind donations of Jewellery from Members and friends of Members enabled us to raise just over £400.

Thanks need to go to the ESC (Events Sub Committee) and Peter Cave for helping run the stall. Thanks also to all those who came and helped out – it is not easy work 🙂

Thursday 5th December  – Carol Service at St Peter-upon-Cornhill

Small Picture gallery – Click here

Our Annual Carol Service at St Peter upon Cornhill was basically “sold-out”, they ran out of chairs!- 120+ Members and Friends from Lime Street Ward Club and The Worshipful Company of Poulters enjoyed a traditional Christmas Service – led for the first time by our new Chaplain Rev William Taylor – he seemed to really enjoy the whole event. We were led in the singing by the choir of St Mary the Virgin, North Shoeburyy who were in excellent form (as they always are). The Hon Sec had been very hard at work planning the Buffet Supper, which with wines kindly provided by Past Masters Roland Hughes, Ann Benson and Stanley Liu meant the evening finished as a warm and friendly party.

Those attending were asked to bring small presents for young children which this year was collected by St Helens. who arranged for them to be distributed to a couple of estates within the City. We heard later how surprised they were at the quantity and how happy the recipients were.

The Service included;
Choir – Advent Responsory – Palestrina
Carol Once in Royal David’s City
Choir Christ was born on Christmas Day – Traditional
First Lesson – Isaiah 9 v 2-7 – read by the President
Carol I saw three ships come saling in
Second Lesson – Matthew 1 v 18 – 25 – read by the Master of the Poulters’ Livery Company
Choir Lullay my liking – Gustav Holst
Carol Silent Night, Holy Night
Third Lesson – Luke 2 v 1-7 read by The Master
Carol Good King Wenceslas last looked out….
Fourth Lesson – Luk 2 v 8 – 20 read by the Upper Warden
Choir In the bleak mid winter – Darke
Carol Of come all ye faithful

Committee Meeting –  8th January – Guildhall

See AGM for main items discussed.

Through the efforts of the ESC and in particular Robert Howard CC, we were able to secure some seriously top flight and involving presenters on City Planning – past present and future. Thus an “overfull” House – 65 people.

Three excellent presentations;

Peter Rees – the City’s Chief Planning Officer (for the past 30 years)
– so much knowledge and pride in the City and how it has evolved / is evolving

John Bushnell – Principal – London Office of Kohn Pedersen Fox
– Scalpel and Pinnacle
A fascinating presentation, exploring how the “Eastern Quadrant” is likely to look over the next few years showing how much thought has gone into trying to keep a semblance of planned shape and diversity in the areas designated for tall and super tall buildings

Barnaby Collins – DP9 – a planning consultancy involved in such projects as Heron Tower, Cheesegrater, Scalpel, Walkie Talkie and 201 Bishopsgate.
It would be interesting to know – if in 20 or so years time whether these buildings will still be recognised by their “nick-names” or some more boring description.

Plenty of interaction – questions, opinion – a very good end to the Master’s year

City Matters – 20th January  – St Botpolph’s Church Hall

Through the efforts of the ESC and in particular Robert Howard CC, we were able to secure some seriously top flight and involving presenters on City Planning – past present and future. Thus an “overfull” House – 65 people.

Three excellent presentations;

Peter Rees – the City’s Chief Planning Officer (for the past 30 years)
– so much knowledge and pride in the City and how it has evolved / is evolving

John Bushnell – Principal – London Office of Kohn Pedersen Fox
– Scalpel and Pinnacle
A fascinating presentation, exploring how the “Eastern Quadrant” is likely to look over the next few years showing how much thought has gone into trying to keep a semblance of planned shape and diversity in the areas designated for tall and super tall buildings

Barnaby Collins – DP9 – a planning consultancy involved in such projects as Heron Tower, Cheesegrater, Scalpel, Walkie Talkie and 201 Bishopsgate.
It would be interesting to know – if in 20 or so years time whether these buildings will still be recognised by their “nick-names” or some more boring description.

Plenty of interaction – questions, opinion – a very good end to the Master’s year