As with most of the earlier years we have very little information and no pictures.
Any information or pictures, menus, programmes would be greatly appreciated

Some extra information has been provided by Past Master “Dickie” Bird, who became a Member in 1960, becoming Master in 1976. Providing much of the date from his diaries in 2020. Thank you.

N.B. Prices for events in many cases are shown as £. S. D (Pounds, shillings and pence) – this was pre decemilisation
e.g. £3.10.0p
(240 pennies to a £, not as today 100p to £1)
£37/6 = £1.17.6p = Aprox £1.85.5p


President – Sir Bracewell Smith Bart., K.C.V.O
Vice President – Alderman Charles Trinder
Master – Jack Holmes, who was Landlord of the Grapes Pub, in Lime Street
Upper Warden – Mr G.D.T Gunter
Lower Warden –  Mr W.L.A. Derby
Hon Secretary – Mr D.B. Aldous (New)
Hon Treasurer – Mr Mr C.N.A Howard
Hon Auditor – Mr Mr W. Logan

15th Annual General Meeting and House Dinner Feb 16th 1961 – Great Eastern Hotel.

22 Members in attendance
Proposed that an attempt be made to use the Captain’s Room at Lloyd’s for this years Annual Dinner – this was rejected by Lloyd’s

Membership based on subscriptions 61
Financial Position
Club Funds

Followed by a House Dinner with 30 Members and 42 Guests

Meeting and House Dinner April 20th 1961 – Great Eastern Hotel

8 Members in attendance.

Past Masters’ Jewels
It was proposed and seconded that Past Masters be given the right to wear a Past Master’s Jewel, subject to ratification at the next AGM. No mention as of now re where they will come from/be provided by?

Followed by a House Dinner 18 members and 25 Guests

Annual Dinner with the Lord Mayor October 4th -Tallow Chandlers’ Hall

80 paid attendees – Made a loss of 81.19.7 BUT substantial increase in Membership balanced this out

Meeting and House Dinner November 16th Great Eastern Hotel

Given the substantial increase in Membership in the past year it was suggested that a larger venue be found for the Club’s Annual Dinner in 1962
Noted that the supply of rule Books was almost exhausted, investigations re a further stock, to be made

Followed by a House Dinner
20 Members in attendance with 24 Guests


President – Sir Bracewell Smith Bart., K.C.V.O
Vice President – Alderman Charles Trinder
Master – Mr G.D.T Gunter (Cockburn and Co – Leith Ltd)
Upper Warden – Mr John Evan Cook
Lower Warden –  Mr W.H Wharton
Hon Secretary – Mr D.B. Aldous
Hon Treasurer – Mr Mr C.N.A Howard
Hon Auditor – Mr Mr W. Logan

16th Annual General Meeting and House Dinner – Feb 15th  – Great Eastern Hotel

Conformation that Club could not use The Captain’s Room for their Annual Dinner

Conformation that Past Masters could wear Past Masters’ Jewels – purchased at at their own expense
Three Members proposed that the club consider organising events that would appeal to Ladies. The Meeting rules that “Ladies nights” should NOT be included in the Club’s Social Programme
The Hon Auditor proposed that thought should be given to arranging visits (e.g. Mansion House) and/or a Sherry/Wine Tasting evening. It was agreed that this proposal be considered at the next Committee Meeting.

Membership 85 approx
Financial Position
Club Funds  144/15/11d

House Dinner followed
22 Members in attendance with 30 Guests

7th May  Meeting – The Bunch of Grapes 

The first time that this was used as a venue for a Meeting. It was going to be used quite frequently over the next decades.
7 Members in attendance.

Suggested that as a change from a House Dinner that a Novelty Meal be tried. Proposed Steak and Kidney Pudding Dinner at Pimms – Bishopsgate.
Yes this was a Pimms owned Bar. Used to Serve Pimms No1, 2, 3 and 4.   Was called Finches at some  point in the 1960’s i think.

23rd August Meeting – Offices of Cockburn and Co (Leith)

8 Members attended

1st October – Annual Dinner (Banquet) – Vintners’ Hall  
Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress in attendance, with the Sheriffs and their Ladies.

Approx 100 Members and Guests in attendance – 8 Club Guests in addition

Loss of 128/6/6d

Meeting and House Dinner November 29th 1962. The Wine Trade Club
10 members in attendance

The annual Banquet was discussed and large deficit noted. (Mainly increased charges by the Caterer that could not be checked). “Whilst a substantial amount the Club would still be solvent IF all subscriptions paid”

The Hon Auditor again raised the Question of organising functions such as a Wine Tasting
The Master promised to investigate and perhaps Organise for Jan/Feb 1963.

