President Mr. Alderman John B. Stuttard
Vice-President Mr. Alderman Sir David Howard, Bt
Hon Vice-President Michael Beale

Master Robert Woodthorpe-Browne

At this point he had been a member of the Ward Club for 14 years. His two major Career interests over many years – (Re)insurance and The Liberal Party.

His career started as a Post Graduate working in Spain for an insurer, where he met Barbara his wife to be. Decades of (Re)insurance, Bland Payne ….. Africa and the Middle East – Bain Hogg, Russia and Europe (taken over by AON). Then a very successful reinsurance consultancy. Visited over 100 countries, speaks fluent French, Spanish and German and some Russian. Deputy Treasurer of the Liberal Party and decided to stand in a General Election against Tony Blair. At the time he became Master a proud grandparent – 8 month old Grandson.

Upper Warden Harvey Peebles
Lower Warden Alastair Basset-Cross

Hon Sec Ann Benson
Hon Treasurer Christopher Otter
Asst Hon Sec Wendy Kiernan

Hon Chaplain Mark O’Donoghue

Committee Meeting – 10th January – Bunch of Grapes

The Master. Hon Sec and 20 members in attendance.
Given the strength of the Club’s Finances, after our involvement in the Lord Mayor’s Show, it was proposed and agreed that our Annual donations be doubled.
Announced that Mr John Bristow (Past Master) had been appointed Hon Ward Clerk.

Peter Cave proposed that the Club consider running a stall in Leadenhall Market in the Christmas period to raise funds for a chosen charity and promote the Ward Club. Concerns were expressed about the resources for running the stall, Peter Cave offered his services, supported by the Upper Warden and Hon Sec.

Peter C to report back at the July meeting.

The Master reported that we would be able to hold our Annual Civic Lunch at the Mansion House – major discussion re costs etc. (It was run, very successfully).

Annual General Meeting  – 24th February- Gresham College 

Master and 39 Members attended.
Discussions on the plans for the Black Tie Civic Banquet
Advised that Mr John Bristow had been appointed Hon. Ward Clerk.
Advised that with the Departure of Rev Nigel Baynon that the Rev Mark O’Donoghue had agreed to become the Club’s Hon Chaplain – he attended the AGM and Dinner.

Lord Mayor’s Appeal £1,000
St Peter upon Cornhill £700
Sheriff and Recorder’s Fund £200
Red Cross £400
Master’s Charity £100
St Mary the Virgin, North Shoebury £100(Carol Service Choir)

 This was followed by Dinner in the Hall of Gresham College at Barnard’s Inn, with 58 Members and Guests in attendance. The guest speaker was a Lime Street Ward Club Member, Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman of Z/Yen a City based consultancy. The Master is a Member of the Gresham Society Committee.

New Members Evening – Bunch of Grapes – Tuesday 22nd March

An enjoyable social evening as usual, with the Master welcoming both new and older members. (42 in total). 11 ties sold!

Visit to the Churchill War Rooms – PM 17th April

Churchill on his first visit whilst the rooms were being prepared announced “This is the room from which i will direct the War”.

The Cabinet War Rooms

31 Members and Guests listened to a Presentation by Jane Slater and a short film “Subterranean Secrets” followed by an opportunity to stroll through the different rooms, Fascinating and really atmospheric.

Annual Church Service  – 30th May St Peter upon Cornhill  

The Annual Church Service was led by Rev. Mark O Donoghue our Chaplain, prior to our Civic Dinner at the Mansion House.
Hymn Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Reading Luke 18: Vv9-14


Solo Katie Van Kooten – Amazing Grace
– Jette Parker Young Artist 2005 – 2007
Hymn O worship the King, all glorious above


National Anthem

Mid Year’s Masters Report

My year started well, I believe, with the dinner following the AGM at Gresham college. Everyone seemed happy with the venue and the food, and professor
Mainelli’s talk on the College and its history – a great
city institution providing free public lectures for over
400 years – was food for thought. My thanks to Michael.

Our new members evening turned out to be quite a party.
Very well attended and nobody refused a welcome drink.

