President. Alderman Bryan Toye
Hon Patron. Christopher Rawson

Master. David Bridges

David and his New Bride, Liz – 1980

Oil and Gas Insurance Broker – Director of Willis
“Plays with Old Cars at his Old Cotswold Stone Farmhouse”and had a 1965 Ferrari and a Jaguar E-Type convertible – Keen Shooting Man.

Died April 2020 “David and I so enjoyed our year as Master, it seems such a long time ago  – all they way through our lives, we had the Ferrari” – Liz.

Upper Warden. Deryck Skerton
Lower Warden. Ronald Garton
Hon Secretary. Rowland Hughes
Asst Hon Sec Bill Kelloe
Hon Treasurer. Vincent Emms
A change of Hon Sec.
Hon Auditor 
A Metherell

Service of Memorial and Thanksgiving for
– The Rev. Alan Cook

A simple Service of Thanksgiving was held for the life of Rev. Alan Cook who had been Rector of St Peter upon Cornhill and Chaplain to the Lime Street Ward Club since 1965.

The Service was led by The Rev. M.A. Johnson, M.A. Area Dean of London, held by in the presence of the Rt.Revd. and Rt Hon. Graham Leonard, D.D. Lord Bishop of London.
Organist. Raymon Gray F.R.S.A., L.C.T.L.

Hymn Praise to the Lord the Almighty the King of Creation
Lesson Ephesians 6 v 10-20 – The Rev Cannon -Jack Cresswell
Anthem Beati Quorum Via – Stanford
Hymn O Love that will not let me go

Tribute The Revd. Dr P.J.A. Cook, M.A.

Hymn We rest on thee, our shield and our defender


GOD be in my head, and in my understanding

AGM and Dinner – West Wing Guildhall,
The Guildhall Club, Thursday 19th February

Master, President and 34 Members present.

At the AGM the long standing Hon Sec. Bill Kelloe retired and his place was taken by Roland Hughes, who became another very long serving Member of our Ward Club.
It seems likely that Bill Kelloe was presented with an Antique Victorian (Circ 1875) Silver Plate Salver.

Red Cross Fair. In the previous 12 months no further suggestions had been made re replacement for the Wheel of Fortune.

Membership Fee Agreed to increase from 3.00p to 5.00p (first increase for 10 years.)

Financial Position
Cash                          3,366,79
– Life subscription 2,080.03

– Collarettes 97.08
– Ties 238.30
– Wine 289.80

Members (paid) 245 approx
(life)     42 approx

62 Members and 39 Guests attended the Dinner

Dinner Comprised:
Terrine of Ham and Brandy – House White Wine
Coq au Vin – House Claret
Home made Steam Fruit Pudding
Coffee and Sweetmeats

Including 4 glasses of Red/White House Wine

Guest Speaker. Derek Brown, Editor Michelin Guide

Church Service at St Peter upon Cornhill and the Civic Luncheon – The Crypt – Guildhall – 6th July

The Church Service was led this year by The Revd. Chandos Morgan, C.B., M.A., R.N., the Rector of St Margaret Lothbury, given the demise of the Revd. Alan Cook earlier in the year.

Hymn Praise the Lord the almighty the King of Creation
Lesson Read by the Alderman
Lesson Read by the Master
Hymn Father, hear the prayer we offer
Hymn Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven
National Anthem

Civic Lunch
Duck Pancake with curacao sauce
Escalope of Salmon Dejazet – Sancerre Cote de la Roche 1985
Raspberries and Cream – Muscat de Beaumes de Venise

Coffee – Petits Fours – Graham’s LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) 1979 Port or Hine V.S.O.P.

Finger Buffet and Reception – Cutlers’ Hall 6th October

33 Members and 18 Guests attended  new venue for the Club, also the Centenary of the opening of this particular Hall.

The Menu included:
A selection of Muscavite Canapes

Dainty Sandwiches of Smoked Salmon on brown bread

Asparagus Roulades
Cherry Tomatoes stuffed with shrimps
Cubes of Cheddar and Pineapple (displayed as a Hedgehog?)
Cucumber and Smoked Trout Cassolets

Cocktail Sausages with Mustard Dip
Herb Stuffed Mushrooms
Goujons of Monkfish
Cubes of Veal – Calvados dip
Haggis Balls with Drambuie

Sparkling Wine…..


Harvest Festival – St Peter upon Cornhill  – 7th October

This annual event took place, without a Rector in place – see 17th December, below.

Hymn Praise, O praise our God and King
Lesson – The Alderman
Lesson – The Maste
Hymn Come, ye thankful people come
Hymn Now thank we all our God

The Blessing

 City of London Conservation Committee

A committee that does not get many mentions over the years, but one which the Ward Club definitely had one representative in 1987 right through to 1998. Mr Nigel Warner. “The Committee has a genuine influence on the shape and structure of the City, seeing and commenting on all Planning Applications prior to the main meeting of the Planning and Transportation Committee”

A special day for the Ward, Ward Club and especially St Peter upon Cornhill – 17th December

The Licensing of the Revd. John Cross M.A. as Priest in Charge. 17th December

Regrettably no information is currently available at all about this Service – a shame.

Committee Meeting – 7th Jan 1988 – Lloyd’s


The President had submitted apologies for absence. His wife had given birth to their third child the previous evening. Congratulations and flowers to be sent.

Clubs Wine Stocks had all been consumed at the previous years AGM.

Life Membership had increased by  further 23

55 ties remained in stock – to be sold off at 2.00p each

100 new ties to be purchased and sold at 2.00p above cost to help defray the losses on the last batch of ties. Design to remain the same.
N.B. A question had been raised regarding the origins of the City Motif on the Club tie. Following investigations with the Deputy Keeper of Records at The Corporation of London, it was confirmed that it was a representation of  – “Dragons Wing” the Crest of the Helmet shown on many variations of the City of London Crest. for a fuller article click here.

Ladies Brooches
Two designs were put forward,
Cost of setting up the die 98.00p

Agreed to purchase 20 of design a) in Gilt metal – that would have an overall cost price of around 17.00pp

Suggested that enquiries be made to see if the die could be used for Cufflinks as well.

Agreed to offer the post of Ward Club Chaplain to the newly appointed Priest in Charge at St Peter upon Cornhill  (Rev John Cross)

1 off donations of 50.00 were made to St John’s Ambulance (Centenary Appeal) and Lord Mayor’s Appeal for Children
Annual donation of 125.00p to be made to St Peter’s Cornhill