A House Dinner followed.
21 Members in attendance with 23 Guests


President – Ald. Sir Bracewell Smith Bart., K.C.V.O when did he become Alderman or has he been all the way through
Vice President – Alderman Charles Trinder
Master – Mr John Evan Cook (ran a firm of removal contractors)
Upper Warden –  Mr W.H Wharton
Lower Warden – Mr C.P.Hobbs

Hon Secretary – Mr D.B. Aldous
Hon Treasurer – Mr Mr C.N.A Howard
Hon Auditor – Mr Mr W. Logan


AGM and Dinner 28th February – Great Eastern hotel

15 Members in attendance.

Membership  – Approx 60
Financial status
Club Assets 130/18/5d
It was proposed and fully supported that the Ward Club make an Annual Donation of 5/5/0d (5 Guineas) to St Peter Upon Cornhill.

It was agreed that a Wine Tasting should be arranged within 6 weeks, Evening Max 25 attendees.

Special Committee Meeting -11th July – Great Eastern Hotel
To agree that the Lord Mayor be approached for us to hold our Annual Dinner at Mansion House.
I think this must have already happened in reality as the Meeting then discussed Costs and Menu.  

July 1963 – a letter was sent out the Master advising that the Club had been given permission to have a “Ladies Banquet”  in the Mansion House ,later in the year.

4th October(probably) Annual  Banquet – The Mansion House  -The first of many.
Very successful
– 240 Members and Guests
Sung Grace
Menu Selection “A” 3/5/0d per person.

Guest Speaker – Judge Arvold

Meeting and House Dinner November 21st – Great Eastern Hotel
25 Members in attendance with 37 Guests
The highest number to date


President Alderman Sir Bracewell-Smith Bart, KCVO
Master – W.H. Wharton Esq – The publican – The Ship, Lime Street, until 2015 near the bottom end of Lime Street on the Aldgate Ward side then converted into a Nandos (Portuguese Spicy Chicken).
Upper Warden Alan P Hobbs Esq
Lower Warden Douglas.B.Aldous Esq
Hon Sec Douglas.B.Aldous Esq
Hon Treasurer C.N. Howard Esq

18th Annual General Meeting and House Dinner – Feb 20th 1964 – Great Eastern Hotel
19 Members in attendance

Three Social events were proposed for the year
Visits to – black museum, Truman’s Brewery and a Refuse Disposal Plant.

Membership Approx 72
Financial Status
Club Assets 197/5/11d

A House Dinner followed 27 Members and 33 Guests

Meeting and House Dinner” – 16th April – Great Eastern Hotel

5.15 Committee Meeting
6.15 Cocktails
6.45 Dinner
Speaker talked on Modern Practice in Criminal Law

Committee Meeting
It was proposed and agreed that given the strong finances of the Club that the club should purchase Past Master’s Jewels. They would be provided by Alexander Clerk – Jewellers 13/10/0d each (Alexander Clarke’s Main shop was at the foot of Fountain House, 120 Fenchurch Street, was taken over and became Mappin and Webb.

9 Members in attendance

House Dinner with 24 Members and 26 Guests followed on from the Meeting

Visit to the Police “Black Museum”  – New Scotland Yard
7th and 14th May 

A rare opportunity to visit this special museum, not normally open to the public and used for training of Detectives….. – The groups met in St Stephen’s Tavern Westminster before the visit. Very close by.

Lime St visit Black Museum

Civic Lunch – date and venue TBA

Currently the oldest known reference to a Civic Lunch

In the presence of the Lord Mayor Alderman Sir James Harman G.B.E
The whole event and presentation was in the style of a typical Livery Dinner
Grace by the Ward Chaplain, The Revd Meridith Davies MBE, TD, JP

Creme of Grouse – Madeira – Old Custom house Cercial
River Trout Belle Meuniere – Oestricher Doosberg Scheure 1961
Vol au Vent of Sweeetbreads
Sorbet with Iced Vodka
Sung Grace at the end
“For these and all Thy mercies given……..”
I am not sure we would get away with Iced Vodka at a Civic Lunch in the 2020s ?

Meeting House Dinner – November 26th 1964

11 Members in attendance with 28 Guests

Mr Bird proposed that the Club should have a tie. He was asked to come back to the Committee with some possible designs.

House Dinner – 48 Members and 53 Guests
N.B. Something obviously happened within the Club around this time with numbers of attendees very much on the increase.
This was possibly due to our strong involvement with Lloyd’s?


President – Ald. Sir Bracewell Smith Bart., K.C.V.O 
Vice President – Alderman and Sheriff Charles Trinder
Master – Mr Alan P.Hobbs (Joseph W. Hobbs – Insurance Brokers)
Upper Warden –  Mr D.B. Aldous
Lower Warden – Mr Leslie Drew
Hon Secretary – Mr D.B. Aldous
Hon Treasurer – Mr Mr C.N.A Howard
Hon Auditor – Mr Mr W. Logan


19th Annual General Meeting and House Dinner – Feb 18th 1965 – Lloyd’s Library and The Captain’s Room
After a few attempts over the years, the Club at long last held an event in Lloyd’s – would continue for some years.