Our visit to the cabinet war rooms drew reasonable
numbers. We enjoyed the lecture at the beginning with
its nostalgic display of wartime rations and household
artifacts. Not all of us were too young to remember!
Several of our party said they would return to see items
they had missed. I commend the war rooms to those who
could not join us.

Then came the Civic Banquet, which I shall talk about
after the treasurer’s report.

The trip on the Lady Daphne Thames Sailing Barge 2 days
ago, courtesy of Elisabeth and Michael Mainelli, was a
joint event with Broad Street ward, of which Michael is
also a member. This limited us to only 26 people. With
hindsight, we should perhaps have restricted numbers to
members only, and no partners. We were blessed with
superb weather, a rarity this summer. The two clubs
mixed well, and the food was of an excellent standard.
No-one complained about my choice of wines, and very
little was left.

As there was a waiting list of some 40 people, the
Mainellis have kindly agreed that we can have an
additional cruise. The secretary is trying to find out if
we have enough support to make this on July 23rd, or
whether we should postpone until late August or

Barbara and I attended the Civic Luncheons of Aldgate
Ward, attended by the Lady Mayoress, who seemed
relieved to see familiar Lime Street faces, and I went
alone to Bishopsgate Ward at the HAC.

The Upper Warden will represent the Club at the Civic
Lunch of Langbourn Ward next week. I cannot attend as I
shall be abroad.

I have agreed to follow the path of some previous
Masters and Members and have joined Langbourn Ward Club. Also,
my office is now situated within their boundaries. Their
Master, Charles Catt, joined our club recently and
attended the new members meeting, although he missed
our Civic function – seems like reciprocity! – and was
represented by our good friend Dickie Bird.

The high point for many past and present officers was the
invitation to lunch in the private apartments at Mansion
House. This event was preceded by a tour of the living
quarters of John and Lesley Stuttard, with life-sized
stuffed cats in evidence – perhaps as a continuation to
the Dick Whittington story of which our Lord Mayor is so
proud. We were delighted to have John Cohen with us,
accompanying his wife, Deputy Christine Cohen, on the eve
of her election as Head of planning of the City of London,
and all too shortly before his sad death.

The Lord Mayor made it very clear that we are his
“family” and how much he appreciates the support since
his election as Alderman in 2001.

I look forward to the events of the second half of my
year, and will deal with these under item 7.

Civic banquet
I am not at all sure that any of us realised last January
and February quite how this would turn out. You will
recall that we thought we needed 200 people to turn up
to limit our losses. All were asked to bring friends and
relatives to make the event a success. In fact, we were
worrying the wrong way!

Ann Benson was deluged with applications, and before the
cut-off date we had to refuse new ones, having reached
the maximum number of 348 which the Egyptian Hall at
Mansion House could accommodate

Sadly, later applications included those of Committee
Members. The officers discussed the problem – should we
give anyone preferential treatment? – and decided that
we had to adopt a first come, first served approach. This
resulted in the resignation of one valued member of this
committee, which I personally greatly regret.

The organisation of such a large event fell almost
totally on Ann’s shoulders, with assistance, of course,
from Wendy and also Rowland. This was totally
unreasonable, but we had not foreseen such a large take
up. In retrospect, we should have had a sub-committee to
spread the load. All I can do is thank those who
contributed so much, as I and the Lord Mayor tried to do
at the banquet, and hope that Ann has enjoyed and
recovered from her much deserved breakdown.

But wasn’t it worth it? We pushed out the boat, and chose
the best menus and good wines – Ann and Stanley Liu were
most helpful at the tasting. The lower warden arranged
the Pikemen and Musketeers to be in attendance which
added colour to an already glittering occasion. Those
of you who have looked up the Gerald Sharp
photography website will have seen that many people
posed with them.

I would like also to thank my wife, Barbara, who went to
Covent Garden at 6am on the morning of the event to
purchase the flowers and special holders to go into the
candelabra. She spent most of the day at home and at
Mansion House doing the arrangements. And then she
managed to look great and fresh all evening. I am very

We were allowed to complete the decoration with the
Mansion House plate. Breathtaking.

