President Alderman Michael Everard unitl June 2001 – retired
Alderman Sir John Stuttard from June 2001
Vice President The Rt Hon. Lord Mayor. Sir David Howard, Bart (his father died in March 2001)

Master John Tuff
John started to fly during his National Service. On leaving he joined British Aviation Ins Co, who continued to sponsor his flying as a private pilot for the next 9 years. With a family, he decided that he would have to concentrate on a career, spending almost 40 years in Underwriting and Broking AVIATION….. insurance, including in the latter years before retiring in the late 1990’s, Aviation Leasing and Finance.
He was also appointed Vice President of the Insurance Institute of London. (ILU)
John and his wife Barbara were instrumental in convincing their excellent local Church Choir to sing at our Carol Service – their last concert for us was in Dec 2015.

Upper Warden John Bristow
Lower Warden Peter Hill
Hon Treasurer Christopher Otter – new Treasurer
Hon Secretary Ann Benson – role reversal
Asst Hon Sec Roland Hughes – role reversal
Hon Auditor Michael Brecknell
Hon Chaplain Rev Nigel Beynon

AGM and Annual Dinner  – Lloyd’s 15th February 2001

The Master plus 41 Members were in attendance.

Matters of Interest
It was greed that Members who had not changed their Standing Order following prior increases in Membership Fee or not paid their Subscriptions after at least three requests would be deleted from Membership.

Thanks was given with acclamation to all those involved in our float in the year 2,000 Lord Mayor’s Show (Mayoralty Pagent)
Mr Bryan Wakeham advised that he had attended the City Conservation Area Committee for the past 2 years and was seeking a replacement.
It was confirmed that Hon Membership should be bestowed on Mrs Joan Kelloe in recognition of the support she has given to the Club and her husband Bill since 1954.
On 1st March 2001, the Master wrote a letter to all the members concerning the finances of the club. Whilst reporting that the finances were in reasonable health he pointed out that we had used up most of our reserves that had been built up for such an occasion as the Lord Mayors Show and that this fund needed to be rebuilt in case the club was involved again.
(Which turned out to be the case for (Sir)John Stuttard (2006) and then (Sir) Charles Bowman (2017).
There was very little in reserves, with past few year’s breaking even. No reserves therefore no interest.
It was agreed that a proposal would be put to the membership that Life Membership be discontinued and that existing Life Members be invited to reinstate their paid membership.(which the majority did)

Annual Dinner – The Captains Room Lloyd’s – 15th February


Parma Ham , Blue Cheese and Chutney – Sauvignon Blanc Touraine
Sirloin of Beef, roaster root vegetables with a thyme juice – Cabernet Malbec – Pionero
Apple Tatin with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Guest Speaker
Mr Christopher Price. Formally Chief Executive of Hogg Robinson, more recently Chairman of Sedgwick Credit Group. a leading expert in Credit Insurance and Political Risk, took an informal and light hearted look at the London Insurance Market.


Visit to Dennis Sever’s House – 28th March 2001

A slightly spooky but stimulating visit to this “living house” by 44 Members and Guests.

As the group was walked round the house by candlelight they were introduced to the Jervis Family (Hugenot Silk workers) who “lived” in this house when it was first built in the early 1700’s. It seems that they possibly went out when they heard our group arrive ?. This “Experience” was originally created by an American Mr Dennis Sever who bought the house in 1979 and who tried to recreate its atmosphere when it was a new house and how it and its residents changed over time. A fascinating evening.

The group then moved onto the The Commercial Tavern for Supper which comprised;
Broccoli and Stilton Soup
Fish and Chips or Chicken Supreme
Apple Crumble

The finding of an “interesting” “paddle”.

A wooden banner showing Cornhill and Lime Street Wards 1710, God save the Queen was found by Dennis Cotgrove under a pile of debris at the Sir John Cass School sometime in the earlier part of this year – it now resides at St Peter’s upon Cornhill (on the left as you enter the Church from the courtyard).

No one seems to be able to come up with any ideas re its original purpose, although it is quite likely it was used as a “rallying point” in a local school.