27 Members in attendance

First sight of an Agenda for an AGM

Winston Churchill Memorial Appeal. Sir Winston had died on 24th January and the Lord Mayor had launched a major appeal. The Ward Club agreed to approach the Membership for donations
The Ward Club agreed to donate 10/10/00d.
The Ward Club raised 1,400/0/0d

Agreed to purchase Past Master’s Jewels as proposed at prior Committee Meeting

Meeting agreed by 25 votes to 2 that the Club should have a tie, as proposed by Mr F.Bird. A sub-committee to be formed to follow up on this proposal.

Agreed to donate 10/10/00d to St Peter’s upon Cornhill – our Ward Club Church.

House Dinner in the Captain’s Room
41 Members in attendance with 75 Guests

Meeting 10th March – Dunster House, Mark Lane

No list of who attended but a list of apologies for absence.

18 Members in attendance with 25 Guests

Meeting and House Dinner April 29th – Great Eastern Hotel

11 Members in attendance
Noted the Resignation of Sir Bracewell Smith, as Alderman

A design for the First Ward Club Tie was put to the Committee – with the design  being explained by Mr Bird.

In his letter to the makers, John Paterson and Co, Islington, he stated “the plan is to have two motifs on the same tie – one being a dragons wing on a bar (based on one specific design of the City of London Crest, complete with the Cross of St George and Sword. The other to be a wooden sailing ship in full sail – similar to the one at the top of the Lloyd’s Crest (without gun smoke). Each to be divided by a “chalk line” to represent Lime from the Lime Kilns of Lime Street.
The Ties were made of Terylene (meant to last for ever, and probably will)
It was agreed that 115/0/0 be spend on the purchase of said ties. (150 ties)

Reported that the Club had raised 1,400/0/0d in support of the Lord Mayor’s Winston Churchill Appeal
quite a substantial sum – the equivalent of 4 Year’s salary for a Junior (very) Clerk working in the City. 

House Dinner followed. 20 Members, 24 Guests

7th May
Order placed for 200 ties 11s/5.3/4p each (Eleven Shillings 5 and three quarter pence – actually 3 farthings!!)

Annual Banquet – Clothworkers Hall – November 4th

Approx 140 Members and Guests in attendance. Loss 88/9/7d

 18th November  Cocktail Part on H.M.S Wellington in honour of Alderman and Sheriff Charles Trinder

“Not very successful”


President –  Alderman Alan Greenaway (Ald. Sir Bracewell Smith Bart., K.C.V.O one of the Founders of our Club had died during 1965)
Vice President – Alderman and Sheriff Sir Charles Trinder
Master – Mr Douglas .B. Aldous
Upper Warden –  Mr Leslie Drew
Lower Warden –  Mr B Cooper
Hon Secretary – Mr D.B. Aldous
Hon Treasurer – Mr Mr C.N.A Howard (As this was going to be his last year in office an Asst Treasurer was proposed.) Mr Mepham took on the role.
Asst Hon Treasurer Mr Mepham
Hon Auditor – Not appointed at the start of the year. Mr Logan had died in December 1965.


Master Douglas B. Aldous
– Mclaine Watson and Co

17th February –  AGM – Lloyd’s Library

Membership – Approx 72
Financial Status
Club Assets

New Ties 40 Sold

The Chairman spoke of the Role of the the late President in being a founding father of the Club and tht the Master, IPM and Hon Secretary had attended the Memorial Service on behalf of the Club.

Noted that the members had donated 1,400/0/0d to the City of London Winston Churchill Memorial Appeal

Specifically noted that 10/10/00 be donated too St Peter upon Cornhill and that the new vicar be invited to Club events. It was pointed out that he was the Club Chaplain This phrase not seen before in the Minutes.

21st April –  House Dinner – Great Eastern Hotel

 19th May Committee Meeting and Dinner  – the Orpheus Club, St Mary at Hill

10 Members present.

7 New Members were proposed and accepted but 2 Committee Members proposed that in the future applicants should have a City Address or at least be useful within the City Civic and be within the Ward. The Committee Agreed. Think this went against the Rules of the Club and probably overtime, ignored.

 20th October  – Committee Meeting and Dinner  – Orpheus Club, Dunville House, St Mary at Hill

15 Members in attendance

As a follow up to the suggestion re Members having City Addresses….. at the last Committee Meeting, Major Duckworth pointed to Rule 3 (e) which allowed “any other person, who in the opinion of the committee is suitable for Membership” to be proposed.
Many subscriptions were outstanding.

Annual Banquet 3rd November Livery Hall, Guildhall

A Great Success – oversubscribed – Max 200 – 186 Members and guests – 14 Ward Club Guests

Made a surplus of 12/17/11d. The first time since the foundation of the Ward Club that this had occurred.

Annual Banquet at Guildhall – The Livery Hall – November 3rd 1966
– see invitation below

15th December  – Committee Meeting and Dinner  – Orpheus Club, Dunville House, St Mary at Hill

7 Members took part.

Emergency Committee Meeting re Annual Dinner and attendance of the Lord Mayor in 1967
40 Lime Street – 25th January

See the discussions and outcome at the forthcoming AGM (1967)