For Barbara and myself, the irony was being asked to
welcome our Lord Mayor into his own home. John
Stuttard gave the impression throughout the evening
that he too was having a whale of a time, and I want to
read out his letter to you.

I received similarly handwritten letters from the Lady
Mayoress, both Sheriffs and the City Marshall, and our
other guests All effusive in them praise of the event.

Like many of you, I have attended livery and other events
in that room, but this was brilliant. The music was
excellent and not intrusive. The post horn gallop sent
shivers of pleasure around the room.

To walk into a room full of friendly faces with the Lady
Mayoress was almost overwhelming. The view from the
Master’s chair looking down the line of chandeliers is

The loving cup was a first-time experience for many
members and them guests. I am sure I shall never again
have the chance to taste 2 loving cups at one occasion.

The Lord Mayor’s speech was rewritten as we sat, and
clearly came from the heart, as well as being amusing.

The Upper Warden’s speech was much appreciated, and I
had several comments in letters received.

My Guest of Honour was to have been am Marshal Lord
Garden. He warned me three weeks beforehand that he
was feeling unwell and was undergoing tests at the
Royal Free. Sadly we now know that he has terminal
pancreatic cancer.

Lord John Alderdice stepped in late in the day. A
psychiatrist who was Speaker at the First Northern
Ireland assembly and important in the peace process
there, He was able to mix good humour with interest in
his speech. He and the Lord Mayor have continued their
conversation since then about the role of the City-
funded Irish Society, which has existed for hundreds of

In conclusion, a truly wonderful night, and we owe a
huge debt of gratitude to Ann Benson and Wendy Kiernan.

You both look great in that photo with the Lady
Mayoress and Barbara, holding your bouquets.

Civic Banquet  – Mansion House – 30th May

Picture Gallery – click here

A very special occasion for a Ward Club. As Alderman (Sir) John Stuttard – our President – was Lord Mayor we were able to host our Annual Civic Event at the Mansion House. (Only 1 Ward Club event per year is normally allowed given the Lord Mayor and Mansion House major commitments).
Over 346 Members and guests filled the Egyptian Room for what was a very memorable evening.

This was a glittering occasion in the presence of the Lord Mayor and the Lady Mayoress. with table decorations, the mayoral plate, topped
off with floral decorations made by the Master’s Lady, Barbara Woodthorpe Browne.
Pikemen were in attendance.

and it was a full house, which many Livery Companies cannot achieve..

An extra special and unexpected event was a presentation to Edward Kipping who was retiring as Beadle of the Ward of Lime Street after many years in that Office. Mr Kipping had served in the Merchant Navy during the Second World War on the Russian Convoys and had been awarded the Arctic Emblem by the Government of the United Kingdom for services in Arctic waters. Our President and Lord Mayor had made a very particular effort to ensure that he would be able to present this award to Edward at the Mansion House. His son Steven, who was to take over the role of Ward Beadle was also invited to the Dinner.

There had been some discussion as to whether we could make a success of this event and whether it should take place at Mansion House. With some very positive Marketing led by our Master the event was oversubscribed. Regrettably one casualty of this was an existing Committee Member – who decided to resign from the Committee as they could not get a place. (first come first served were the rules).

Committee Meeting – 12th July – Bunch of Grapes

Master and 17 Members in attendance.

1 minutes silence was held following the passing of John Cohen  (Husband of Christine Cohen Past Master and CC)

Report on the Civic Banquet.
The Master opened the discussion by highlighting how different reality was as compared to the mood of the Committee Meeting and AGM earlier in the year.
A challenge to get 200 guests turned into 348 Members and Guests, with a few having to be turned away. (One member in particular very upset at this and resigned.) The workload on the Hon Sec had been substantially more than anticipated. she was to be thanked profusely along with the rest of her small team.

