President. Alderman Bryan Toye
Vice President. Alderman David Howard
Hon Patron. Christopher Rawson

Master. Ronald Garton
Geordie by Birth, Londoner by adoption, worked in the City from 1946 and married a Dulwich girl.
Involved in Marine Transportation all his career (Containers….. freight forwarding)
Member of the Ward Club since the mid 1960’s
Past Master of The Philippine Society and the Anglo-Thai Society

Upper Warden. Mrs Julie Gubbins
Lower Warden. Ms Elizabeth Rogers
Hon Secretary. Rowland Hughes
Asst Hon Sec. William (Bill) Kelloe
Hon Treasurer. Vincent Emms
Hon Auditor Anthony Metherell
Hon Chaplain – Rev John Cross

Our 4 Common Councilmen:

Henry Duckworth – Deputy
Ian McNeil
Michael Beale
Christine MacKenzie Cohen

Mr Edward Kipping was re-elected as Ward Beadle
Mr Neil White was re-appointed as Ward Clerk

AGM and Dinner – Guildhall West Wing – Guildhall Club, Guildhall – 16th February

Keeping an eye on the ties. Last purchase was 100.
Now down to 77.

The Ward Club Agreed to pay £150.00 per annum for 4 years to the Trustees of the St Peter upon Cornhill Trust for the Friends of St Peter’s.
Donations had been made for any years and agreed under the heading of AOB every year. This formalised things.

Creaam of Tomato Soup – Garlic Croutons – Club White Wine
Rib of English Beef – Yorkshire Pudding – Club Claret
Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce or Cheeseboard

Coffee and Sweetmeats – Taylors Port

The Guest speaker was Jim Cleary F.C.I.T. Chairman of T.I.P Europe.

Bishopsgate Ward Club – Civic Lunch – Grocers’ Hall – 21st February

The Master and his Lady attended this lunch – an Annual Event with one of our close neighbouring Wards.

An informal meeting with Peter Rees the City of London Planning Officer “Unplanning the City”
– City Flogger, Fen Court – 31st May

Finger Buffet, Welcoming Drink, Cash Bar £7.50. 43 Members and Guests were positively encouraged to have questions and views and engage in discussion. Apparently went extremely well ” a string of congratulatory messages on a stimulating and enjoyable presentation.”

City of London Conservation Area Advisory Committee – Lime Street Ward club – invited to join

It would appear that we were only 1 of 4 Ward Clubs who did not have a representative on this particular Committee, whose terms of reference were “to consider all applications for planning consent and listed buildings consent in conservation areas of the City of London and convey to the Planning and Communications Committee such views as the Committee wishes to make their own

The main criteria for joining the Committee was to take an active interest in the buildings and environment of the City. All that was asked of the member, is it they attended on a regular basis. Mr Nigel Warner D.p. Arch RIBA was appointed to represent the Ward Club.
This Committee over the year’s became more and more an informal association and folded in the early 2000s.

Service of Thanksgiving for the 800th Year of Mayoralty 8th June

This Service of thanksgiving was held in a totally full St Paul’s Cathedral. The Ward Club were allocated 1 ticket. The Club’s Master attended.

Church Service at St Peter upon Cornhill and Civic Luncheon – The Crypt – Guildhall – 29th June

Church Service
This was led by the new Priest in Charge for St Peter upon Cornhill and our new Hon. Chaplain – the Revd. John Cross

Hymn Praise the Lord, the king of salvation
Lesson Psalm 125 – The President
Hymn Thou Art the Way
Lesson St Matthew 16. v13-19 – The Master
Hymn Thou are the Christ, O lord
Hymn Through all the changing scenes of life

The Blessing

National Anthem

179 Members and Guests in addition to the 13 Ward Club Guests enjoyed. the Civic Lunch in the presence of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Sir Christopher Collett and Lady Collett along with Sheriff Simon block and his lady.

For the first time in some years the club put the Catering out to tender
Party Ingredients
Town and County Catering
Brookes Outside Caterers
and our Standard Caterer for many years, Payne and Gunter who we decided to go with.