A very generous Derek Skerton offered to pay for a case to be made for it. (He also offered to personally pay for the coach for the Choir to come and sing at our Carol Service, for the first time – see below)

A reproduction of the Banner was used in the 2017 Lord Mayor’s Show (Ald Charles Bowman).

Annual Church Service – 22nd May 2001

Conducted by Rev Nigel Beynon BSc,. BTh. (Hon Chaplain)

Hymn No 246 – Praise the almighty the King of Creation
Lesson Ezekiel 34 v 1-16 Deputy Michael J Beale, CC
Lesson  John 10 v 7 – 18 The Master
Hymn No 579 Father hear the prayer we offer
Hymn No 474 Lift up your hearts, we lift them Lord to thee

“I have kept the Hymns the same as last year, as it is good to have familiar ones” – The Chaplain 🙂

Civic Lunch – The Crypts – Guildhall 22nd May

160 Members and their guests attended this very enjoyable event.
Lunch comprised of Thai Salmon Salad, Deep Fried Onion and Chill Dressing – Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc 1999
Roast Loin of Veal, Shallots, Truffle Orange and Honey Source – Bel Arbours Cabernet Sauvignon 1999
Salad Style Potatoes
Cappuccino Brulee, Berries and Fruits

Barbeito Madeira

Coffee – Petits Fours

Caterer Payne and Gunter Per Head Price all inclusive £42.50

Toast Master Bernard Sullivan M.B.E.

Guest Speaker – John Bly FRSA an old school friend of the Master. Trained at Sotheby’s – the 4th generation of his family involved in dealing in antiques. He gave a short insight to the making of the Antiques Road Show where he had been involved for over 25 years from its start, before proposing the toast to the Lime Street Ward Club.

Is is obvious from the letters and general comments that this was an excellent event.

June 2001 

Mrs Christine Cohen – CC (Deputy for Lime Street Ward) received an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List – in particular for her work on various City Gardens’ Projects.

Visit to the BBC – 21st June

30 members and guests attended a visit to Broadcasting House, preceded by a glass of wine and canapes.

They specifically were able to visit a recording studio where a session of “The News Quiz” was being recorded.

Committee Meeting 28th June

Items of interest included;
Mr Michael Everard had tendered his resignation as Alderman of Lime Street Ward and also as our President. The new Alderman John Stuttard had accepted the position of President of the Club.

A potential problem re the position of Lower Warden in a few years time was discussed (4 possible candidates at the same time) – it was agreed that if necessary the Committee Member with the longest Membership would be chosen first. Other possibilities considered were a Ballot or Attendance at events.(In the end the problem never arose, with certain people not wishing to progress to Master)

There was a serious debate re the way forward re Life Membership – in the end by a close margin it was agreed that there would be a discontinuance of Life Membership as opposed to a substantial increase in future Life Membership Fees.

Format of the Carol Service to be changed – informal glass of wine and mince pies after the Service – replacing a more formal Dinner as had been the case in the past .
The Master would arrange for the Choir from his local church to lead the Carol Service this year. They continued coming until 2016.

Jack the Ripper Walk2nd August

65 Members and guests were taken on a tour of parts of the City and regaled with stories of the “Autumn of Terror”
A quote from the letter announcing this event. “After 2 minutes into the walk we will walk into a back alley which takes into a hideway where the grim face of the old London Wall rears up directly infront of us – it is a corner of London that is so dark and so still you can hear people breathing, a corner where time seems permanently stopped at Autumn 1888” – no more needs to be said except that it rained! Some thought it added to the atmosphere?

To get their courage back the group went off to The Commercial Tavern – Commercial Street for supper and a nerve calming glass.
Tomato and Mozerella or Liver Pate, Gammon or Fish with spicy sauce, Apple Pie and Ice Cream. It seems that 65 people somewhat over-ran the Pub’s capabilities! Everyone still seemed to have a good evening.

Globe Theatre Visit  – 8th September

25 Members and Guests had a very full and enjoyable day at the Globe Theatre – some went on a guided tour of the theatre along with a look at an exhibition about its history before turning up for lunch at the Anchor Tavern about 5 mins walk from the theatre.