Peter Cave had set up a small website to show pictures of last year’s Lord Mayors Show and was suggesting that the Ward Club consider setting up its own website.
Agreed to discuss with Peter Cave and see if he was willing to take on the role of webmaster for 2/3 years. He did. and is typing this entry on what is our Second Website in September 2020. Handing over the role of Web Master Jan 2021

Leadenhall Market Stall
Peter Cave submitted a short report that was read out in his absence (Business Trip).It was  agreed to form a small sub-committee and proceed with organising the stall.

In a month of generally bad weather we had two outings on the Lady Daphne in wonderful weather. On both occasions we sailed from London Bridge under a raised Tower Bridge down to Greenwich and back.

A very social time was had by all.

We are very appreciative of the generous assistance given to us by the owner of the Lady Daphne, Prof Michael Mainelli

Evening Thames Cruise on “Lady Daphne”  – 10th July and 24th July

This was a joint venture with Broad Street Ward Club albeit organised via our Master and good friends Elizabeth and Michael Mainelli.
The  event proved so popular we had two separate evenings out 27 on the first trip and 46 (it was full) on the 2nd.
One of the excitements for most people is seeing tower Bridge being raised, for you.!

In a month of generally bad weather we had two outings on the Lady D in wonderful weather. On both occasions we sailed from London Bridge under a raised Tower Bridge down to Greenwich and back.

A very social time was had by all.

We are very appreciative of the generous assistance given to us by the owner of the Lady Daphne, Prof Michael Mainelli

Reception on the terrace of the National Liberal Club -Thursday 13th September

A splendid building constructed in the 1880’s, overlooking the Victoria Embankment
and the London Eye. The Master took groups of members (35 in total) on tours of the
magnificent tiled rooms – the Smoking Room is the longest C room in

Wine Tasting at TKS – Wednesday 17th October

Sicilian and Italian Islands wine tasting jointly organised by
the Master and Past Master Mark Gubbins.

Some real surprises! for the 42 Members and Guests.

Grecanicao White – Made by Mandra Rossa
La Segreta Bianco – Planeta
Fiano – Mandra Rossa

Carignano – Santadi
Cerasuolo di Vittoria – Planeta
Nero d’ Avola – Mandra Rossa


LSWC Wine Tasting Sheet 2007 C

Fund Raising Dinner for Red Cross – Chamberlains, Leadenhall Market 20th November

This event raised £530, from the 44 Members and guests, which with our Biennial additional contribution, meant that the Club donated £930. The Red Cross raised £109,000 NET at the Christmas Market.

Charity Stall – Leadenhall Market  – 4th, 5th, 6th December

Small Picture Gallery – click here

An event organised mainly by Peter Cave and Roseanne Bowman involving sales of an amazing range of goods provided by RB and a Raffle every day with prizes kindly donated by Stanley Liu, Reiss, and Cheese of Leadenhall Market. Over the three days almost £1,000 was raised for the Lord Mayors’ appeals. Thanks go to all the members who came and supported this one off event.

Carol Service at St Peter’s Cornhill – Thursday 6th December

Led by our Hon Chaplain Rev’d Mark O Donoghue
A delightful evening for the 85 members and guests, with a German theme throughout, food being provided by Barbara Woodthorpe Browne. The choir (The Choir of St Mary the Virgin, North Shoebury) sang carols in German, Latin and French as well as English. Conductor. Michael Crabb, Organist. James Cross.

At last year’s event it had been suggested that the Church looked a little barren. It was agreed that in future the Church would have some form of decoration that the Club would pay for and that subject to permission night lights would be purchased. They were, made a huge difference to the atmosphere. For a few years Wendy Kiernan carried them home each year, they weighted a lot. Then it was agreed that they could be left in the organ loft, relief all round.

