President. Alderman Bryan Toye
Hon Patron. Christopher Rawson

Master. Brian Barber
1 of only 5 awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Award for Exceptional Management. Formally with Trollope and Colls, greatly involved in the building of Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Upper Warden.  David Bridges
Lower Warden. Deryck Skerton
Hon Secretary. William (Bill) Kelloe
Hon Treasurer. Vincent Emms
Asst Hon Sec. Rowland Hughes

40th AGM and Dinner – Guildhall Club, Guildhall – Thursday 20th February


Noted that the Wheel of Fortune raised £750.00p for the Red Cross. Congratulations and thanks were given to all those who helped out on the stall. We were still the only Ward Club taking part.

Ideas were sought for the stall for 1987, to replace the “game of chance” and raise even more funds for the Red Cross.

59 Members and 47 Guests attended the Dinner

Dinner Comprised:
Devilled White Bait
Hot Tongue with Black Cherries and Cherry Brandy Sauce
Fresh Lemon Meringue
Including 4 glasses of Red/White House Wine

Guest Speaker. Melvyn Barnes – Director of Libraries and Art Galleries.

As an example of Costs…
Income 106 Members and Guests = £2,279.00
Guildhall Club £2,065.00
Postage £ 32.30
Envelopes £ 5.20
Copying £ 12.51
Balance £2,138.93
Profit on the Event £140.07

Church Service at St Peter upon Cornhill and the Civic Luncheon – The Crypt – Guildhall – 29th May

58 Members and 155 Guests plus some Ward Club Guests enjoyed an excellent lunch in the presence of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress along with Sheriff Mr Jack Neary and his lady. The largest number since the foundation of the Club (40th Anniversary)

Breast of Smoked Goose and Avocado Cumberland Sauce – Sylvaner Trimbach – 1984
Delice of Sea Trout Walewska – Tavel Rosé – (Sichel)
Coffee – Petits Fours – Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawney Port

Letter sent to the Hon Sec – Bill Kelloe
My Dear Bill,
I find it incredible and in many ways sad that no mention was made of your fantastic efforts to make this luncheon today such a success. I know the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make an occasion as success, today was one of those occasions…………………………”

5 speeches, Lord Mayor waited until 14.50 (due to leave at 14.30). A note from the Lord Mayor, “Toast Master was not good”.

Ward Clubs Meeting – Hosted by the United Wards’ Club – 18th July


An attempt by the UWC to co-ordinate the Dates of Ward Club events to avoid clashes – the majority of the Ward Clubs attended – only exceptions Bassishaw, Candlewick, Farringdon, Queenhithe and Tower.
At the Meeting it was agreed that the UWC Secretary should be used as a clearing house for dates of Ward Club functions to avoid unnecessary clashing of dates. Ward Club Secretaries would advise their dates for the year as soon as they were known.

Ward Club Secretaries would advise UWC of all changes to Officers as and when they occur.

It was agreed that this Meeting was worth while and another should take place in 1987.

It was agreed that the Royal Society of St George and The Guild of Freemen should be invited to attend subsequent meetings.

It was suggested that on a self financing basis their should be an Annual Reception for Presidents/Chairmen/Masters and the Clerks/Hon Secs.

Reception and Finger Buffet at the HAC – 31st July

33 Members and 55 guests enjoyed an entertaining and amusing talk on the History of the HAC which was given by Major Graham Neil Officer Commanding H.Q. Squadron. No information on the Buffet.
A short note on the History of the HAC is in our Section City Stories “Bits and Pieces Section

Ward Luncheon – Institute of London Underwriters 12t – h September

Lunch for a full Ward and Ward Club Team at the ILU – Institute of London Underwriters

Who were the ILU?
Basically a Trade Body representing Marine Underwriters and then also Aviation Underwriters working for Insurance Companies (as opposed to Lloyd’s), in the London (Re)insurance market place. Their office at this time would have been the corner of Billiter Street (Eastside) and Leadenhall Street. For anyone old enough this itself would have been on the site of a Wine Bar called Shorts.


Involving our Alderman the CC’s, Our Master, the Ward Clerk, Senior Warden and Hon Secretary. The Deputy Chairman of the ILU (Mr J.A. Parton) was a Member of the I.L.U.

Ogden Melon with Port
Pheasant and Steak Pie
Cheeseboard and Fruit
Coffee and Chocolates

An evening out on the Thames – The Lady Gwynfred – from St Katharine’s Dock 23rd September.

46 Members and 17 Guests went out for the evening on this beautiful Thames Sailing Barge.

No idea what the weather was like, or whether it went well. Do know that nobody ate the Chicken Vietnamese (“Grilled Chicken with a succulent sauce”) and that the Club tried to get a refund. The Club were charged for every minute they were on board. (My guess, people hung around and carried on chatting, rather than getting off the boat). The Caterer also carried on serving wine over the pre-agreed monetary limit. (Should have gone to a Cash Bar).

The boat herself, was one of 40 still working in 1986. in 1900 there were over 2,000. 1939 – 600, end for the War (1945) 200. They were used as coastal traders, bringing all manner of goods from the small towns and villages along the East Coast of Essex, and East Anglia. Designed to be handled by 2 people, skipper and his mate and to travel as fast as possible, the 2 men having to handle 3,000 sq feet of Canvas and 100 Tons of Ship and Cargo. The Crew were paid a percentage of profits.

