President Alderman Bryan Toye
Vice – President Alderman David Howard M.A.
Hon Vice President H Duckworth Esq CBE, JP, F.R.S.H.

Master Mrs Pat Perkins – her “Theme” International Communications in business”
Upper Warden Mrs Christine Cohen
Lower Warden  Vincent. E.Emms
Hon Sec Roland Hughes
Asst Hon Sec Mrs Sally Anne Otten
Hon Treasurer Vincent Emms
Hon Auditor A.K.Sohl
Hon. Chaplain Rev. John Cross

AGM – 22nd February – Saddle and Sirloin- Chesterfield House – Rood Lane

(The Saddle and Sirloin was a City institution from at least the 1960’s – was originally part of a group called MECCA)

Charitable Donations
St Peter upon Cornhill £200.00p
Lord Mayor’s Appeal £200.00p
Friends of St Pauls £200.00p
Royal Ulster Police Widow’s and Orphan’s Fund (the Club had held two separate events involving the City of London Police in 1993) £200.00p

Financial Position
Still strong, especially with the Contributions form the Life members

N.B. It had been pointed out at the previous Committee Meeting that the Club could be facing some major costs in the year’s ahead – vis a vis Shrievalty and possible Lord Mayor. it was also stated the the Life Members Fund could not be seen as being “disposable”.

Ties with those working abroad.
There was a very specific appeal to all members from our Master to invite those from overseas working in London on temporary assignments… to come to the Harvest Festival Service or a talk given by Derek Brown with the aim of encouraging closer ties with those working abroad.

This concept was actively encouraged by the Lord Mayor in his year in office. and followed up again by our Master in a specific letter to all members in August.

In addition the Club made a donation of £200 to Lord Mayor’s appeal for St Paul’s Cathedral and purchase of 7 “Past Master’s” Badges from Toye, Kenning and Spencer – £168 each (one past master had lost his!)

The AGM was held in the Saddle and Sirloin Restaurant followed by Dinner where 79 Members and Guests plus 3 Ward Club Guests took part. The Guest Speaker was Mr David Vermont, Past Master Mercer and a Council Member of City University

Visit to BT London Teleport – 14th April 1994

Over 50 people applied for tickets to this event (40 max) which was located just south of London City Airport.

The Members and Guests who took part “toured the centre and had an opportunity to play with a collection of hands on technology exhibits”. A letter from one of the attendees (Mr H R Beber) states…. “an excellent visit, had no idea what to expect – turned out to be most interesting”
A substantial Hot and Cold Buffet was provide by BT £5.00 per person

Fantail Prawns with pepper and herbs
Cajun Chicken with Peanut or Szechuan Sauce
Chocolate Rum and Raisin Mousse

London’s first satellite earth station was opened on a 3.5 acre site in Pier Road, North Woolwich near the old King George V Dock in Dockland 10 years earlier in 1984. It was designed to handle two main areas of satellite telecommunications business: the demand for business services from the City and the provision of transmission facilities for satellite television and radio companies.

The Teleport began operations in February, transmitting commercial cable TV broadcasts using the European Communications Satellite (ECS). It was originally called the London North Woolwich Earth Station, but was renamed the London Teleport in April, coinciding with an official visit by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. It was opened officially in October 1984

The Teleport was sited in North Woolwich because, with the Thames at its southern boundary, the site was protected from any future high rise development which might impede the clear outlook required by the antennas to transmit and receive signals to and from satellites. The area was also free from any radio interference.

The London Teleport was the hub of BT’s international SatStream service, videoconferencing and several other specialised satellite services from computer data transfer, facsimile transmission, telex and telephone communications over private leased lines.

With over 50 participants and the nominal charge the Club was able to donate BT £125.00p to a Charity of BT’s choice – Children in Need.

Annual Chuch Service and Civic Lunch

Church Service – St Peter upon Cornhill led by Rev John Cross MA Priest in Charge, Hon Chaplain Lime Street Ward Club.The Master was thrilled to see a virtually full church, numbers had been low in recent years.