Choir (Introit) I sing of a maiden
Stille Nacht, heilige nacht
Choir. Christ was born on Christmas Day
Once in royal David’s City
First Lesson – Lower Warden. Isaiah 9:1-7
Christ by highest heaven adored
Second Lesson – Upper Warden. Luke 2:1-7
Choir. Quem pastores laudavere (Rutter)
Choir. Song 46 (Orlndo Gibbons)
O little town of Bethlehem
Third Lesson. The Master – Luke 2:8-20
In the bleak midwinter
Choir. The Sans day Carol (Cornish trad – Rutter)
Fourth Lesson. The Vice President. John 1:1-14
Solo – Rose Illingsworth – O holy night
Oh come all re faithful


Thanks from our President

Extracts from a letter addressed to the Master, December 2007

“Now that I  have stepped down as Lord Mayor, Lesley and I can reflect on the wonderful moments that we have enjoyed over the last year, as well as during the previous year, as Sheriff. The support of the Ward Club has been fantastic and we are so grateful for this”

“I have received a lot of encouragement from the Ward Club over the years and this year in particular.
May I thank the Ward Club for the support and help I have received. This is very much appreciated by both Lesley and me.

Visit to Players Theatre – January

This afternoon performance of traditional “Music Hall” involving 50 Members and Guests was preceded by lunch at Bertorelli’s in Soho. The Players were denied their usual venue so we ended up in a somewhat cramped basement – the show must go on and was great fun, enjoyed by all.

Committee Meeting – 16th Jan 2008 – Bunch of Grapes – Lime Street

In attendance The Master and 16 Members.

Congratulations were formally given to our Alderman and President on his receiving a Knighthood in the Queen’s New Year’s Honour List.

Edward Kipping – Retiring Ward Beadle.
It was reported that our President wanted to make a special occasion at the Civic Lunch, marking the retirement of Edward Kipping as Ward Beadle after 40 years.
It was agreed that he would be presented with a Gift at the lunch. It was also agreed that he be made and Hon Life Member of the Club.

Leadenhall Market Stall
The stall raised almost 900.00p – the Club making up the difference. 600.00p to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal 2007 and 300.00p to the Red Cross

Many thanks to Stanley Liu for providing a bottle of Champagne for a Raffle Prize, Rosanne Bowman for providing stock for the stall and helping set it up…… Peter Cave for organising the event and working on the stall and the other helpers and volunteers.

Proposal for a Social and Charity Committee (S&CC)
Peter Cave put forward a proposal, for the formation of a sub-committee whose main aims being to help promote the Ward club, support the Master in his/her events and in particular to assist the Hon Sec.
Generally received favourably – to be proposed at the AGM and more detail supplied at the July Committee Meeting.

End of Year  – Master’s Report



Every year we are treated to the outgoing Master saying what a great time he or
she has had and some members may think that a Lime Street Ward Club Master
is easy to please.

And all I can offer today is more of the same.

My Year did have the great good fortune of coinciding for much of its length
with the Mayoralty of our Alderman and President, John Stuttard. He was a
great Lord Mayor, and a friend of this Club, and I would at this point like to

r>              record my and the Club’s congratulations, already forwarded to him, on his
richly deserved knighthood. I know that he and Lesley will continue to play an
enthusiastic part in the life of the Club and that he will be visible again when the
customary 6 months purdah ends.

A year ago we all had a crisis of nerves about the proposed Civic Banquet at
Mansion House. The only person who should have been nervous was the
Immediate Past Master and Hon. Secretary, Ann Benson, who found herselfwith
an oversubscribed event. She, together with Assistant Secretary Wendy Kiernan
and Past Master Rowland Hughes, grappled heroically with the arrangements,
so that all of us could enjoy an evening which was memorable and flawless. They
all deserve our thanks. Thanks to the Lower Warden, Alastair Basset-Cross for
organising the Pikemen and Musketeers and to my Wife, Barbara, for single-
handedly doing the floral arrangements. I should also like to thank my speaker,
Lord John Alderdice, the former Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly, a
respected psychiatrist and peacemaker.

The first event of my year was a well attended visit to the Cabinet War Rooms.
The rations and equipment shown to us were all too familiar to many of our
mature members – and in that I include myself.

Your officers and recent Past Masters were treated to a private luncheon at
Mansion House. This was the last occasion that we would meet John Cohen
before his sad death, and I am sure that Members will wish to join the
Committee’s expression of sincere condolences to Deputy Christine Cohen.