Associate Ward Clubs – (Sub-Committee of the United Wards Club) Annual Reception – Mansion House – 29th October

An annual event hosted by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House with the aim of bringing together Ward Club Members and their Ladies, Guests and Friends. Reception and a “substantial” finger buffet. The Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Sheriffs, their Ladies – many Aldermen and their Ladies were in attendance.

“it is felt that a far greater liaison between Ward Clubs is highly desirable and that the strength and friendliness thus established can only be of greater benefit to the City of London” – identical letter to last year’s and previous

Lime Street Ward, apparently had the highest number of Members in attendance, as we had in previous years.

Memorial Service for James Newby  – Died Oct 19th. Common Councillor for Lime Street Ward.

James Newby, one of The Ward’s Common Councilmen died suddenly at the age of 59 – a Senior Marine and Energy Insurance Broker joining C.T. Bowring in 1985 having spent many years with Alexander Howden. Past Master of the Ward Club and a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Insurers. A Memorial Service was held for him at St Peter’s upon Cornhill conducted by the Rector and our Club Chaplain, Rev. Alan Cook.

Hymn Praise my soul, the King of Heaven.
The Lesson.
Hymn Now thank we all our God.
Hymn O God our help in ages past

His passing, led of course for the need for a By-Election.

 Ward Mote and Election Monday 8th December 

There was going to be an election for Lime Street Ward and all other Wards, with as far as Lime Street Ward the incumbents standing. With the death of James Newby there was a vacancy.

5 Candidates stood for the 4 seats.

Michael Beale
Henry Duckworth
Ian McNeil
plus 2 new candidates
Christine McKenzie Cohen
Frank Wooldridge

Our Ward Club via our Hon Sec. seems to have made it pretty clear who the voters should vote for.

Other people had a view as well

The incumbents, thought that Christine Cohen was unlikely to stand. She did and won. She became a very highly regarded and popular CC.

Michael Beale 21 Votes
Ian Mc Neil 20
Christine Cohen 20
Henry Duckworth 18

Long debate re the closing times of the Election – officially 8.00pm
Harry Duckworth very keen on 6.00pm
John Cohen wanted at least 7.00 as some of Christine’s supporters would not be able to get out to vote before 6.00pm.
Any change required support of all the Candidates. Final Answer 7.00pm

A very interesting leaflet was around at the time explaining the role of the Court of Common Council.and what to see in The Great Hall at Guildhall
– this and other information can be found in how the City of London Works

Ward Mote and Election Monday 8th December – Cornhill Ward

There was some consternation when the result was published in the City Reader showing
John Hayes 4 votes
James White 4
Wilfred Archibald 3
Edwina Chandler 3

Alderman David Howard in the following week’s edition had the errors corrected and pointed out that the correct numbers were
John Hayes 44 votes
James White 40
Wilfred Archibald 38
Edwina Chandler 38
and that turnout had been in excess of 50%. “Local democracy is alive and flourishing in Cornhill

Committee Meeting – Jan 1987 – Lloyd’s

Very sad to report that in recent months Rev Alan Cook (Ward Club Chaplain) and Past Master, James Newby (CC) had died.

Ladies Badges – becoming a bit of a saga, “will be dealt with shortly”.
Wine – the idea of selling to members had obviously not worked. Plan now to try to get Guildhall Club to allow the Club to use at the Installation Dinner.

Among other Members elected, Mrs Christine Cohen, new Lime Street Ward CC and her husband John.

Many complaints about the quality of the material used. The Master felt particularly strongly about this.
Agreed to get quotes and samples and buy replacement ties. Decisions then about disposing of the current stock.  Currently as an asset in the PandL Account.

Only 1 left agreed to get quotes for 6 or so.

Annual Subscription
Proposal to increase the Membership Subscription to £5.00p (from £3.00p since 1978), to cover increased costs and encourage more Life Members. A lengthy debate ensued and by a majority vote it was agreed to put this to the AGM.

Cost of Civic Lunch
With the cost likely to be in the region of £31.00p per person it was felt that consideration be given to finding ways to reduce the ticket price.
Idea of a two tier charge for Members and Guests, noted for future consideration
Cost of Club Guests to be borne out of Club Funds, NOT factored into the ticket price, proposed and agreed.

Vice President
In view of Alderman David Howard’s excellent work on behalf of the Ward Club and the fact that he was a Past Master of the Club it was proposed that he be appointed Vice President of the Ward Club. This was passed with acclaim.

Hon Sec.
Bill Kelloe felt it was time for him to retire. Accepted with pleasure the position of Asst Hon Sec. Roland Hughes appointed Hon. Sec.

N.B. At this time it seems that three Committee Members came from Cornhill Ward and three from Lime Street Ward.    

An interesting letter

” I would like to ask a personal favour.

I find that many members of the Ward club are Free-Masons i would be most obliged if the Secretary could assist me in achieving this., thus allowing me to feel a little more on the same level as the other Members”

Reply, “I regret that I cannot hel”.