Hymn Praise my Soul the kKng of Heaven
Lesson Exodus 3 V 1 – 14 – The President
Lesson Acts 7 V 22 – 36 – The Master
Hymn Soldiers of Christ Arise
Hymn For all the saints (Not v 5 and 7) A specific request of the Master. It was thought that 8 verses was too many.

Civic Lunch – The Crypt – Wednesday 8th June
The Lord Mayor of the time was very keen to encourage involvement in Ward Clubs by overseas businessmen to help promote the City’s pre-eminence as an International Financial Trading Centre.

200 Members and Guests joined by The Lord Mayor (Sir Paul Newall), the Lady Mayoress, Mr Alderman and Sheriff John Chalstrey MA, MD, FRCS enjoyed;
Cornets of Gravadlax and prawns – Domaine Schulmberger Sylvaner 1991
Noisettes of English Lamb – Chateau Guibon 1992
Orange Bavarois with Meringues – Taylor’s LBV 1987 of Armagnac Sempe VSOP

Caterers – Payne and Gutner – charged Ward Club £31 per head
Toast Master Mr David Collins via Toastmasters – charged – £82

Committee Meeting – 7th July – The Habit – Crutched Friars

The new enhanced note paper was used for the first time to announce this Meeting. On the file and still looks very clear and has impact.

A Meeting of the Past Masters was called to discuss the Appointment of the Lower Warden – this was in the Rules but has not been mentioned once in any Minutes since the creation of the Club.

President, Master and 15 Members participated.

Hon Sec reported “that it is becoming more and more obvious that the Rules for Membership of the Committee were not working” The Master agreed to set up a small sub-committee to report back with a proposal.

Ties. Stock running low, waiting on samples from Toye, Kenning – not yet arrived. Looking at Silk and /or Polyester or two types of tie. Agreed that Asst. Hon. Sec and Past Master Hugh Breslin would review the matter.

Harvest Festival- St Peter’s upon Cornhill – Wednesday Sept 21st 1994

Led by Rev John Cross, Priest in Charge, Hon Chaplain, Lime Street Ward Club.
Hymn. Praise the Lord ye heavens adore him
Lesson. Genesis 1 v 26 – 31a – Michael Beale – Deputy
Lesson. Romans 8 v 19 – 35 – Mrs Pat perkins – Master
Hymn. Praise and Praise our God and King
Hymn. Come ye thankful people come
Collection for Royal Alfred homes for retired seafarers

Visit to The Tower of London and viewing of The Ceremony of the Keys – 29th September

The opening paragraph of the letter from the Tower of London re our proposed visit – is interesting.

“We have to be very restrictive in allowing visits.. as we receive so many requests. Even limiting it to those with some strong City…., Tower…. connections we still have to restrict visits to not more than 1 every ten years. (our next visit was not to be for a further 15 or so years).

70 Members and Guests attended, the evening which included a Hot and Cold Buffet served in the Association Room of the Royal Fusiliers, and a presentation prior to viewing the ceremony.
Tickets £25 per person
Catering by Flambé

Talk by Derek Brown (Ward Club Member) Editor UK Michelin Guide – 10th November – Directors Club – Mark Lane

Apparently the speaker also had wide ranging interests in motoring and included some stories about the Michelin Group.

“The Ward Club Member’s interest was expressed so vocally and enthusiastically that I later understood that I had to cut many of you off in full flow – I can only apologise now,  though I recall that even so the evening lasted well into the later hours” – The Master’s Report on her year.

58 Members and Guests

Committee Meeting 12th January – The Habit

Master and 15 members attended

Ties No further progress had been made

Copies of the minutes of the last meeting were requested to be available in future for all attending, in advance. Debate about the logistics

Amendment to Rule 18 proposed and agreed “nine other Members referred to above shall each serve for three years and only be eligible for three such terms excluding time served as an Officer of the Club. The issue being that there were some Committee Members who would not be eligible for re-election before it would be there turn to stand for Lower Warden.

Other events.

In addition to the above various members of the Ward Club were invited to take part in Aldgate Ward Club – River Cruise – Silver Dolphin – 14th July
Livery Companies Exhibition – including stalls run by 92 exhibitors explaining the roles and work of Livery – Guildhall
Associate Ward Clubs Annual Reception at Mansion House