Dressed Selsey Spider Crab – Rosemount Estate Chardonnay, 1988
Contrafillet of Scotch Beef,Button Mushrooms, Tomato Horseradish – Chateaux Candale 1985

Coffee – Petits Fours -Taylor’s LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) or Armagnac J. de Malliac VSOP

The reply on behalf of the guests was given by Sir Kerry St Johnston, Bart. Chairman of PandO Containers. In 1985 he was awarded the Lansing Bagnall Gold Medal by the Institute of Material Handling for his pioneering work in the introduction of containers globally. Main Board Director of P&O and the TRPacific Investment Trust.

Although it would appear that everyone enjoyed the food, atmosphere…. there were problems with timings. The Lord Mayor left before the end of the speeches. This had happened as per the letter from the Common Cryer and Sergeant at Arms in 1984, 1986 and 1987 It was agreed to cut the number of speeches down to three (had been 5) and advise the Toastmaster very specifically re timing issues so all goes smoothly in 1990.
This was followed up by a more informal letter this time addressed to the Hon Sec.
“Three speeches are quite adequate
Toastmaster and Caterer must be aware that they are responsible for timekeeping
The Manager should attend the Master at all times and NOT disappear during the Meal with the Toastmaster, who had to be summoned by your Master”

Suggestion that a full Schedule be prepared listing all the individual timings for toasts, speeches be issued to all those involved by the Hon.Sec

Finger Buffet –  Guided Tour – College of Arms – 19th September, 3rd October, 7th November 20th November

Approx. 80 Members and Guests in total took part in these visits – Max 20 at a time and only on Thursdays. They were all run by the York Herald and Registrar Dr. C.M.F.J. Swan and included a visit to the Earl Marshal’s Court, the Waiting Room and the Record Room with various records on display. The groups retired to the York Herald’s chambers for refreshments after the visit.
£7.50 pp

Harvest Festival – St Peter upon Cornhill  – 4th October

This annual event took place, with our new Chaplain and Rector in Charge,  in place.

Hymn Praise, O praise our God and King

Lesson – Deuteronomy 26  v 1-11  – Deputy Harry Duckworth
Lesson  – St Luke 8 v 1-15  – The Master
Hymn Come, ye thankful people come
Hymn Now thank we all our God

The Blessing

Obviously by comments an enjoyable service with many people staying afterwards

Associate Ward Clubs – Annual Reception – Mansion House – 18th October

An annual event hosted by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House with the aim of bringing together Ward Club Members and their Ladies, guests and friends. Reception and a “substantial” finger buffet.  The Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, Sheriffs, their Ladies –  many Aldermen and their Ladies were in attendance.

“it is felt that a far greater liaison between Ward Clubs is highly desirable and that the strength and friendliness thus established can only be of greater benefit to the City of London” – identical letter to last year’s and previous

Red Cross Christmas Market – 21st – 23rd November – Guildhall

Obviously a very successful year for the Wheel of Fortune – the Club raised £1,806.
Income from the Stall £827
Auctioned Items £ 94
Club Donation £50.00
Individual Members £220.50
Sale of Raffle Tickets £615

There were discussions re how to ensure the Lime Street Ward Club continues to participate.

Ward Mote – 1st December – Commercial Union Head Office

Our 4 Common Councilmen were automatically elected as there were no other nominations.

Henry Duckworth – Deputy
Ian McNeil
Michael Beale
Christine MacKenzie Cohen

Mr Edward Kipping was re-elected as Ward Beadle
Mr Neil White was re-appointed as Ward Clerk

Committee Meeting – 4th January – Lloyd’s

IPM, President, Vice President and 15 Members in attendance

The Rules sub-committee put forward a proposal that Members of the Committee Stand down after a three year term – this was defeated on a vote. Minor changes were also proposed “as per the attached paper” (not attached), and agreed.

AGM Dinner – agreed after discussion, that it would remain Gentlemen Guests only (Lady Members can bring their Husbands, Male members cannot bring their wives)

Agreed to make donations to;
St Peter’s Cornhill – £150.00p (per annum) as a Deed of Covenant
Metropolitan Public Gardens Association £25.00p
Lord Mayor’s Appeal £100.00p. In due course this was to become an Annual item, with the Cheque presented to the Lord Mayor at the Civic Lunch.