We organised a trip on the river jointly with Broad Street Ward Club on the
Thames sailing barge the Lady Daphne, owned by Member Professor Michael
Mainelli, who had been our speaker at the hugely enjoyable AGM Dinner at
Gresham College, where he is Mercer Professor of Commerce. We were lucky to
hit the only good weather of that particular week. So oversubscribed was this
event that we were able to fill the Lady Daphne again on yet another
exceptionally perfect-weather evening. Our thanks must go to Michael and
Elisabeth for their hospitality and the favourable pricing.

After the summer – such as it was – came a chilly September. My luck with the
weather held, though, for a Terrace Reception at the National Liberal Club, a
fine Victorian building. I enjoyed showing many members the fine tiling and
splendid room and staircase.

Past Master Mark Gubbins is our wine guru, doubtless advised by Past Master
Julie Gubbins, and together we organised an evening in a new venue, TK’s
Italian restaurant in Lovat Lane. I chose Sicily, and Mark extended this to
Italian Islands. A most enjoyable evening and I learn that the incoming Master
will be using the same venue during his year.

Past Master Mark Gubbins replaced our stall at the biannual Guildhall
Christmas Fair in aid of the British Red Cross by a fund-raising dinner. Your
Committee agreed to continue this “tradition” and we organised a well attended
dinner at Chamberlain’s in Leadenhall Market. The Treasurer will report on the
money raised at this and our other new project, a stall over three days in
Leadenhall Market in December, organised principally by Peter Cave and
Roseanne Bowman, whose hard work on behalf of the Charities of the Outgoing
and Incoming Lord Mayors I should like to commend. The stall not only raised
money for these charities, but awareness of the Club, and we made useful
recruits. There was good bonding too among the many members who turned up
to help, assisted by the wine kept under the counter – against the cold, you will
all understand!

Our Annual Carol Service had an international flavour, with a German carol
and a Latin psalm to add to the more traditional fare. Barbara had purchased
German biscuits and Stollen and prepared her own version of mulled wine – or
gluehwein for the skiers among you, to which was added M&S’s generous mince
pies donation.

My final event was a visit to the Players Theatre – Victorian and Edwardian
Music Hall, preceded by a good lunch in Soho at Bertorellis. Sadly, the Players
did not have the large theatre promised and we were crammed into a very small
venue at the Arts Theatre. The show itself was excellent and some Members
joined the Players Supporters Club afterwards. Those who found it too
claustrophobic to remain have been offered free tickets for a future

It is customary during the year for the Master to be invited to other Clubs’ Civic
luncheons. I went, alone, to Bishopsgate Ward Club and with Barbara to
Aldgate, being made extremely welcome. The Upper Warden, Harvie Peebles
with June represented us at Langbourn. I also attended Broad Street’s Civic
Lunch at Mansion House together with other Club Members. Morning suit in
honour of their Lord Mayor, David Lewis. People made comparisons between
Broad Street’s event and ours. Modesty prevents me from comment.

The Committee met, as is traditional, twice. At our last meeting it was agreed
that a sub-committee would be set up under the Chairmanship of Peter Cave to
propose and organise some events, reducing the burden of the Secretary and the Master.
It is likely that there will be a monthly informal evening get together
somewhere in Leadenhall Market for those Members who remain actively in the

At this point, I would like to thank the Upper Warden and the Lower Warden,
the Secretary and Assistant Secretary as well as your Committee for all their
hard work and support over the last 12 months, and to the Members for
supporting so positively the events in our calendar.

I hope that Harvie and June will find their year as enjoyable and fulfilling as
Barbara and I have done.

Lime Street Ward Club – A history

Preliminary discussions took place re the proposal by the Master that a short book should be prepared on the Ward Club’s history. Initial ideas were sought from Past Master F Bird, who had prepared the same for his other Ward Club – Langbourn.
In 2020 in preparation for a 75h Anniversary Book for the Ward Club, e- version is on the website , the author Peter Cave got in touch with Mr Bird, still a fountain of much knowledge.