After a lunch of Grilled Salmon / Stuffed Chicken Breast (Leeks and Brie) – Pear Tart / Summer Pudding the whole group walked to the Globe to enjoy a Matinee performance of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline – no reviews of the weather are on the file ? Sounds like a great day out.

From Peking to Paris in a Pink Rolls Royce – 16th October

The first chance really for John Stuttard, the Ward’s newly elected Alderman to get to know the Ward Club Members and visa versa. John Stuttard is a serious Rolls Royce Collector and on this evening he regaled the group on the “excitements and challenges” of driving a Rolls Royce from Beijing to Paris recreating an historic Rally from the past. JS got sponsorship from the Financial Times as long as his RR was painted pink!

40 Members and Guests must have had a great evening – and probably found out the JS is a very good raconteur.

The venue – The Orpheus Club – Savage Gardens.

Lord Mayor’s Show – 10th November

A block booking was made for seats in the Grandstand near St Paul’s and 32 members and guests enjoyed the parade and lunch afterwards at the Singapura – Ludgate Hill.

Red Cross Fayre and Market  19th/20th/21st November – Guildhall 

With a great deal of personal input from Ronnie Garton and his family the Wheel of Fortune and Raffle ticket sales raised £1,250 an excellent achievement. RG felt that their had not been enough support from the Ward Club Membership and this was discussed at the next Committee Meeting.

Members only Evening – 22nd November

At the Master’s instigation a new event was added into our Calendar this year. Various Members had commented that they did not really get enough chances to socialise with other Members when attending more formal events (had guests with them etc etc), so here was the opportunity just to socialise.

Venue Upstairs at the Lamb in Lime Street. 30 Members attended.

Carol Service St Peter upon Cornhill – 4th December

Some changes in structure were made for this year’s Service.
Introduction of a more informal glass of wine and mince pies after the Service in the church.  (In the past had been an annual supper) Aims of the change to decrease down the costs and encourage greater attendance – it worked 75 Members and Guests attended. The Master also arranged for the Choir from St Mary the Virgin, North Shoebury to lead the Service – a great success.

Order of Service;
Choir Infant Holy
Once in Royal David’s City
Choir Nativity Carol – Rutter
Away in a Manger
Lesson – Isaiah 9 v 2-7 – Lower Warden
In the Bleak Mid-Winter
Lesson Luke 1 v 26-38
Choir Myn Lyking
Lesson John v 1-14 – Upper Warden
Hark the Herald
Lesson Matthew 1 v 18-25
Prayers Led by the Rev John Hayton
Choir O little town of Bethlehem
O come all ye faithful

To his great surprise and pleasure our recently retired Alderman Michael Everard was presented with a gift of an antique ship’s inkwell and a case of fine wine from the Club Membership.

Small gifts for children were collected and this year given to Barts Hospital – Lucas Ward (the last year this ward would be ooperational at Barts)
Surplus mince pies were taken by the Rev John Hayton to Centre 33 for the Homeless in St Albans.

Committee Meeting  – 10th January 2002

Matters of interest;
Discussions about an Insurance Scheme for Ward Clubs proposed by Mark Gubbins or a different scheme being investigated by Roger Earthwrol – think in the end we bought our own insurance, but under a Scheme, proposed by Mark Gubbins.

A case for the Cornhill and Lime Street Wards “Banner” was kindly donated to the Club by Deryk Skerton (he made it himself ?). Permission to install it in St Helen’s was being sought via the Church Warden  – James Cross.

An obviously long discussion about our involvement in the future with the Red Cross Fayre – more discussion at the next Committee Meeting.The Master stated that “without the work of Ronnie Garton and his family, nothing would happen.”

Agreement on Rule Changes:
a) No further Life Memberships to be offered. Existing Life Members  can continue, but would be encouraged to pay an Annual Membership Fee going forward.
b) Where more than one person is nominated for the position of Lower Warden – the person with the longest membership will be offered the position.

Master’s Report included:
Concern that although our Membership Numbers continue to grow, the Average Age is also growing – we need to consider ways to attract younger members if the Club is going to flourish.

He finished by saying – The Club is active and in good heart, our finances are sound and we are already beginning to recover from the costs of out float for Sir David Howard’s, Lord Mayor’s Parade.