President Alderman Alan P. Greenaway
Vice President The Right Hon The Lord Mayor Sir A Charles Trinder
Master H Gansel Brewer F.C.I.B.
Upper Warden  D.G.H Hobbs
Lower Warden R.C. Charvet
Hon Secretary D.E. Abel
Hon Treasurer J Mepham

Hon Auditors LG Lowney and M Heywood

23rd Annual General Meeting (Lloyd’s Library) and Dinner  (The Captain’s Room – Lloyd’s) – February 20th – 1969

AGM – Lloyd’s Library

A proposal for the first time that a Church Service be held before the Civic Lunch – left to the sub-committee to organise

Members 102
From time to time, not I think on a regular basis a List of Members was issued, showing name and address (in almost every case a City Address)

Please note the Aims and Objectives.
“The objectives of the club are to arrange from time to time Meetings to promote friendly intercourse, the discussion of Ward and Parochial Matters and topics  of local and general interest, exclusive of those of a religious or political nature.”

Financial Position
Club Cash                                                                     345/10/2d
O/S Items and Stock Ties and collarettes              306/6/4d (including 201/12/0d of O/S Subscriptions

Overall total                                                                660/6/0d

24 Members in Attendance

Dinner – The Captain’s Room
48 Members and 75 Guests attended the Dinner

During the Dinner the IPM was presented with his Past Masters Badge

Committee Meeting and House Dinner – April 17th 1969 – Abercorn Rooms, Great Eastern Hotel 

16 Members in Attendance
The topic of the Combined Wards Function was raised – if it was to go ahead the Ward Club would “guarantee” the purchase of 15 Double tickets.

25 Members with 21 Guests enjoyed a  “House Dinner”

Cream of Asparagus Soup
Steak, Kidney and Mushroom Pie – Steamed Cabbage, Cauliflower Mornay, Creamed Potatoes
Fresh Fruit Salad

Guest speaker Desmond Donnelly M/P.

Price (42/- Pnds 2.10p)
N.B. the prices were shown in Pounds, /Shillings /Pence and in Decimal Currency. This was change over year!

Church Service at St Peter’s upon Cornhill – June 18th 1969
11.45am prior to the Civic Lunch at Mansion House

“Members are requested to attend the Church Service with their guests”

Civic Lunch 18th June – Mansion House by kind permission of the Vice President – The Rt.Hon. The Lord Mayor. Sir Charles Trinder E.T. M.A.
Cocktails or Sherry
Scotch Salmon with Cucumber Sauce Mayonaise- Traminer Bauman-Schohler 1964
Strawberry Melba – Graham’s Malvedos Port or Croizet V.S.O.P

The Guest Speaker – Rear Admiral Sir Anthony Miers V.C., K.B.E., C.B., D.S.O.

– the 1st ever Combined Ward Clubs, Ladies Banquet (and dancing) at Guildhall 

This became a very popular event with Ward Clubs having to bid for tickets in the 2nd year.
Dress Code Dinner Jackets were allowed, but Full Evening Dress (White tie and tails) was preferred.
The ladies to wear long dresses not short.

For this year the Ward Club guaranteed to purchase 15 Double Tickets to help get the event off the ground
In fact 11 Members of the Ward Club attended. apparently a very successful event. A letter of congratulations was sent to the Combined Ward Club Functions Committee. Lime Street Ward Club asked to have representation on the Committee.

Cocktail Party – October 16th 1969 

To enable Members and their Ladies to meet one another – Innholders Hall – 37/6p
one of our earlier “Members Evenings”?

Committee Meeting  and House Dinner – November 20th 1969 – Abercorn Rooms – Great Eastern Hotel 

17 Members in attendance

Suggested that given the strong finances of the Club (400/0/0d approx in the Bank that a Cocktail Party be organsied, subsidised by the Club. Will be investigated.

Thanks given to the President for providing New Membership Books

Proposed and agreed that a Questionnaire be sent out to members seeking ideas for possible functions that the Club could run for its members

An invitation was received from Aldgate Ward Club to join their Members for an informal Drink and Sandwich at the The Nuns in Aldgate (possibly the Three Tuns?) Very short notice but a few members would attend.

House Dinner
38 Members in attendance with and 44 Guests
42/-d (or £2.2.0 or 2 Guineas (a guinea was £1.1.0))

December 19th 1969 – Meeting of the “Entertainments Committee” –

– no minutes found, as of now.